Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is THAT in the air? It's love.

It's everywhere right now. 
Single folks, married folks, no matter your situation, 
there's no escaping the giant cloud of love coming towards us all.
Are you prepared?
Here are a few gallery gifts that might help you earn a high score over valentines day: 

 Romantic Peppers! Well.. at least I think they are romantic... 4" x 5" 
original oil painting by Brittney MacIssac priced at $175 

 Super Awesome heart lego bracelet by the newly 
halifamous artist duo: Emma and Liam Travers Only $25!!

 Love Birds!! Awwe.. smooching in front of Angela Carlsen's Blue Swallow Motel (4" x 5" and priced at $175!!) Birds are hand carved by Basil Doucette. $18 each :)

For the person on your list who's sporty, yet fashionable (I'm really reaching here..) there's Adam Gunn's original oil painting of a ball in a boot. I love this!!! It's a ball!! in a boot!!!  

And finally a (for now anyhow) there's our collection of cards by The Assembly of Text. This card comes with a great big pin! Perfect for wearing proudly over your heart. Oooor for giving. 

....And Don't forget our PERSONALIZED Cards by Ed Beals! Ed will draw your Valentine's "object of desire" inside the belly of his robot! Order yours today at 902-425-9456  Ed' cards will be featured on CTV LIVE- Morning Show here in Halifax on Friday morning..tune in to see a Valentine exchange!