Wednesday, December 1, 2021

HOLIDAY HOP....don`t forget the SOCKS!

Hey everyone!  We are busy preparing for the holidays, so we haven`t had a lot of time to update the blog postings lately sooooooooo.....we will do our very best to get to it this week, but until then mark our HOLIDAY PARTY on your TO-DO LIST!

Stay Safe and Happy Everyone! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Determination: The Art of RJ Ogemah

 RJ Ogemah is a young artist we met at the gallery one summer afternoon in 2019. At the time, he simply dropped in to show us a few of his greeting cards he had created and to see if we would be interested in carrying any of them. We were intrigued with his art and took a few of the cards, but asked him to show us some originals of his artwork whenever he had the chance. A few months later he arrived with the most amazingly stunning painting!  It was in the gallery not even a full week without finding a new home. HURRAH!  

Earlier this year, we asked RJ to work on a body of paintings for a solo show to launch in October.He was excited and said YES! What we didn't know was that he was also about to teach himself how to build a house, along with his partner Leigh.  First, the land would have to be cleared and then intensive building was happening every day. In fact, they are both still working quickly to get settled into their new home before the snow flys. 

 Talk about determination! RJ would work through the daylight hours on the house and then after that work was completed, he headed into the forested location behind there, set up a yurt  which he fashioned into an art studio. He painted most of the works you see in his solo show online HERE using just the light of a headlamp and painted in the wee hours of the day.  He could have easily called us up and declined from doing the show but we are so happy he kept on going Hundreds and hundreds of people were able to see his paintings during NOCTURNE last month.


You can still see some of  paintings at the gallery, but we expect this exciting emerging talent will be selling a lot in a few years and making a name for himself, so we're here to remind you to pay attention and invest in artists like RJ. Young artists are so important to our cultural community. 

One of the great joys of working at a gallery is watching artists take the first step- putting themselves out there...and sharing their art with others and receiving some positive feedback. Their confidence grows as the work develops and changes over the years. The artworks find homes and new connections and friendships are made!It's such a lovely thing to experience time and time again. 

R.J. Ogemah is an emerging artist originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario. He strives to cultivate and share an appreciation of nature through his oil paintings.Interested in art from an early age, R.J. was encouraged by his family, friends and teachers to pursue a career as an artist. This path has led him to study at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto Ontario and the Florence Academy of Art in Florence Italy (Funded by the Ontario Arts Council Career Access and Development Grant).

Monday, November 1, 2021

The How-To Guide for submitting to PRE-SHRUNK 2022

It's that time of year again! The highly anticipated CALL FOR SUBMISSION for Pre-Shrunk 2022! We're excited to begin preparing for our 18th year and we want you to be a part of it!

Our annual Pre-Shrunk Exhibition is the biggest “small” show of the year! Our much loved annual group show asks artists to create small works on 4” x 5” surfaces. We encourage submissions from both established and emerging artists in their preferred mediums and all ages of artists, so take a look at the guidelines below the image and start making some art!


Works MUST be on a 4" x 5” surface (no exceptions). Artworks that do not measure 4" x 5” will not be considered! 

So, what about the 3rd Dimension? Good question!  For regular 2d works on flat surfaces (painting, drawings, etc...), we prefer receiving thicker canvases and boards on "gallery stretcher bars" (approx. 1.75" thick)...they're just easier to hang.  

If you are working on paper, it must be archival and mounted on a sturdy 4" x 5” surface that can be hung on the wall. Works done with materials such as charcoal and pastels must be fixed (ie sprayed) to protect the work. (you can ask us about this).

FOR SCULPTURAL WORKS...If you are sculpting, the base of your sculpture must be 4" x 5”, but there is no height restriction!


We ask that you do NOT attach hanging devices (ie wire, hooks, d-rings, etc). The gallery will take care of this for continuity.

Artists may submit a maximum of 5 pieces.

Submissions must be new and not previously shown.


Please submit (by email) to

1) Your name
2) Phone number and email address
3) Titles of pieces and materials used to create the work
4) Images in a jpeg format, titled as indicated below:

Last name, first initial, title of piece, number of submission:



Installation View Pre-Shrunk 2020


If the jury selects your work you will be notified by phone or email the following week.

You are required to deliver the work in person or by mail. 

We will not be notifying anyone of their acceptance in the show prior to the submission deadline and the jury meeting.


Pieces that are selected for this year’s exhibition will be priced at $175 each, with the standard 50% commission. 

Please keep this price in mind when creating your pieces!


DeSerres (1546 Barrington St., Halifax)  - Some surfaces in-stock! More coming soon!

the NSCAD Art Supply Store (1874 Hollis St, Halifax) - Currently in-stock and offering 10% discount for Pre-Shrunk participants! 

NEW - Lisa-Maj Roos of The Twisted Doorbell Studio Gallery in Bridgetown, NS is also offering work surfaces for Pre-Shrunk as well,

You can also make your own surfaces to paint on or find surfaces at other locations as well!

***Please be advised that supplies are limited,
and may not be a regular inventory item for these locations! ***


Not just for Paintings! Pre-Shrunk is open to 3D and Textiles Artists as well!

Please phone, email or drop in to the gallery if you have any questions regarding the show – 902.425.9456. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Get inspired, Make some Art!

Friday, October 29, 2021

Mini Art Sale! Small Art with Big Appeal!

We've got some newly priced miniature artworks available this week for your viewing pleasure! For a limited time these 4" x 5" paintings were once $175, but are now selling for $50 - $95 each! With the Holiday Season right around the corner these colorful gems are sure to make great gifts!  Buying original art is a great way to support local artists in our communities...

