Thursday, September 29, 2022

Intertidal- Erin Hollingshead

 Intertidal zones take place where the ocean meets the land, in the world that changes each time the tide shifts from high to low and back. This concentration of life reveals many interesting forms of nature. In the new art showcase "Intertidal", Erin Hollingshead has created a collection of 10 paintings inspired by the ocean and her time around the water. 

Erin Hollingshead - Ripple, Oil on Board, 10"x10"

Erin has developed a close relationship to this unique nature through her practices of surfing, snorkelling, and coastal hiking. She takes her own reference photos during her time around the water, and it is clear to see how this connection to the land and sea has impacted Erin's work!

Erin Hollingshead - Crystal, Oil on Canvas, 12"x12"

"Intertidal" is Erin's first solo showcase at Argyle Fine Art, and we are so excited to have her collection here until October 8th. Erin comes from a background in portraiture, and works in oil, acrylic, and relief printmaking. You can find some of Erin's beautiful lino cut prints at the gallery.

Erin Hollingshead - Naudibranches, Lino-Cut Print, 6"x12"

Erin Hollingshead - Under the Stars, Lino-Cut Print, 8.5"x11"

Erin graduated from Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, and from NSCAD University in Halifax in 2016. She is currently based in Halifax and is involved in many art events with her community. Her work is available privately and through several galleries in Halifax and Dartmouth.

Erin's work truly transports you to the magical world where land and sea meet. Luckily we get a little sneak peak into the process of making some of her pieces below. The Cove was inspired by frozen washed up kelp that had eye-catching blue looking leaves. 

The Cove Process

Erin Hollingshead - The Cove, Oil on Board, 5" Round

Holdfast Process (left)

Erin Hollingshead - Holdfast, Oil on Canvas, 12"x12" (right)

Erin's collection has brought an amazing glimpse of an intertidal world into the gallery. Come on down to check out the show in person before October 8th! If you can't make it to the gallery, don't forget to take a look at the show ONLINE HERE

Erin Hollingshead - SunKissed, Oil on Canvas, 8"x10"

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Hello from an Argyle Fine Art Newbie!

Hi there, I'm Jasmine, and I am so excited to just have joined the team here at Argyle Fine Art! I am an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, but I have lived in Halifax for most of my life.

Painting and sketching have been a super important part of my life since I can remember. This practice has been fun, challenging, and surprising. 

Making art has helped me recently get through my undergrad from Dalhousie. For many years I worked at the Oxford and Park Lane movie theatres, and loved my time there and the people I met so much.

It is so wonderful to get to meet more of the Halifax community through Argyle Fine Art, and get to share a love of art with each other! Come on down to say hello, or send me a message on instagram: @jasmineandrich. I can't wait to meet you!

Included is a picture of me with a dog in Point Pleasant Park. This is my friend's dog, not mine. However, I do love dogs and cats.

Friday, September 23, 2022


 Hurricane season is here and the first big storm to hit us is Fiona! Thus, we have made the decision to be closed for the worst of it, but decided we can still have fun with some art sales- prices in effect  until end of day Wednesday, September 28th. 

If you'd like to purchase any, simply email us at and we'll be sure to get back to you soon! So grab your storm chips and start surfing the STORM ART SALES below! 


Storms make you wanna just hang out in bed, right? Well well well....we bring the bed to your bed with Megan LeForte's  SLEEPOVER, 20" x 24", Acrylic on Board. Was $685 but NOW it's $485

Storms make you munchy....even hungry enough for "Swanson Golden Shrimp Dinner" by Anna Whalen. This painting is oil on board, 8" x 10" and Was $385 but NOW it's $250


Storms let big rigs know who's boss...."Rig in the Harbour" by Gordon MacDonald is oil on copper, 11" x 14" was $850 and NOW it's $585


Storms force us to eat differently...maybe even enjoy some canned foods. This painting by Miyoshi Kondo called "Canned", 21"x13", Gouache on Paper Framed work was $900 but NOW it's $675


And finally, storms make us enjoy the simpler things in life,like Caitlin McGuire's "Ditch Bouquet", 8"x10", Oil on Aluminum. It was $425 but NOW it's $300.


In addition to these beauties looking for new homes at special pricing, we are offering any available PRE-SHRUNK 2022 works, TAX FREE....take a gander at what is left. 

If it doesn't say SOLD or UNAVAILABLE under it, it's most likely available! The holidays is coming and these small works make great gifts!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Finding Joy

Oh summer, here and gone too quickly as always. Let us reminisce on that summer feeling with a new art showcase! "Finding Joy" by Catherine Bagnell Styles is a collection of 26 paintings she created over the summer months, featuring things that spark joy in her life.

Catherine Bagnell Styles - Pitcher Perfect, Oil on Canvas, 20"x20"

We love seeing paintings in process like this one below....isn't it neat to see how the paintings develop?!

