STICK’EM UP – Sticker Showcase



Calling all STICKER LOVERS! We are having our SECOND ANNUAL  STICKER SHOW! We are once again excited about covering  the gallery in unique vinyl stickers. We encourage submissions from both established and emerging artists.

Submission Guidelines  

All Stickers must be no bigger than 3”x3”  

Artists may submit up to 5 sticker designs  

All sticker designs must be original and your own artwork  

We can take up to 20 physical stickers of each design  

We ask that all stickers be vinyl. Holographic, mirror or glossy stickers are welcome if they are vinyl made.  

All stickers will be sold for $8, with a standard 50% commission.

How to Submit Please email: 

Your Name 

Phone number and email address 

Jpeg images of each sticker design  

Please title your images, first and last name, sticker title, type of sticker 

(holographic, glossy, matte) 

Submission Deadline OCTOBER 7th @ MIDNIGHT  

If your work is selected you will be notified by phone or email the week after submissions close. You will then be required to bring your stickers to the gallery in person or by mail.

SHOWCASE OPENING Friday, NOVEMBER 17th 7:00pm – 9:00pm 

If you’re new to sticker making here are a few suggestions of  manufacturers:  

Minuteman Press ‐ Mike at the Dartmouth location is your go to guy for local sticker printing, if you have questions or are unsure how to start let him know. Jukebox Print ‐ With locations in both Vancouver and Toronto jukebox is a  favorite for fast printing and lots of vinyl options. They also have an easy to use sticker making template online.  StickerApp ‐ SO MANY CHOICES IN FINISH! From holographic to glow in the  dark, StickerApp is well known among sticker artists.  





Argyle Fine Art is always interested in seeing new art from new artists! We're not exactly  sure what  we're looking for but we'll know it when we see it! So,perhaps you're the artist we've been looking for! If interested in submitting your work via a portfolio please follow the submission recommendations below:


A professional resume/CV
An artist statement
A CD with images, a LINK to your blog or site, or NO MORE THAN 5 images (Jpegs, 300 dpi max) 

Do Not Send Us The Physical Artwork or just SHOW UP with ARTWORK!
Please include information on each work: medium, size and date of completion
Reviews, catalogues, articles, history of sales if any.
SASE self addressed stamped envelope if mailing your submission. 

You can email submissions to:
Proposal of work to be exhibited - optional

Argyle Fine Art

Attention: Exhibitions Coordinator
1559 Barrington Street, Unit 102
Halifax, NS
B3J 1Z7

Thank you for your interest in our gallery.

We will attempt to contact you in writing within one month of receiving your submission.