Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Now playing (ON DISPLAY) at a theatre (OXFORD TAPROOM, HALIFAX NS) near you!

Check out our COMING ATTRACTIONS: Movie Poster show up NOW until Oct 9 at the Oxford  Taproom on Quinpool Road, Halifax Nova Scotia!  While you're there enjoy some $2 popcorn, all proceeds go towards Hospice Halifax. 

This group show is chock full of awesome artist made movie posters! Our artists are from all over Nova Scotia and have proudly brought their best movie concepts to you through their fun, creative poster designs. 

We had a BLAST this weekend at the show opening! Thank you to every one who came by to see the show, enjoyed the popcorn and offered their support to local artists and local businesses.

Movie lovers and artists enjoying the poster show

All posters are $35 and available for purchase at the Oxford Taproom as well as our gallery located at 1559 Barrington St, Halifax, NS. Shipping is also available at cost of shipping.

Scroll to the bottom of the post for a link to the entire show.

We have a poster for every type of movie lover! 
Romantic fanatic? Have a soft spot for Dartmouth? Look no further than 

Daniel MacDonald's "Love Stacks" 

or "Will you Ferry Me?" 

Or maybe you're ready for the spooky season... Get spooked with 

Alice Woodbury's "Light House of  Horrors"

or Peter Lockerbie's "The Haunted Tooth"

Live to get lost in deep space? Like aliens more than people? 

Try Rowan Theakson's "Invaders!"

Or maybe you're after some family-friendly animal films like 

Lil Crump's "Catzilla" 

Or the old-school classic 

"M.U.T.T. The Rescue" by Stephanie Gustys

We were lucky enough to get photos with some of the actors from "M.U.T.T. The Rescue" at our show opening this past Sunday! Keep your eyes peeled around Hali-wood for these movie STARS!

The very handsome Tako posed with director's clapboard and the Oxford Taproom's delicious popcorn 
A well dressed Hunter posed with Momager and artist Stephanie Gustys at the show opening. 

There are so many more awesome movie posters in the show to see, don't forget to stop by in person at The Oxford Taproom or at our gallery anytime NOW until Oct 9 to catch them all or 


Thursday, September 21, 2023

Birds of a Feather & Blooms All Together

TONIGHT... join the Gallery Hop and give our window display of Dusan's birds a PEEP! 
We've made a special interactive display so you too can join the flock!

Our window display featuring Dusan's birds, with QR codes so you can learn & listen. 

 Last week before mother nature had chance to flex her muscles we held the opening reception for Dusan Postolovic's "Flock Together" bird centric colour pencil show and Raquel Roth's "Bloom" acrylic painting floral show. 
We were so pleased that so many folks were able to make it out to the opening even while the weather teased us all day with off and on rain! 

Dusan and Raquel discussing their works before the opening.

Dusan's colour pencil flock

Dusan describes his work as a way to "highlight the beauty of nature and wildlife that is all around us". The bird's from his show are collected from neighbourhood encounters while out walking his dog (as well as a few outliers and a sneaky & snoozy raccoon). Dusan hopes that through his detailed colour pencil work he can bring people together both through "a subject matter that everyone can relate to and recognize" and the use of coloured pencils, "as we all have at some point, held a pencil crayon or coloured pencil... and left our mark for someone else to see and enjoy" 

Dusan discussing his work with guests at the opening.

A wall of Raquel's Blooms

Raquel is an acrylic based artist inspired by "bold colours and the beauty of natural elements". She uses colour as "creative inspiration for (her) cheerful, bold and whimsical" artwork. Raquel's Bloom show features an assortment of floral images based off bouquet references submitted from local gardens and wedding receptions. Raquel's love for colour and nature informs her inclination towards floral work, where she is able to not only explore the many variations of colour relationships within the floral bouquets but also evoke an emotional response in her audience that is akin to her own joy and love for painting. "It definitely motivates me to keep creating art so that I can share those moments again and again, one painting at a time”. 

