Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chatty Catty- Interview with Cats: Artist NICK BRUNT's Cat HENRY!

We'd like to introduce you to artist NICK BRUNT's CAT....Henry! We've been posting a few interviews with CATS...if you enjoy this one, make sure to scroll downwards in this blog to read the interview with Alley and Gonza and Potato! 

Remember, the "CAT PERSON" show opens on Friday, February 15th. Don't forget to bring a tin of cat food; it will be donated to the Halifax Rescue Cat Association. 
Henry...SEES in 3-D!

Hello, Henry! Hope you're enjoying the snow we've been having.  Could you tell us about yourself, and briefly introduce us to your human parents?

Hello my glorious public. My name is Henry Benry Chinaski and I am the proud owner of two human parents as well as two other cat brothers and sisters. I am a brooding intellect the likes of which this city has never seen.

Are you a full time stay-at-home cat, or do you work part time outside of the home?

I'm am a stay-at- home cat, by choice, of course. The one I call Dad helps me peak outside every once in awhile but the noises are too much for my satellite ears to listen to all at once, so I usually only make it a few feet from the door before retreating. Dad calls me "scaredy" but I'd like to think I'm too smart to be fooled by cat thieves hiding in the bushes.

Have you been able to assist in your dad’s art making process? If so, do you feel that proper credit has been given to your contribution?

Oh please. We both know that anything that humans has created that's worth it's salt has been inspired by my intrepid beauty. Dad told me once the way my fur lays inspired the way he draws grass and leaves and the kinetic nature in which small grouped objects behave. I'm a cat so I think that's ridiculous, but honestly he almost never lets me close enough to pose.

Have you ever purposefully shed your kitty hairs onto your dad’s artwork?

I like to be involved and since Dad likes to draw and paint while sitting on the floor, I tend to get my fur involved once he gets up for a stretch or to run to the bathroom. Ask him about the time I got red paint on my paws and walked across a spread of pieces Dad was working on. I hid for the rest of that evening. Plotting certain doom, of course.

What are some of your favourite at home activities?

I like to lounge in the window and make clicking noises at passer-by's. I recently acquired a brother and a sister so I've also been antagonizing them as much as possible. Asserting my kitty dominance has been priority  since I was torn from my home and relocated a few months ago.

We don't want to be the cause of any tension, but if you HAD to pick a favourite.. would it be Mom? or Dad?

This one is easy, I like my Dad. Mom is OK but tends to over snuggle where as Dad respects my noble demeanor. He also gives me extra treats when mom isn't around.

What are future goals? Aspirations?

Well after my feature in the Cat Person art show I plan to expand my modelling potential outside of Halifax. I'm a tuxedo cat much the likes of Stan but I feel my superior intelligence and ability to cough up hairballs almost on demand will give me an edge in the famous cat industry.

Would you describe yourself as an attractive cat? Explain.
Yes. and no. of course I won't explain.

Any general life advice for us regular humans?

Yes. You know how shredded cat food comes in a sort of gravy sauce? If humans would like to continue to live in peace I suggest they deliver an oil drum filled with that goopy wonderful liquid to me. Pacify my needs or gloom is sure to follow.

Henry hanging out at home with his dad, Nick Brunt. Nice shirts guys!