Friday, February 1, 2013

Send your Valentine a PERSONALIZED card by Ed Beals! Your wish is our COMMAND....beeeepp!

This something that will be remembered and unique for anyone you love and care about! 

Send your Valentine a Robot of Desire! Artist Ed Beals will personally draw in the tummy of his Robot...whatever you desire...for the person your desire...of what they love. 

Perhaps they love ice cream? (note: just as the sample image provided above) Perhaps they love coffee? Perhaps they love flying kites? Perhaps they play music? Perhaps they love horses or cats or flowers...ok. You get the drift!

Whatever you tell object of desire, Ed will draw it in the tummy of this robot and help make this Valentine's day extra special for you and anyone special on your list!

Order your Valentine TODAY at Argyle Fine Art until February 11th via email at or call us directly at 902-425-9456 . 
Gallery robots are standing by for your commands!