Saturday, December 31, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR from everyone here at Argyle Fine Art! What a year it's been too! It's hard to believe that last year on this very day, we were loading up the last of the things at our old gallery location at Historic Properties and heading to Barrington Street. That was a great feeling...but a scarey one too. In this economic climate, one never knows what to expect.
Gordon MacDonald with Antlers and Beard Circa 2011

But to our surprise, our new home has been wonderful!!  Barrington Street is blossoming again!   You have all supported us by buying art here, supporting our artists, coming out to shows and events and for voting for us in the BEST OF HALIFAX poll as second best gallery in Halifax; second only to the provincial gallery, AGNS. Wow. THANK YOU!

We are looking forward to bringing you a very exciting year of art in 2012! The year will really get going here, with PRE-SHRUNK- a HUGE group show opening on January 27th. See you then, if not before.

ALL THE BEST TO ALL OF YOU!  Remember to have lots of fun and be silly every once in a while.

Thursday, December 22, 2011 of the first Pre-Shrunk paintings to arrive by Shelley Mitchell

We know it sounds odd, but we can hardly wait until the end of January...for PRE-SHRUNK.

Some of the works are arriving from our gallery artists, including this one by well-loved artist Shelley Mitchell.

The work below is an example of the wonderful works to come. This piece is painted on thick oak board and ready to hang. More sneak peeks to come soon...

Seascape #3- Shelley Mitchell, Oil on Board, 4" x 5", $175

This is What Last Year's Pre-Shrunk Opening Looked Like!

It's hard to believe that this year's Pre-Shrunk opening at Argyle Fine Art, on Friday, January 27th will also mark the first full year of us at this wonderful new location on Barrington Street. Please join us in celebration and don't forget to purchase a pre-shrunk voucher before January 15th!

Pre-Shrunk Opening Reception, January 2011

Until January 15th, you can purchase a voucher for $150 that will entitle you to a miniature  work valued at $175 BUT more you will also get a sneak peek at the show before anyone else and have first pick the evening of the show. Doors open for voucher holders at 6:30pm and 7pm for non-voucher holders. We only sell 50 vouchers, so don't miss out.

Last year there was a line-up for ....gasp...ART. Pretty amazing!

**We are also still accepting artists for this exhibition until January 7th. The only rule is..the piece MUST measure 4" x 5" and not be framed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Work by Jennifer Harrison just arrived!

Good afternoon everyone!  If you are looking for any last minute art gifts, we are delighted to share two new works by artist Jennifer Harrison that have just arrived this morning at the gallery. We are also excited let you know that we will be hosting a show of recent works by Jennifer in February.

Remember that we are open later this Friday..until 7:30pm, and will be open on December 24th until 2pm.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 19, 2011

THANK YOU! Food Bank Success and New Art!

We’ve been very busy here at Argyle Fine Art, receiving new works by gallery artists almost daily! There is still time to get the perfect gift...or stocking stuffer for that special someone at the gallery...we are open all week and look forward to showing you some new work. One work which will be arriving this week is a new painting by Adrienne Godbout  (she actually started to paint it at the gallery a few weeks ago)  It's called Red House at the Islands:

Red House at the Islands, 30" x 40", Oil on Canvas, Unframed Gallery Canvas, $2100

We’d  like to extend thanks to many of you for being so generous by donating food or money during our food drive, which we donated to the Parker Street Food Bank this week.  Together we raised hundreds of dollars and boxes and boxes and boxes of food! Remember, they always need help and can also receive old electronics and computers for their skills development centre, so keep that in mind should you be upgrading your computer this season...

We hope to have our brand new site ready soon too at, but we'll always be here at the blog too, so make sure to continue to pop by!

Pssstt...Remember to get your Pre-Shrunk Vouchers . We are now up to voucher #10....don't be left in the cold on opening night, January 27th. They only cost $150 and get you ahead of the crowd (the usual price for the pre-shrunk paintings is $175. They make great gifts!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NOW is the time to order your personalized holiday art cards!

Created By Local Artists

Once again, we are proud to offer our customized art cards by a variety of talented local artists. This is a rare opportunity to commission original artwork at such a great price! 

Perhaps you have an idea of what you’d like one of our artists to draw? Just let us know, and we’ll pair your request with one of our artists. If you’re not certain what to ask for, simply fill out our form, send it back to us, and our artists will compose an image from the information you’ve given us.  Perhaps you’d like a sketch of the house you grew up in? A portrait of a loved one as a child? The possibilities are endless!! 

