Saturday, March 30, 2013

Affordable Art you can hang on your FRIDGE!

Art is great everywhere and everyone should enjoy it's beauty!

Justin Lee, an emerging artist, loves to paint and draw small works too. These little works are original watercolours that are fridge magnets! They sell for just $10....

Make sure to drop down to Argyle Fine Art's Lower Gallery and see these and other small works such as this piece called "Toothpaste and Friend"....which seems to be a popular one amoung visitors today. After this Easter weekend of chocolate, we'll all need an extra teeth brushing!

Toothbrush and Friend,  4" x 6", watercolour, framed, Justin Lee,  $65
See Justin Lee's entire show online at this link:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Ear Candy and other Holiday Treats!

These ultra lovely earrings just found their way into the shop, and they've been an instant hit. Jane LaBette from Rare Specimen has great taste, and has left these gems uncut, allowing these beauties 
to shine in their natural state - so yummy.  

You'll also find an incredible selection of locally crafted easter greeting cards in the gallery - 
all priced at $6.00 and under!

Aaaand have you heard about our Easter egg hunt?! THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! Stop in and hunt for the chocolate eggs hidden around the gallery (Thursday and SATURDAY from 10-5:30) 
There's a $50 gift certificate to be found in one of the Easter eggs. Woah.

*also. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Adriana!! You're a great gal who deserves a great year ahead. Hip Hip Hooray! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BUNNIES and EGGS have taken over the Gallery! Please HELP!'s true! Bunnies and Eggs are starting to pop up all over the gallery, in preparation for EASTER celebrations. Argyle Fine Art has been hosting an annual Easter Egg Hunt for all to participate in for years now...with eggs hidden throughout the gallery containing fortunes and chocolates with one egg-stra special egg containing a $50 gift certificate!The hunt will begin on Thursday, March 28th and continue on Saturday, March 30th  (**Note: we are closed for GOOD FRIDAY)

We also have so many affordable, unique gift and card ideas for you- just take a look below! We'll be adding a few more options tomorrow too, so please visit this blog ( regularly!

Hand-coloured and drawn Easter Cards by Allison Taylor  $5.50 each Perfect for framing afterward the chocolate settles!

NEW!   Rare Specimen Jewellery   Various Styles   $40 each

 These are a must see! 

What would Easter be without BUNNIES....made of wood by folk artist Basil Doucette  ($20-$65 various styles and sizes) No Bunny is alike!

Miniature paintings of Real Good EGGS!  Like this painting by Charlotte Marble   $175
Sometimes even good EGGS get cracked, like this beauty of a painting by George Spencer

Baaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!    These needle felted sheep would love to find a home with you! Other animals available too!

Swan  4" x 5", Kim Naumann  $175

Monday, March 25, 2013

Roadside Attraction BLOG mention! Come see the show!

Hey Everyone!  Angela Carlsen's latest body of work has been receiving great reviews so's the first of many to share with you, from Halifax Magazine blogger Nicole Trask.

You can see the full review, with more images at this link:

Artist Angela Carlsen at her opening reception on Friday night! All Smiles! 

Roadside Attraction

By | Mar 25, 2013

Last fall, I wrote a feature called “Art on Wheels” for the December issue of Halifax Magazine and kept in touch with local artist, Angela Carlsen, while she was on the road. When I heard about the opening of her latest exhibit, I was excited to finally meet Carlsen in person and take in the works she’s created inspired by her travels. On Friday evening, Argyle Fine Art Gallery hosted the opening for Carlsen’s exhibit “Roadside America” and my friends and I popped in to mingle and take a peek.

Carlsen had caught my attention last summer when I heard that she was planning to leave her job, outfit a sleeper van and drive across America making art and bartering for her basic necessities. In the months that followed her departure, I tracked her progress and followed her frequent blog updates. The determination and independence Carlsen showed along the way was pretty inspiring.

“Roadside America” features 14 mixed media transfers on aluminum as well as a selection of miniatures all capturing various roadside images from Carlsen’s journey. The end result is a vibrant homage to road-tripping showcasing the quirky and often outdated buildings Carlsen photographed along the way (think abandoned Six Flags, Fresh Donuts shop, Fine Bourbon and Glancy’s Motel). The pieces capture vintage Americana and slices of budget travelling that will surely trigger memories for any seasoned road-tripper.
Carlsen spent six months travelling from September 2012 until February 2013 and experienced highs and lows but for the most part found her trip to be full of moments of human kindness and personal enlightenment. After returning to Halifax, she was offered the opportunity to seclude herself at a friend’s home in Prospect to work on the exhibit. Carlsen says it is amazing how her life opened up once she committed to her plan.