Tea and Pears - Process
Tea and Pears - Process

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Tea and Pears, Oil on Board, 8"x10"

This body of work is Catherine's first solo showcase with us at Argyle Fine Art. During her summer of painting, Catherine took workshops with artist Tim McGuire who pushed her to study still life. This style of painting is featured heavily in this new collection.

Catherine Bagnell Styles - Waterlilies

Along with afternoon tea and a good book, Catherine finds joy in colours. She paints beautiful coastal images, lily ponds and market scenes. Her style creates the impression of what is there.

Catherine Bagnell Styles - East Side Ketch
Catherine Bagnell Styles - Tilted

We are overjoyed to have this collection in the gallery for September.
Hopefully you got a chance to pop by the gallery and see all these beautiful works in person. If not you can check out the entire show ONLINE

The show will be on display in the gallery until October 8th.

Catherine Bagnell Styles - Ceramic Bowl

Thanks to all the fans and friends that have seen the show so far! YAY! 

Friday, September 9, 2022

Back to School Basics

It's that time of year again!

Time to gather your notebooks and set up your dorm, and we have all the essentials.


Art Print - Amy Crosby

Skip the basic posters everyone will have in their room... You are original, so you deserve original art prints! We have so many local artists prints and affordable original art available to browse. So you can curate a space that is originally YOU!

Moths - Briana Corr Scott

North End Halifax - Janna Wilton

Selkies - Erin Hollingshead

Maybe posters are not for you.... Maybe your looking for something a little more functional? How about a lamp made from bicycle parts! Believe me this is the most satisfying lamp to turn on and off... Come into the gallery and try it for yourself.

Bicycle Lamps - William Rudolph

• Backpack Bling •

Our favourite way to show off your personal style is PINS...and we have plenty.

Bottle Cap Pins - Kassandra Lois
$h!t Embroidery Pin - Amber Solberg

Hand Painted Buttons - Natasha Krzyzewski

• Night Out Necklaces •

We know a new school can be hard... Making new friends and meeting new people can be difficult and we know you want to impress, so what better way then to show off with a HANDMADE necklace!

Fruit Embroidery Necklace - Yoko White
Custom Cat Embroidery Necklace - Yoko White

These and SO MUCH MORE is waiting for you at Argyle Fine Art. Stop by and check out all the possibilities for your back to school shopping.

1559 Barrington Street

We can't wait to see you ♥

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Walking through Halifax with Jack Ross

 Our annual Jack Ross show is underway but it's only here in it's entirety until September 13th, so please try to drop by the gallery and see it in person if you live close by. It's worth the trip! Of course the full show is ONLINE HERE, but it's nothing quite like seeing art in person. Jack has worked hard on this latest body of acrylic paintings, that takes the viewer on walk through Halifax through his eyes.

A walk along the Halifax waterfront is a sight to behold- Jack has captured it beautifully!

He captures moments in time- of dancers on the waterfront, the neon glow of signs along our streets, quiet moments at our parks and waterways and somehow even makes some of the most mundane scenes look magical. 


The city is changing rapidly still, with old buildings coming down faster than you can count and new builds are underway. 


Thankfully we have local artists that are capturing some of these spaces but Jack  manages to also capture the way these environments make us feel and brings the personality of place to our attention. 


Take a moment the next time you go for a walk to really appreciate your surroundings. Look up too...the tops of buildings, the sky above- we are so lucky we can enjoy these freedoms and simple pleasures.


Thursday, September 1, 2022

A Thoughtful Cat- Yoko White!

Hi! It's Adriana- the owner of Argyle Fine Art. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful warm days and cooler evenings, as we begin the most favourite month for most Maritimers- September. :-)

A few months back, I landed myself in hospital for a month and a bit. It was hard. I'm still recovering. But I was so thankful for all the support and love I received from so many people. Little notes of encouragement, friends helping at the gallery and new amazing staff to keep my mind at ease while I concentrated on resting and getting back to work.

One of the extra thoughtful gifts that arrived in the mail one afternoon when I needed it most came from Yoko White- an incredibly talented hand embroidery, french-knot artist.Cats and Art save the day again! Story of my life!

Yoko knows how much I love our cats, found some Instagram photos of them online, and got to work. Now I have these beauties that I can wear anytime but also display in a shadow box frame when I'm not wearing them. They are far too special to hide out in my jewellery box! They are works of ART!

Just look at how she caught their likeness from a simple photograph! I love them so! 







Great MEWS...I mean NEWS too!  After we chatted,I suggested she consider doing a few more and maybe even take pet portraits to a whole new level. She agreed and NOW YOU TOO can have your very own special cat or dog created!  So if you are looking for that extra special gift, get your orders in. Christmas is coming! Commissions are $125-$145 each. Contact the gallery directly for more details at or give us a call! 

Yoko also just sent the gallery these lovelies--maybe you'll fall in love with these critters too and adopt one or two today!Just look at all those details.....her artwork and kindness never cease to amaze me. These pieces are $95 each and include the chains as well.