The cards are created on 5" x 7" card stock...suitable to use as a card...and perfect for framing! Cards are priced at $50…an incredible price to have a very personal, special gift, while supporting local artists


Participating artists this year are:

Lindsay Hicks: Has a keen gift for drawing houses, portraits and landscapes... she is very skilled at sketching in charcoal or graphite. A great choice for a traditional, and representational cards.

Nick Brunt
: Loves using punchy colours, illustrating fun characters and creates interesting text-based work as well- great for the design oriented person on your list. Nick was named the SILVER Winner for best visual artist in The BEST OF The Coast's survey!

Jono Doiron
: Sharp sense of humour and loves referencing pop culture. He is especially great at making colourful and playful images with a illustration-like approach. Jono loves doing this project..he's been helping us for years with it, and his work is always well received. Some of you may know him from the Halifax Farmer's market.

Pamela Marie Pierce
: Beautifully stylized and vintage approach to her work. Fine lines of black ink with hints of colour. Her work often reminds us of illustrations from long ago. A great classic choice for every age group.

DEADLINE FOR ORDERS: Dec. 15th...but the earlier the better!!
CALL 902-425-9456 for details.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warm Thoughts with Nick Brunt

In Celebration of Nick Brunt's cover on this week's Coast, 
we thought we'd highlight these delightful holiday treats: 


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Now is the time to order your Pre-Shrunk Vouchers - there are only 50 in total,
and they'll disappear fast...

What the heck is a pre-shrunk voucher?
Let us explain:
Every Year we host an exceptional group show called Pre-Shrunk, 
where our most talented artists are asked to create art pieces that measure 4" x 5".
This show receives an abundance of outstanding artwork, and offers a diverse range of styles and mediums. There's always SO MUCH to choose from! Oils, watercolours, even ceramic! This is a juried exhibition, so all the pieces exhibited are sure to be of the highest quality.  

All Pre-Shrunk pieces are priced at $175. 
 Vouchers on the other hand, are priced at $150... 
that's a $25 savings!!

Voucher owners are entitled to both a piece in the show, and a place in line. Say for instance you purchase voucher #1, this means you get the FIRST pick from the entire group show. Neat eh? That's why we think vouchers would make such a great gift,  especially for those who would rather allow their loved ones to choose their own artwork.

Before the exhibition opens on January 27th, all voucher holders will be sent a link displaying all the pieces in the show. Voucher holders will also be invited to view the show before the doors open to the general public, this allows you to see the works in person, before making your decision.

Our first submission for this year is from Gordon MacDonald. 
This landscape is painted on copper, 
and of course, measures 4" x 5"


So here's the deal. 
Bring us your non-perishable food items and we'll happily give 
you a 15% discount on your next purchase before December 10th. 
It's that easy!!!
All food or cash donations will go directly to the food bank.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ANGELA CARLSEN - The Roadtrip Continues

Wigwam  Mixed Media 3' x 3' Angela Carlsen $895
Twin Arrows Mixed Media Angela Carlsen $895
Frontier Mixed Media 16" x 20" Angela Carlsen $400

Flamingo Mixed Media 16" x 20"Angela Carlsen $400

These won't last long, so give us a call if you'd like to call one of these pieces your own. 
Better yet, swing by and visit them in person at 1559 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS.
It's a beautiful day out there, perfect for gallery hopping! 

JANE ROVERS New Works at Argyle Fine Art

Chatter 10" x 10" Mixed Media  Jane Rovers $250
'Lectric Fields 12" x 12" Mixed Media Jane Rovers $325

Tandem 12" x 12" Mixed Media Jane Rovers $325

Back Woods 10" x 10" Mixed Media Jane Rovers $250

If you're needing a little extra light in your day, Jane Rovers has created a new body of work that's sure to put a twinkle in your eye. These new pieces are soft and uplifting, with their saturated, hazy greens and fluffy bright whites. Drop by the gallery and recharge your spirits, before the holiday 
rush has you busy with a million errands!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Melissa Townsend: New Works



Each one of these pretty little birds are part of a series, 
all which are named after light. 
You'll find Blake, Lucia, Kiran, Cindy, Elaine and Oran amongst others beautiful owls.
Come by the gallery for a visit, and get to know our new friends! 

