Friday, February 8, 2013

Chatty Catty:Interview with Cats: MEET Alley and Gonzo!

You've probably heard the rumour ......Argyle Fine Art is gearing up for a show called "CAT Person" which will feature close to 30 selected artists from a variety of mediums. The show will open on Friday, February 15th at 7pm! 

We thought it may be fun to interview some of the CATS of the artists involved in this show!

So, we hope you enjoy this second interview with two cats...named Gonzo and Alley who live with participating artist Rita Van Tassel. Make sure to tune in again tomorrow afternoon, while snuggled inside during a blizzard to meet Henry...who lives with artist Nick Brunt!

Hi Alley! Hi Gonzo!! Could you tell us about yourself, and briefly introduce us to your human mom? 

Gonzo:  I'm the one with the big personality - I think my name says it all.

Alley:  You're an idiot.

Gonzo:  Hey!  I can't help the fact that I have a lot of energy.  Everything is just so                         interesting and the best way to learn about something new is to stick your entire face in it.  Except vacuums.  They're just scary.

Alley:  You're still an idiot.  I'm the big sister and also the sensible one. Our Mom is Rita Van Tassel.  She's a Visual Art teacher and also designs leather and  textile jewelry.  Photography and a bit of illustration are also areas she likes to play in.
Have you been able to assist in your mom's art making process? If so, do you feel that proper credit has been given to your contribution? 

Alley:  I admit, we both help out a lot.  My role is mostly close supervision and I feel it's             important to always be ready to offer encouragement when needed.  Usually walking  over and standing with my rear end in Mom's face gets her motivated to start moving  again.  Of course when she needs to take a break then I let her know by politely  draping my body across whatever she's working on and exposing my belly.  She gets the message.

Gonzo:  I chase erasers.
What are some of your favorite at home activities?

Gonzo:  Wrestling!  I love wrestling with feet!  Playing fetch, laser tag, chasing my sister,             carrying around art supplies and leaving them in unsuspecting places (Mom's favourite game) including bringing them to bed at night .  Did I mention that I chase erasers?

Alley:   I lounge.  Mom's lap is my own personal real estate.  Love being brushed, following             Mom everywhere, lounging in the studio, bedtime cuddles.

 We don't want to be the cause of any tension, but if you HAD to pick a favourite.. would it be playing with Mom? or staring at the wall?

Gonzo:  The two are same for us.  We talk to the walls just to mess with Mom.

Alley:  Hehehe.
Would you describe yourself as an attractive cat? Explain.

Alley:  I think so.  Mom says I'm very well-mannered.  I watch what I eat and as long as I still
            fit on Mom's lap then I'm doing alright.

Gonzo:  My vet did a double-take the first time she saw me.  I was mauled as a kitten so my ears are scarred up and a bit twisted.  The bones in my tail make a hooked curl kinda   like a pig's tail – it was a bit squishy in the womb.  But Mom says it makes me very distinctive and was exactly why she picked me to take home instead of all the other kitten fluff balls at the shelter.  Between my weirdo disposition and my looks I fit right into the artist lifestyle!
Any general life advice for us regular humans?

Alley:  Relax.  A nap or eight everyday can go a long way to improving your state of mind.

Gonzo:  Embrace your little oddities.  The traits that make you “weird” to the wrong people             are the traits that make you awesome to the right people.  And you should chase erasers.