“Since I truly decided what I wanted to do, everything has fallen into place,” she tells me at the opening. “After taking this trip, my moments of panic have decreased. I don’t worry anymore. I know that no matter what, I have friends and family who really support me and will always be there for me. It’s a great feeling and I’m really looking forward to my next adventure.”

It’s a lovely to see Carlsen so glowing and content in person, surrounded by her gorgeous artwork. Judging by the crowd that was in attendance, the exhibit is bound to be a success and will likely provide the means for Carlsen to take the plunge into her next travelling/bartering trip. From the sounds of things, this is only the beginning of the journey…
- Nicole

Saturday, March 23, 2013

EARTH HOUR: Turn off the lights...

Tonight, we're going to turn off the lights and instead, light our art in our windows by candlelight (the battery operated ones folks, don't go calling the fire department)  It's EARTH HOUR tonight, from 8:30pm-9:30pm and it's just such a simple thing to do to acknowledge and remember the importance of taking care of the Earth the best we all can. For more information on Earth Hour, you can visit here:

We thought we'd post some of our favourite night scene paintings by some of our artists to set the mood. Enjoy! All of these works are still available, of course-so if one strikes your fancy, please do let us know.

  Oil on Copper Gordon MacDonald

Oil on Board  Mary Garoutte
Acrylic on Board  Mark Brennan
Oil on Canvas  Shelley Mitchell


We did it folks!
Last night we hosted opening receptions for these two talented creatives, and it was just as expected; crowded, entertaining, and oh so well received. You'll be happy to know that we're open again today (Saturday) until 5:30, and it's lovely in here! Make sure you stop in, have a look around, and enjoy the shows.

Justin Lee

Angela Carlsen

Thursday, March 21, 2013

NEW EXHIBITIONS and new season! ANGELA CARLSEN and JUSTIN LEE .. here we go!!

The two shows are being installed, buffed and polished, in preparation for tomorrow's much anticipated opening. These two artists are sure to draw a crowd, and we love the electric excitement that comes with these much loved artists; Angela Carlsen and Justin Lee!!

Angela Carlsen - Roadside America
Fourteen mixed media transfers on aluminum, measuring 24" x 24". 
Many smaller works are also included in this show!
(also looking forward to food yummies prepared by FOOD WOLF!) 

Justin Lee - Harold Hickenbottom 
and the super best friend monsters from under the bed! 
Fourteen original watercolour paintings ranging in size from 15.5" x 7.5" to 5.5" x 3.5" 
Will also have a series of itty bitty fridge magnets!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring....umm....snow?

Hello everyone! A bit late to the party today, with a quick little blog entry to end off the day...the first day of Spring. If you live in Nova Scotia, it looked more like the first day of Winter today.

Around here, we have a saying for this type of mid-season shenanigans...we call it SPRINTER...

Here is a great work by new artist to Argyle Fine Art, Kim Naumann, that seemed to fit the day and still does, as we slip into the evening....

See more of her work and other wonderful new artists anytime...we are just a quick walk, quick drive or a click away (for those online patrons of the arts!)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Harold Hickenbottom And The Super Best Friend Monsters From Under The Bed!

Are YOU excited? I know WE'RE excited. Yes! 
This Friday marks the opening of Justin Lee's first show, starting at 7pm here at Argyle Fine Art. Come on by and bring your friends - there will be some nibblies on hand made by FOOD WOLF (ooh yum.) 

Justin has been engrossed with the life of Harold Hickenbottom (a fictional character which he's created) for the better part of 8 years now, and we're so glad to have a space where he can showcase the first workings in this series:
"Harold has been in my head, in different incarnations, for the past 8 years. It's finally nice to settle on one version of him and really explore that environment. Watercolors work to really convey and push forward the overall softness of the universe I want to create for this character. The watercolor's playful nature and vivid color help sell that softness while keeping it's audience engaged due to it's non-aggressive traits as a medium. They're warm and welcoming and not at all unpleasant and that's really what I envision with Harold: something we can all enjoy." 


Sunday, March 17, 2013

At Argyle Fine Art, we Harvest and Bottle up Creativity!