NEW TO ARGYLE FINE ART: Dennis Austin Reid

Every once in a while, a new artist captures our attention and sets the gallery aglow with a new and exciting body of work. Dennis Reid from Dorchester, NB, now has a small collection of pieces here at the gallery and we're delighted to present them to you. We think you'll love the scale and beauty of his work, but who are we to say for certain what you'll love? Swing by the gallery and have a look for yourselves...something tells us that you'll adore them too.

High Tension Oil on Canvas 46" x 42" Dennis Reid

Skyline Oil on Canvas 34" x 32" Dennis Reid

Overtop Lakeshore Road Oil on Canvas 34" x 32" Dennis Reid

Coming or Going Oil on Canvas 34" x 32" Dennis Reid
Seascape Oil on Canvas 20" x 14 3/4" Dennis Reid

Thursday, November 24, 2011

TONIGHT we Celebrate the Holidays and a new website!

Hello everyone...just a quick little note to let you know this evening is our "Jolly Affair" and we are also very very very very very very  excited to tell you the first steps to launching a new website has occured:  Our new website address will be  thanks to Hi There Designs (aka Ian Conrad and Nick Brunt)

Happy Thursday to you all! 
Adriana and Crystal

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get JOLLY at Argyle Fine Art tomorrow night!

The softly falling snow is helping us to set the scene for our holiday gathering tomorrow evening, Thursday, November 24th, 5:30pm-9pm here at Argyle Fine Art. We promise you'll look more jolly than the man in our invite as soon as you arrive, but we do encourage "antler wearage" for extra happiness and a chance to win a special gift from the gallery!

If you bring a FOOD DONATION, you will receive 15% off your purchases tomorrow. We'll have plenty new works displayed and special things for you to enjoy, including live music by Julia Feltham and maybe another special musical guest as well. Tasty treats will be provided by Certainly Cinnamon. See you at the gallery!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Arrivals:

Fancy Hand Painted Moustache Buttons by Nick Brunt! $15 (CDN) each

Partial Proceeds go to Movember!!
These hand painted boxes by Brian Porter are AMAZING!!
The Conflict 5" x 7" x 2.5" Ink and Watercolour on Wooden Box by Brian Porter $300

As I See It, So It Is 5" x 7" x 2.5" Ink on Wooden Box by Brian Porter $300 CDN

The Prospector 5" x 7" x 2.5" Ink on Wooden Box by Brian Porter $300 (CDN)
Joanna Close Holiday Postcards!! $5 each

 Oh the things, THE THINGS, you can find here at Argyle Fine Art! New pieces by a variety of artists have been  pouring through our front door on a daily basis, in preparation for the gift giving season ahead. 
Stay tuned for new works by artists such as Mary Garoutte, Rita Van Tassel, Melissa Townsend, Mark Brennan and Jennifer Harrison!!

Still on Show here at the gallery : Steven Rhude's Solo exhibition titled Sunday Morning
See link on the right hand side "Steven Rhude 2011" for images, or scroll down.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ed Beals - Ray Guns!

 KRUPP's JV-7 aka The Schmelzen Ray
A classic example of substance and style, the Krupp's JV-7 was issued to officers in the Combined European Forces. The "Schmelzen Ray" was the only handheld ray weapon utilizing AMDF (angular muon distortion field), a system usually reserved for much larger field guns. It was the addition of a replaceable wide-band JenVac capsule that made it possible to put the power and 
stability of a true melting ray in such small and elegant package.

 SYNCRO - RRX3 a.k.a. The Rocket Ranger
Build in the former USSR, the "Rocket Ranger" was notoriously unreliable and difficult to maintain. In spite of being prone to misfiring and even exploding when over-heated, the Ranger was devastatingly effective weapon and widely considered to be the most powerful of all the hand held ray-based weapons.

 FG-ASME B16 a.k.a. Tiny Tim
Affectionately known as "Tiny Tim" the FG-ASME B16 was one of the lightest ray gun sidearms ever built. But don't let the small size fool you.This fluctuating graviton style asynchronous metaphasic emitter had an axionic pulse rate of one every 3/600ths of a microsecond. More than enough kick to disintegrate a squad of alien foot soldiers. The distinctive shark fin heat dissipater was often subject to abuse, most famously as a ration tin opener, making intact examples highly prized by collectors.