Tuesday, January 30, 2024


 Thank you to everyone that made it out to our 20th Anniversary PreShrunk group show! It has been such a joy to curate this years HUGE show of MINI artworks!

This show includes almost 400 pieces and 132 artists from across Canada! 

Many of the artists showing are local to Halifax and chose to represent our city beautifully through their work!

Peep these amazing Halifax inspired artworks still available from the show!

Jessie Donaldson, Carlo Auto Service, 4"x5", Ink and Acrylic on Board

Chantel Elysia, Jasper Out Here Catchin' Waves, 4"x5" Acrylic on Canvas

Devon Vankoughnett, The Garden Gates, 4"x5" Porcelain on Board

Jan Davison, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, 4"x5" Acrylic on Board

Massiel Pineiro, The After Party, 4"x5" Acrylic on Canvas

Jack Ross, Scotia Square and the Hotel, Barrington St, 4"x5", Acrylic on Board

See the full show online HERE!

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

A few more Sneak Peeks!

 It's the day before the day before the day! PRE-SHRUNK 2024 opens this Friday, January 26th at Argyle Fine Art. It's our 20th year!  Goodness, time flys!

Here's a PreShrunk by a well loved and missed staff from the gallery...this one is by Caitlin McGuire. It's called KITTY LOAF!  Awwwww.......so happy to have this little one!

You can enjoy the show as soon as we open on Friday but purchases can only begin at the opening reception which begins at 7pm. However if you find something you love during the daytime visit to the show on Friday if you pop by, we can take your info down for a work you may fall in love with. 

 There are soooooooooooo many pieces to fall in love with too! And in all mediums! In fact, there are over 400 works...the largest of our small but mighty show, but being that it's the 20th Anniversary...that's just so great! 

Another PreShrunk piece that will be included in the show. This is one of a few by Jack Ross!  


Did you know Jack is teaching a workshop? 

You may want to register or find out more info HERE

Now...to find space for all the works of art in our gallery. We'll be open tomorrow (Thursday) but only until 3pm. After that time, we'll be closed for installation. Gosh knows how long this will take!Wish us luck! 

This one is by a very young artist in his teens!  Such talent by Carter Noseworthy!

SEE YOU AT THE SHOW or POP BY SATURDAY ...or any day you can. Just don't miss seeing this show in person- seriously, it will make you so happy! So much creativity in one little room! Amazing!

Full show will be online on Friday morning too at our website https://www.argylefineart.com/



Friday, January 19, 2024

Canadian Creativity by the Hundreds and Hundreds- PRESHRUNK 2024!




 Show OPENS IN PERSON on Friday, January 26th,7pm-9pm and continues ONLINE and in-person until February 20th

 Pre-Shrunk 2024 is almost here! It’s our 20th Anniversary! According to GOOGLE..it’s our emerald year which means “we’ve withstood trials and kept the flame of your love intact”. So in our case, we’re keeping the love of art alive with this small but mighty show! Don’t miss the 20th Annual PRE-SHRUNK SHOW at Argyle Fine Art. The exhibit officially opens on Friday, January 26th and continues until February 20th. Over 400 works of art by artists from all over Canada will be on display for everyone to enjoy!One of the largest shows so far! Each piece measures 4" x 5 and sells for $175. Drop by and SEE the show in person or online at www.argylefineart.com beginning Friday, January 26th at 11am and all day long in person. Official opening is between 7pm-9pm. If you can’t make the opening, pop by Saturday or any day we are open while the show is up, until February 20th. However checking out within the first week is recommended for optimal amazement! FREE FOR EVERYONE TO LOOK, AS ALWAYS!

We want to sell you art but...art can't be sold until 7pm to the general public, however if you arrive throughout the day or view it online, and want to put a piece on hold to purchase at 7pm, you can leave payment information with us and it will be processed after the initial voucher holders make their selections from 5:30pm-7pm. 