Some days, you just need some humour.  SUNDAYS are the perfect days for this, we think.
The gallery is closed on Sundays, BUT that doesn't mean you can't drop by the blog, like you just did today or look at other work on our website

We're going to start Sundays here at the blog as FUNDAYS!

We hope you enjoy this very important video about harvesting creatives! Have a wonderful day!

**Don't forget to pop by in person through the week and join us for two amazing opening receptions happening at the gallery on Friday, March by Angela Carlsen and Justin Lee!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Inspiration from SPRING- Dennis Reid!

We met artist Dennis Reid about a  year ago or so, and have always been so impressed by his work and it's ability to transport you to the very place he's painted, in your mind's eye....Even if you've never been there before, he just captures the feeling of a place-

This piece, titled "Overflow" , makes me excited to think of the springtime, when everything smells fresh and new. I can hear the water trickling. It's also lush and green...and the perfect St. Patty's Day companion piece too.

Top O'the day to you all!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sun, Rain, Clouds and Frogs

Chance of showersA mix of sun and cloudClearingChance of flurriesSunny

Hi there weather watchers! Today's mix of sun and rain might be the bearer of good news, if you can catch it in time. We're offering 20% off all jewellery if its RAINING! Aaaand If it's CLOUDY (or partly cloudy) our jewellery will then be 15% off... Full sun?? Make it 25% !!! And finally, in the unlikely, but entirely possible chance that frogs start to fall from the clouds, all our Jewelery will be a whopping 50% off!! Wowza!    

Sunny       Chance of showers     A mix of sun and cloud         Chance of flurries     Clearing

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Roadside America- Sneak peeks into the latest works by Angela Carlsen!

We are getting so excited for March 22nd...that's the day we launch new work by artists Angela Carlsen  AND Justin Lee! (more on Justin's show soon!) But TODAY...we thought we'd tell you a little bit about Angela's show and share some sneak peeks!

Argyle Fine Art is delighted to welcome Angela Carlsen home from her first adventure with her BARTER VAN ( . This is the first body of work that has come from her travels: a suite of works, all measuring 24" x 24", mixed media on metal, mounted on board....and even more luminescent in person! So so so so beautiful...makes you want to hit the open road yourself, doesn't it?

Angela even created these unique invites to the show...folded up like little mini-maps which we just received at the supply now at the gallery!

Here's what Angela has to say about the new works:

"Roadside America is the result of a five month road trip around the USA in The Barter Van. It's inspired by the golden age of the automobile, specifically the camping road trip. The images are mixed-media on aluminum and are a comment on taking the slow road instead of traveling interstate highways where the driver only sees the homogenous big box stores and fast food chains. This exhibition is representative of the way I saw the road less traveled in my search for the 'backbone' or 'real' experience of the American road trip."

Check out these teaser images below from Angela's show!

Angela Carlsen-Mixed Media on Metal,  24" x 24"

Angela Carlsen-Mixed Media on Metal,  24" x 24"

Angela Carlsen-Mixed Media on Metal,  24" x 24"
Angela Carlsen-Mixed Media on Metal,  24" x 24"

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Did you SPRING ahead? Kathy Richards brings SPRING into our homes

Happy day that the clocks Spring ahead! Although it may only be starting to feel a little springy, we think it's worth noting it's a beautiful day for a stroll outside. 

When you're out there, if you live in the Halifax area, you may walk past some of these lovely places, painted by artist Kathy Richards.

Can you spot where all of these places are?

All of the below paintings measure 4" x 5", and are just $175. They are painted on high profile canvas, so there's no need to frame them- they are ready to be hung on your wall or sit on your bookcase or desk and make you happy. 

Enjoy your Sunday and all the birds out there tweeting away!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Did you know that Argyle Fine Art is owned and operated by one talented and very hardworking FEMALE named Adriana Afford? You probably did, but I thought it fitting to highlight this little factoid on a day like today, when the females in our lives ought be reminded of their accomplishments. The issues and odds that are stacked against women's equality are often downplayed, so lets remember that there IS still MUCH work to be done! And if you don't mind, I'd also like to emphasize the talented female artists we represent... here's a look at just a few:

Angela Carlsen!! (Next Solo Show Opens on March 22nd)
Bryanna Chapeskie!
 Mary Garoutte!
 Melissa Townsend!
Shelley Mitchell!
Twila Robar DeCoste!

 Jennifer Harrison!
 Adrienne Godbout!
Kim Naumann!
 Dawn McNutt!