Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Ear Candy and other Holiday Treats!

These ultra lovely earrings just found their way into the shop, and they've been an instant hit. Jane LaBette from Rare Specimen has great taste, and has left these gems uncut, allowing these beauties 
to shine in their natural state - so yummy.  

You'll also find an incredible selection of locally crafted easter greeting cards in the gallery - 
all priced at $6.00 and under!

Aaaand have you heard about our Easter egg hunt?! THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! Stop in and hunt for the chocolate eggs hidden around the gallery (Thursday and SATURDAY from 10-5:30) 
There's a $50 gift certificate to be found in one of the Easter eggs. Woah.

*also. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Adriana!! You're a great gal who deserves a great year ahead. Hip Hip Hooray!