 PS- VOUCHER HOLDERS- your sneak peeks are coming end of day tomorrow (January 20)

 ARTISTS PARTICIPATING IN THIS YEAR’S SHOW ARE: Aaron Tsitouras,Adam Lanigan,Adele Webster,Alicia Braganza,Alison Robertson,Allie Campbell,Allieanna Ballagh,Alyssa Doggett,Amy Nemeth,Amy Ordoveza,Andrea Crouse,Ann Lyons,Anne Marie Maceachen,Annie Murray,Ashley Anne Clark,Ashley Delaney,Ashley Verge,Astrid Herron,Barbara O'Neil ,Bee Stanton,Belle DeMont,Beth Hartling,Caileigh Lambie,Caitlin McGuire,Capitu Petersen,Carin Katagiri Mahon,Caroline Mcleod,Carter Noseworthy,Catherine Bagnell Styles,Chantel Elysia,Colleen Noseworthy,Craig Gunn,Curtis Botham,Danielle Wilkie,Danny Abriel,Darlene Childs,David Hamp-Gonsalves,David Noseworthy,Deb Jenkins,Devon Vankoughnett,Donna Vigliucci,Dusan Postolovic,Ed Beals,Ed MacDormand,Emily Aver,Emily Flinn,Emily Harrison,Emily Krueckl,Emily Pittman,Emily Plemel,Emily Redmon,Emma Fisher,Emmy Lao,Erin Hollingshead,Evengia Makogon,George Spencer,Gordon MacDonald,Gretchen Amirault,Heidi Holloway,Helen Shideler,Inae Kim,Jack Ross,Jackie Toner,Jamie Marryatt,Jan Davison,Jann Goodwin,Jacqueline Steudler,Jessica Chacon,Jessica Gay,Jessica Murray,Jessie Donaldson,Joanne Logan,Joanne MacLennan,Joy Matthews,Kaitlyn Cote,Kate Brown,Katye Mclaughlin,Kayla Cameron,Kelsey Borden,Kerry Hodgson,Keshena Williams,Kimberely Eddy,Lem Lian,Lena Kroeker,Lillian Crump,Lio Lo,Liz Bateman,Lynn Johnson,Mallory Gorman,Marion Mazerall,Marley O'Brien,Mary-Margaret Bennett,Massiel Pineiro,Megan Green,Megan LeForte,Mindy Harris,Miyoshi Kondo,Moshin K,Nancy Wilson,Nick Brunt,Nicole Kading,Patrizia Berdkan,Patty Weld Viscount,Paul Blake,Paulette Melansan,Peter Crouse,R.J Ogemah,Raquel Roth,Richard Purcell,Ruth Gallo,Sabine Kearns,Sabine Nuesch,Sally Crawford,Sam Gilbert,Sara Lamond,Sarah Hutten,Shannon,Long,Sheila Harnish,Steve Illius,Ted Wilkins,Tina Kim,Trudy Callbeck,Ursula Ryle-Gulliver,Wenxiu Ji,Willow Glufka,Xinke Zhuang,Yoko White,Zach Spears,Zachary Steinman and Zan Ahoy! PHEW!

Here are a few sneak peeks at just a few works that will be included in the show! 

More to come next week!

RJ Ogemah

Emily Krueckl

Zach Spears

Ed Beals

Zachary Steinman

Caileigh Lambie

Willow Glufka

Friday, January 5, 2024


 Hello folks! How's your re-emergence back to the real world going? Did you have a nice holiday? What new intentions have you set out for yourself for 2024?

We're busy preparing for the first show of the year at Argyle Fine Art- PRE-SHRUNK2024!  The show opens on Friday, January 26th, 7pm. Mark your calendars for one of the most fun art experiences where we showcase hundreds of works of art in all mediums, measuring just 4" x 5". If you are an artist, there may still be time to participate!  READ THE SUBMISSION DETAILS HERE and get in touch if you have any questions!

Pop by over the next few days if you'd like to pick up some items priced at 50% off...we've got some stickers, cards, soft sculptures and jewellery. We also have calendars like this popular Andrew Burke (aka StarshipsStarthere)

We have a few new paintings from our artists arriving too! This small work by Patrizia Berdkan is here and so wonderful and uplifting!

Patrizia Berdkan, Let's Close Our Eyes and Dream, 8"x8" Acrylic on Board

We have some WORKSHOPS planned for February and March that are great for almost any age and no experience is required! Better yet, we provide all the supplies! You can learn to paint with Jack Ross, needle felt a pizza with Emily Krueckl or lino cut and print a tote bag and more with Erin Hollingshead. CHECK OUT THE LISTINGS HERE and get in touch!