Christopher Hall, Yellow Warbler, 5" x 4", acrylic on board, $95

George Spencer, Study Of Three Clementines, 4" x 5", oil on canvas on board, $95

Amber Gillespie, The Cat That Came For Tea, 5" x 4", oil on board, $95

Artists from all different backgrounds and styles are represented here. Each original artwork is unique and created by hand...

RJ Marchand, The Swell, 4" x 5", acrylic on board, $95

Lio Lo, Lupin, 5" x 4", watercolour on wood, $95

Affordably priced, you can mix-and-match to create your own mini art collection! Their small size make them easy to find a place for. Many can sit comfortably on a shelf! Easy to ship, you can treat yourself, or give the gift of art to someone special!

Jessica Gay, Prim And Proper, acrylic on canvas, 4" x 5", $65

Mindy Harris, Anna Leonowens, 5" x 4", hand embroidered cotton on canvas, $95

Amanda Nicholson, Glue, Screen print, 5" x 4", $50

That's just a snippet of what's available in store! Be sure to check out other amazing artworks by dropping by the Gallery or viewing the collection online HERE

Featured artworks are available for purchase, for details contact us at
 (902) 425-9456 or via email at

Tuesday, October 26, 2021


 PRE-SHRUNK 2022 will mark the 18th year for this small but mighty show!

If you've ever wanted to own an original work of art at an affordable price, and be part of the pre - Pre-Shrunk show, this FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29th at 11am is the day to drop by in person , phone or email your request to purchase one of our limited 40 Pre-Shrunk 2022 vouchers!

Read the details below and join in the fun!


Pre-Shrunk is an annual juried show of small works that measure 4" x 5" in varying mediums by artists from all over that happens on January28th, 2022. Each work sells for $175 and last year we had over 300 works to choose from.  

But we pre-sell 40 vouchers at a special price of $150 in October and the number assigned to your voucher (in order of when we receive your visit, call or email) also puts you ahead of the line as well as gives you first looks and first choices the night of the show! You also get to attend our very special VIP reception before the show opens to the public to make your selections. So much fun! If you can't be here the night of, we can act as your proxy or you can send another person in your absence. These make wonderful "experience" gifts as well for anyone on your list who loves art! 


ONLY 40 vouchers will be sold this year, and need to be paid for in-full at time of purchase. The price is the same as it's been forever- $150 + tax and can not be used in combination of any other offer, sale or paid for with gift certificates etc. NO HOLDS as these vouchers are in demand! CALL 902-425-9456 OR 902-233-0784

*****If you don't get an answer right away, leave a voice message or email us ASAP  and we'll put your name on the list as we receive it and get right back to you for payment and contact info!
Whether you are #1 or #40..there are so many works to choose from, no one is every disappointed and you'll already be ahead of the crowd. ******

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Meeting by Chance....what a HOOT!

We met one of our featured NOCTURNE artists mid-summer morning completely by chance.Artist Roisin Cadieux happened to be visiting Halifax and stayed overnight at an Airbnb next door to the gallery owner, Adriana's home.Curious, Adriana peered over her petunias and saw the artist prepping ceramics for the kiln in the back of her car. 

(note- music plays an important part in these works, and actually influences many of our artists as they create. Click on the links below the owls to hear music from their inspirations!)

Roisin Cadieux, Merle Haggard, ceramic

Roisin Cadieux, Ornette Coleman, approx. 6" x 4" x 2", ceramic

Roisin Cadieux, Roy Buchanon, approx. 3.5" x 3.25" x 1.5", ceramic

Roisin Cadieux, Neil Young, ceramic

A conversation began and before you know it, we came to find out that Roisin is new to Nova Scotia and was interested in finding some spots to showcase her art. We perused through each other's Instagram images and vowed to keep in touch.

Months later, the gallery owner came across the business card left by Roisin and was reminded to get in touch and at the perfect time too- we were in need of at least one more artist to be part of our REPURPOSED PERSPECTIVES show. And as luck would have it, she had some OWLS to contribute-both of the ceramic and papier mâché, antique music sheet, mixed media variety- - just waiting to be shared! HORRAY!

Roisin Cadieux, Maria (Tribute to Maria Callas), 19" x 6" x 5", Papier Mâché, antique music sheet, mixed media

Roisin Cadieux, Lily (Tribute to Lily Allen), 19" x 6" x 5", Papier Mâché, antique music sheet, mixed media

We love that each of the pieces have such personality and are named in tribute to musicians. Make sure to drop by and meet these works of art, on display at the gallery until November 4th. We hope you enjoy the artful and musical journey!

Roisin Cadieux, Robbie (Tribute to Robbie Robertson), 19" x 6" x 5", Papier Mâché, antique music sheet, mixed media

Here's a statement from Roisin about her process!  So so interesting!

“My papier mâché works using antique sheet music seek to celebrate and repurpose the best and worst quality music from my great paper era collection of music which spans close to 300 years (1723-1945).  The greatest paper was made for music.  I have had a great love for it and have always yearned to use it in my work as an artist and artisan.

 My creative endeavours have focused on creating and celebrating language with a particular focus on universal languages. As a multi-lingual and multi-cultural person, music was (and still is) a most tangible link to culture for me. I grew up moving every two years and although we were posted far and wide, my parents, an Irish mother and a French Canadian military man with Métis heritage, made sure we were given strong links to our mixed heritage.

 A few years ago I stood at the threshold of moving from a production based life with my natural works - my twig letters - which focus on the universal healing language of nature and the nature of languages, to one of larger sculptural pieces. It would allow me to delve even deeper into the dialogue of healing through artistic practice and provide me with new challenges of materials explorations and subject matter.The love of music strong, and sharing of that collective love and wishes for healing and joy through art is my purpose.”