Friday, February 28, 2014

mewmew / woofwoof

Cat Person/Dog Person has been a bright burst of colour during a month that typically makes you want to stay home and bundle up. We've got a long long list of phenomenally adorable artworks on display, perfect for your mid winter art treat! Have a looky-see at some of the fantastic (and super affordable!) 
 lovelies on feature at the gallery! Cat Person/ Dog Person runs until March 4th!

...Oh, and if it's too blustery outside your window, don't fret my pet - just have a look at the show ONLINE and give us a telephone call if you have a favourite you want to scoop up! 902.425.9456

Yoko White "Dog and Snake" Hand Embroidered onto Cotton 4" $45
Nicole Kading "Grumpy Nyan" 4" x 5" $75

                                         (Below Left: Sophie Jaillet "Bed 2" Original Drawing $250 
                             Right: Natalie Slater (Shisho Pottery) Cat Planter & Dog Planter $30 each)

Rita Van Tassel "Cat Hangers" $40 each

"Pom Pom Cat" by Emily Comeau $100

(Below Right: Chelle Wootten Totes $60 each Left: Bethany Buttersworth Cat Magnets $10 each)

Angela Doak Prints ranging from $5.50 to $20
Amber Solberg "King Cat (British Shorthair) 6" x 8.5" $180
Megan Fildes "Weirdo Cat Pins" $12 each
Isabelle Pineau, Dog Earrings (Hand Drawn onto Plastic) $15

Thursday, February 27, 2014

TONIGHT TONIGHT : Adsum House's annual "Mystery Art Show and Sale"

We're absolutely thrilled to be featuring Adsum Houses's annual "Mystery Art Show & Sale" at the gallery this evening. Tickets are $20 each, and doors open at 6pm. Please do stop in and show your support for this very worthy cause! For more information, have a look at Adsum's website here:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

THIS JUST IN : Kitty and Doggy totes by CHELLE WOOTTEN!!

Jeepers creepers guys, how adorable these totes?!? 
Created by the talented Chelle Wootten, a local photographer who really knows how to capture the essence of a kitties cuteness (and pooches too!). These nifty bags are double sided, so you'll be fashionable no matter what way you sling your tote. Come on in and give one a try!   

Friday, February 21, 2014

CATS VS. DOGS in the ultimate battle for your affection...

Only YOU can decide the victor in this endless parade of cuteness.
Visit Argyle Fine Art before March 4th and see the new exhibition, "Cat Person, Dog Person" to make your decision...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Finally, most of the show is online (a few updates in the coming days, so check back often!). Crystal Ross, the Assistant Director here at Argyle Fine Art always does such a great job photographing the artworks for our artists. It's not always an easy task- especially with this type of show, with such varied mediums being used.

You can see the show online by going to: and simply clicking on the show name!

The show just opened on Saturday afternoon, so it's really just begun-which means there are some great works to choose from. The reception was packed with people and dogs...lots and lots of dogs...approximately 45 of them in fact! 

The show offers something for everyone- ranging in prices from $8 to $1300. Drop by soon- and don't forget to bring a donation for a cat or dog if you can afford it and tweet your pet's pictures to TWITTER, using hashtag #catpersondogperson.

Here's a few pieces from the show. Now go over to to see all the others and be prepared to SMILE.

Here Comes the 4 Year Old- Cherakee Stoddard

Hey Good Lookin'- Caitlin McGuire

Family Portrait- Laura Kenney
Saint Roscoe Patron Saint of Over Excitement- Gordon MacDonald

Go Home Kitty!- Pam Webber

OKIE!- Angela Carlsen

Saturday, February 15, 2014

CAT PERSON. DOG PERSON. OPENING TODAY: 2pm-4pm! A show celebrating our love for our furry friends!

Well it's been a little while since we've updated the blog. Such busy times at the gallery, preparing and planning for more great shows coming your way.We just took down the successful PRE-SHRUNK show, but don't delay if you missed an opportunity to see it in person, as we plan on hanging selections of the works throughout the coming months in the gallery and over at one of our favourite restaurants, CHIVES.

But...let's get on to the tasks of this blog! TO INVITE YOU TO ATTEND this afternoon's opening reception-beginning at 2pm.  Our show is simply called CAT PERSON. DOG PERSON. and it's  a playful celebration of all things cat and dog. MEOW! BARK!

With 28 artists participating, we decided to hang the DOG PERSON works in our upper gallery. That way actually dog people can bring their dogs to see the art! The CAT PERSON works are mostly in the lower gallery, however cats have seemed to invade the dog space a bit...but you'd expect that from a cat, wouldn't you?  :-)
Super Cat- Laura Kenney  8" x 20"

The show is filled with such a variety of mediums: painting, drawing, ceramics, textile, encaustic and more! You can even get your pet portrait drawn by local artist Lindsay Hicks for $25.

So hop on down today and see the show. Make sure to bring a food or toy donation for a cat or dog and we'll donate it to  our local animal rescue organizations. 

Enter to WIN prizes provided by Three Dog Bakery and don't forget to TWEET your cat or dog photos on Twitter using the hashtag #catpersondogperson or #halifaxcatdogperson and we'll project your pets photo at night in our windows!

 This show continues until March 4th so drop down anytime and bring your friends. FURRY FRIENDS are optional!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

BIRDS of a Feather: Pre-Shrunk Takes FLIGHT!

It's hard to believe that one week has rushed past since PRE-SHRUNK opened- complete with a snow day thrown in there for good measure). There are so many lovelies left to purchase and enjoy. You can see the entire show online at (pre-Shrunk 2014)  but we thought we'd highlight a few more pieces here before the weekend. 

Seems BIRDS were a popular choice for many artists to paint, draw, felt and sparkle (?) The great thing about this show is that it literally has something for everyone! Come and discover it this week ahead!

Crow- Lindsay Hicks
Joyce Glasner uses collage and has a number of works in the show! So beautiful!
He's the cock of the Walk! Gregg Tracey submitted a number of small works that feature his roosters!
Terry Greencorn painted this sweet bird- it almost has a vintage appearance. A bird from the past.

Emily Comeau....yes....yes...those are sparkles! And they're are fabulous!
This little piece is by Mirco Chen. The Crane actually has it's very own Pinterest Account that you can find by scanning the QRCode in the painting! Follow him as he pins birdseed and other birdy-sort things.  

A little art joke by Ed Beals. Also, this is a peep. We'll eat lots of these around Easter time.
Tacha Reed- Felted work of amazing. Tacha has a number of works in the show!
 Come see all the BIRDS at PRE-SHRUNK!  They await your visit!