Raquel speaking with guests at the art opening. 

Friday, September 15, 2023

Flock Together with Dusan Postolovic!

 Dusan's show is all up and ready for you! SEE THE FULL SHOW ONLINE NOW

Come on by anytime between now and October 7th to join the flock! 

These gorgeous colour pencil works feature many different birds, both local and from far away, all perched on their very own colour pencil! 

See also with this show Dusan's older work including this gorgeously detailed owl and a very sweet sleeping racoon! 

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Blooming Blooms with Raquel Roth


Raquel Roth's show is in full bloom! FULL SHOW ONLINE NOW!

Left: "Hope in Bloom" 20" x 16", Acrylic on Canvas
Right: "Endless Blooms" 24" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas

Come by the gallery now until October 7 to catch a glimpse of all of Raquel's amazing paintings.


Top: "My Favourite Blooms" 12" x 12", Acrylic on Canvas
Bottom: "Rhapsody in Bloom" 14" x 14", Acrylic on Canvas

These works feature bouquets collected from near and far including wedding bouquets, local gardens and bundles put together by Halifax's very own Props Floral Design Inc.

Left: "Golden Blooms", 20" x 20",  Acrylic on Canvas
Middle: "Summer's Blooms", 16" x 12", Acrylic on Canvas
Right: "Just Keep On Blooming", 20" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas
On the table - Bouquet from Props Floral Design Inc.
Back: "Back to the Fuchsia", 8"x8", Acrylic on Canvas
Middle: "Spring Thoughts", 6"x6", Acrylic on Canvas
Front: "Polka Dot Summer", 5"x5", Acrylic on Canvas

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Back-to-School in Style!


Get your books together, it's the best time of the year! Back to school time is here already, and we are getting excited...The summer flew by but now it is time for the leaves to fall, cozy drinks, and decorating your new spaces, your school supplies, and your empty desks!

We have a lot of brand new work in the gallery, this is a great time to stop in and see what kind art speaks to you. 

Feeling studious? Grab a hand-painted book, pin, sticker, or card... We have so many items big & small to fit your studious vibes this school season.

Wooden Folk Art Owl by Basil Doucette, Textile Owl mounted on book by Sharon Cave,  Story Books Acrylic on wood panel by Kristina Galic, pins, cards, bookmarks and stickers by various artists.

Need a break from all the back to school hard work? Grab a drink (poster or painting), cuddle up with a hot drink in one of our gorgeous ceramic mugs, and snuggle in with a "Couch Potatoe" or a "Greeb" the plushy screen printed and hand sewn art friend! 
We also have fun stickers, buttons and creative goodies for you to relax, enjoy and recuperate your mind from all that pesky school work! 

"Nova Scotia Beer" print by Janna Wilton,"Pora Podwieczorku" print by Deirdre Sokolowska, "Couch Potatoes" by Gail Herner, "Cold Beer" acrylic on canvas by Rachel Ogden, Small "Greeb" by Troy Benoit, and ceramics, stickers and pins by various artists. 

This month is also full of many exciting art shows. Stop by between September 14th and October 7th to catch Duchan Postolovic's "Flock Together", a masterpiece collection of vibrant pencil crayon birds and Raquel Roth's "Bloom" a compilation of gorgeous patterns and floral arrangements. Both shows will have an opening on September 13th, come enjoy an evening of art, snacks and conversation with the artists themselves while you peruse their amazing art!

At the Oxford Taproom on Quinpool Road you can catch our "Coming Attractions" group show featuring artist created movie posters from September 17th to October 9th! Stop in on the 17th for the reception and enjoy a hot or cold drink from the Oxford Taproom, the exciting movie posters by our artists and snack on some tasty popcorn!
All proceeds form the popcorn sales go to Hospice Halifax. 

We can't wait to celebrate this new season with you! Let's get together between classes and enjoy some local art!