Friday, June 30, 2017

A Trip Down Wisteria Lane with Yoko White

If you've been in the gallery you're likely familiar with artist Yoko White's extraordinary needlework. A master of colour and French knots, her works are skillful and whimsical, with a side of Yoko's fantastic sense of humour. (Here's a little background on French Knots for those of you who aren't quite sure what it is.)
Yoko White, Wisteria Tree Tunnel, 9.5"x14", French Knots Hand Emroidery

Yoko grew up in Tokyo, Japan and moved to Canada to complete her education when she was 20 years old. She's always had a love for needlework, saying, "Since I was a little girl I made clothes for my doll, or made crafts for my families and friends. I really take my time when doing crafts to make sure the work comes out exactly as I imagined it and I am sure you will see this in all my work!"

Wisteria Tree Tunnel detail.

Yoko has generously shared her process with us on her most recent piece, Wisteria Tree Tunnel, and we are excited to share it with you!
Wisteria Tree Tunnel sketch layout.
"I started this piece in January. I wanted to make art that makes people say WOW! I think I was getting sick of cold winter weather ( I still love Canadian winter) and I thought making beautiful place / gardens can help me feel more like Spring."
Wisteria Tree Tunnel in process.
"I felt like I was there while I was making this, each French knot was my happy time, and I really hope people can see how I felt, and this art will help people to feel warmer all season."

Wisteria Tree Tunnel in process.

"The location of this tunnel is called Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan. "
Wisteria Tree Tunnel in process.
Thank you Yoko for giving us a sneak peak at behind the scenes of your work! See more pieces by Yoko in the gallery or online here.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ART by LAND and SEA: Workshop with Caitlin McGuire

If you haven't heard about our ART ON THE GO! Workshops, here's a little reminder that they are amazing!  There are still two to come and there is still space in both so register today. All the information on how the workshops run is HERE AT THIS LINK

The next one coming up is on Saturday, July 15th. It's being taught by our very own Caitlin McGuire whom many of you have met working at the gallery. Caitlin is a teacher when she's not working here or painting. Below is a photo of the latest LARGE painting of the Halifax Central Library still in the works. Caitlin loves colour and teaching colour theory. It all comes down to colour and shapes, which is what she's going to help you see as you take the ferry across the sea  and walk along the majestic Dartmouth waterfront.


Caitlin has years of experience leading classes and workshops. You don't need any previous art background to join in these workshops either- the main objective is to have fun and to get people open to the idea of starting to create. You also get to take the kit and supplies home,which you can continue to use after the workshop is over, to keep the art making going all year long. You'll be doing some sketching and painting with acrylics.

To recap: All supplies and teaching included in the price of just $50. Cigar boxes filled with the supplies have been provided by Sieverts  Limited and some supplies by DeSerres.  Oh, that price includes the FERRY ticket to and from Halifax as well! Meet at the gallery between 12:45-1pm. We'll be leaving the gallery for the ferry terminal at 1pm. Workshop runs until 3:30pm and at 4pm you all can take the ferry back to Halifax or stay on the "darkside". :-)  If it rains, the workshop will still go on- don't let a bit of water scare you.

AHOY!  Jump aboard for ART TO GO! Give us a call to book your spot! Bring a friend!
Artist Self Portrait

Friday, June 23, 2017

TONIGHT! Opening for Melissa Townsend & Abigail Lower

Greetings everyone! We've been pretty silent here on the blog, as we have been busy prepping for the shows that are finally opening tonight for Melissa Townsend and Abigail Lower! Make sure to drop by soon to see the shows together or join us for the opening reception tonight, June 23rd 7pm-9pm.

You can also see BOTH shows online from our 
NOW SHOWING link on this very blogsite!  Works are selling fast!

Happy Friday everyone, and congratulations to Melissa and Abigail on another wonderful grouping of works. Wow. You are making a lot of people so very happy with your art.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

SOS: Sky- Ocean- Sand Group Show Off to a great start!

Thanks to all of the participating artists and visitors that attended the opening reception of SOS- a group show to celebrate the beginning of a more summery season on such a beautiful day! The art and punch was delicious and on theme for a sunny day in June!

In case you weren't able to get here today or live at a distance, we've put the full show online  HERE  Make sure to drop by in person  soon as the show is here only until June 21st! 

The show is filled with playful paintings, sculpture and photographs-here are just a few examples below. Hope to see you soon! Great art awaits and will transport you to the beach any day of the week, rain or shine.

