Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Summertime in the Light: 2 New Shows at the Gallery!

Sabine Kearns, So Happy Together, Acrylic on Canvas, 12"x48", $575

Looking for something to make you smile on a Summer day? You have come to the right place! Last week, Thursday July 21st, two all new shows opened up at Argyle Fine Art, and we are so excited to share them with you! If you can't make it to see the shows in person, take a moment to explore the work below and meet the artists!

"Catching Light" - Catherine Bagnell Styles

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Quince & Bottles, Oil on Panel Framed, 8"x10", $585

"Catching Light" is a new show featuring breathtaking still lifes, seascapes and landscapes by Catherine Bagnell Styles! It has been fascinating to see the development of Catherine's work over the years, and "Catching Light" shows the beautiful place Catherine's painting has reached at this moment. Catherine is a Halifax-based artist who loves colour, texture, character, and light in places, people, and her paintings. Her influences include impressionism, fauvism and a number of Canadian artists such as David Lacey, Rod Charlesworth, and Mike Svob.

Catherine Bagnell Styles and a friend at the opening reception!

Catherine paints in an ocean side studio in Ketch Harbour, and en plein air, especially when travelling. Her creative career began in marketing, communications, and advertising, with her focus being on story-telling and engagement. Artistic endeavours have always played an important part in her life!

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Ahhh, Hirtles, Oil on Board, 18"x24", $975

Story-telling has found itself into "Catching Light" especially! Take a peak at the painting below, "Papa's Teapot"...The pewter teapot was Catherine's grandfather's. He lived in a small outport on the southwest coast of Newfoundland, and had a schooner called the Rose and Blanche. The teapot has many dents and scratches and tales to be told, and is rumoured to be from one of his trips to St. Pierre et Miquelon!

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Papa's Teapot, Oil on Board, 12"x12", $625

"My paintings are impressionistic. I try to give enough information to suggest what's happening with the story on the canvas but invite the viewer to fill in the blanks and their own story to my story." - Catherine Bagnell Styles

Catherine Bagnell Styles, If You Can Dream It, Oil on Board, 18"x24", $975

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Smell the Lilacs, Oil on Panel Framed, 10"x10", $500

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Through the Glass, Oil on Board, 12"x16", $700

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Turning Tide, Oil on Board, 18"x24",  $975

See the full show here!

"Feels Like Summer" - Sabine Kearns

"Feels like Summer" is an all new show by Sabine Kearns, and it is even her first solo showcase ever! Please join us in congratulating Sabine on this exciting time! "Feels like Summer" features bright and colourful landscapes that are sure bring the warm feeling of the sunshine into any room. Sabine was born in South Africa, moved to Canada in 1997 with her family, and now calls Nova Scotia her home. She lives in the seaside community of Hunts Point where she works from her home studio and is inspired by the local land!

Sabine Kearns, Among Friends, Acrylic on Canvas, 12"x12", $325

Ever since Sabine was a young child, she enjoyed drawing and making art. Apart from a few workshops, she is a self-taught artist, and enjoys painting in acrylics using bold, vibrant colours and clean lines. "Feels Like Summer" highlights this unique style of Sabine's, especially in the playful flowers dancing together, and beautiful patchwork quilt patterns.

Sabine Kearns at the opening reception!

Sabine loves nature, and one of her favourite pastimes is to find inspiration in beautiful hidden coves and white sand beaches, wildflowers, and old barns or craggy cliffs and sheltered harbours. However, her paintings are a mix of both inspiration from what she sees and her mesmerizing imagination!

Sabine Kearns, Softly Summer, Acrylic on Canvas, 12"x12", $325

"My art is happy art and reflects my peaceful life. It's a privilege to create something that brings joy to others and I hope that through my art I can make someone smile and maybe help make the world a little brighter." - Sabine Kearns

Sabine Kearns, Meet Me at the Beach, Acrylic on Canvas, 36"x36", $1250

Sabine Kearns, Penelope, Acrylic on Canvas, 5"x7", $175

Sabine Kearns, Stay a While, Acrylic on Canvas, 20"x40", $985

Sabine Kearns, Summer Dance, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x24", $575

See the full show here!

Thank you for joining us for these two new shows that capture the heart of Summer! If you can make it to the gallery to see these in person, we would love to see you! The shows will be up until August 12th!

Thursday, July 6, 2023

COMING ATTRACTIONS - Call for Submissions



We are so excited to announce an ALL NEW show coming up at Argyle Fine Art! We are bringing the magic of the movies to your eyes and hands...with posters!

The Golden Age of movie poster design is considered to be from 1920-1950. A time of much inventive design. Fast forward 100 years later to 2023, and film is very much alive! This show is meant to celebrate the many forms of art that come together in the making of movies and their posters. 

We are asking folks to submit 1 movie poster design for a movie from their imagination! Due to copyright concerns, we ask that you do not simply create your own version of a film poster that already exists. However, if you have a favourite beloved flick that you are itching to re-imagine, we are open to spoofs. For example, if you are a fan of both Star Wars and automobiles, try your hand at a "Car Wars" poster! This is an opportunity to design the movie you have always wanted to see!

Submission Guidelines:

There are a few details to check before you get down to creating! It would be a shame to put your heart into your work, only for it to be a different format from the show, so make sure to keep this list handy!

-The show opens September 13th, and will be up at the Oxford Garrison Taproom (6418 Quinpool Road) until October 14th

-All submissions are DUE SATURDAY, AUGUST 19TH AT MIDNIGHT (so there is enough time to print and prepare the show!)

-You DO NOT need to print your physical poster until after it is accepted! Just e-mail us a picture of your completed design and tell us about it at argylefinearthalifax@gmail.com

-We ask that you use wetransfer.com to send us your photos (this is a free website that makes sure files stay clear through different devices)

-Send files preferrably in a JPEG format, but PDF will also work, with minimum 300 dpi

-Poster designs MUST be for size 11"x17" paper

-UNFRAMED / no sleeves needed either

-We will send more details on printing AFTER the submissions are accepted. We will highly recommend that you use KKP (Kwik Kopy Design & Print Centre), as this is the best way to guarantee consistency among the show; on 80 lb uncoated paper

-We will ask you to print 10 copies of your design, and the cost upfront for the printing will be around $21

-The posters will be sold for $35, on a 50/50 consignment partnership with the gallery

-Please hand write your name on the back of your posters after they are printed

-Have fun, make mistakes, get messy!

Please get in touch with any questions!

Check out a sneak peak below of an example poster for the upcoming show by Alice Woodbury, "Lighthouses of Horror"!