Jellyfish, by Kim Danio...made from a repurposed shoe!
At the Beach, Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 48", Deb Bromley

Mr. Crabs, 4" x 5", Graphite mounted on cradle board by Quinlan Smith

Grand Pre Sky, Oil on Board, 11" x 14", Gordon MacDonald

Monday, June 5, 2017

Summertime just got better with ART ON THE GO and Craig Baltzer

It's time to start making plans for some new experiences in our warmer months ahead with Argyle Fine Art! This year, we want to challenge you to learn something new....try art making with one of our gallery artists in the great outdoors! What you find out about yourself may be surprising, and even if you don't think your talented  you are sure to have fun along the way.You don't need to bring anything except yourself and an open mind...we'll take care of the rest! 


We'd like to introduce you to the first ART ON THE GO instructor, artist Craig Baltzer. Many people have come to know him for his mad crosshatching drawing skills combined with his love of painting and architecture. You may have even met him working on his art at our gallery during special afternoons at the gallery. He loves to share his process and to engage all people in celebrating the city we live in, through his art.

Craig's background as an artist began mostly as a photographer, but drawing and painting have been part of his life since he can remember. When Craig draws and paints buildings, it's almost as though he is painting their portraits. The buildings have a story to tell. How our city is changing is of great interest to Craig as well. Such as our new Central Library, which has become a positive story of development; winning architecture awards and more importantly becoming a great community space for people to gather, to learn, experience and relax.
Central Library, 8" x 10", Ink and Watercolour
If you haven't noticed, Halifax is under heavy construction at the moment, and the architectural landscape is changing almost before our very eyes. Craig reminds us to be mindful of what we are creating and not to forget what makes Halifax a great place to live and grow. Great spaces for people to gather are important, as any progressive urban planner would agree. Craig documents the changes of past, present and future, through his artwork.

With Craig's workshop on June 14th, you'll take a short walking tour around downtown Halifax, learn a bit of history about the city and do some sketching with a focus on the old and new architecture that will surround you on your journey. No previous experience is needed. It's also on a Wednesday evening after work, so start your evening off right. Snacks will be provided! Also METRO PARK vouchers will be provided to all that require one for parking nearby.

We're very proud of Craig's most recent art endeavor this past Saturday, as he was asked to be the feature artist  of Africvilles's 50th Anniversary of the Final service of the original Seaview Baptist Church. Here are just a few snaps from the afternoon.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Summer Art Adventures with Andy MacDonald

It's June! No, it's really June! We know it's hard to believe with the current weather, but summer is just around the corner! While you sit back and start planning your summer adventures we are happy to bring you the bright colourful works of artist Andy MacDonald, that we think will put you in the summer mood.

This little camper is the perfect precursor to summer adventures. The patterning on the curtains signals nostalgia of many cross country family trips.

Andrew MacDonald, Camper, 4"x5", Acrylic on Board

If you're sticking closer to home it doesn't mean you can't have an adventure in your own neighbourhood, Andy has a knack for infusing new life and perspective into Halifax houses.

Andy MacDonald, House on Agricola x3, 20"x24", Acrylic on Board

Andy's work is both sentimental and refreshing, creating new context for every day scenes and objects. His sense of series and repetition comes from his background as a printmaker.

Andy MacDonald, Impala Sunrise, 24"x36", Acrylic on Board

Much of what Andy paints is what he's captivated by while out and about. Originally from Glace Bay, Cape Breton his work has included company houses, along with Halifax architecture, vintage vehicles and retro appliances, like these small radio works.

Andy MacDonald, Transmission, 4"x5", Acrylic on Board

Andy MacDonald, Radio Cure, 4"x5", Acrylic on Board

There is a sense of fun in Andy's work that is contagious when you spend time around it, much like Andy himself. We still a few 8"x10" prints of the piece below, Poverty Line, left if you need to infuse a little fun into your space.

Andy MacDonald, Poverty Lines, 36"x36", Acrylic on Board

Andy is also industrious and has worked on many different surfaces, from painting hockey players on an old picket fence, houses on skateboards to vintage trucks on an old cupboard door:

Andy MacDonald, Six Black Trucks, 42.5"x21.75", Acrylic and Glow in the Dark Paint on Board

You can see more of Andy's work online here, or currently in our window and up at the gallery. Happy June!