Thursday, March 21, 2024

Emerging Artists IGNITE!

 Stop by the gallery by this Saturday to catch the end of our emerging artist show IGNITE

IGNITE features six emerging artists we met in this years PreShrunk show. All six artists are new to our gallery and we were very excited to invite them back for another exhibit to showcase their work. 

See some their works and information about each artist below. 


Ashley is a Halifax-based artist and graduate of NSCAD University known for her realistic drawings. Having built a career on designing brand experiences, she has always worked within the details. In 2023, she revisited an art practice after many years away. Ashley now finds both inspiration and balance in capturing the finer details of a moment in time. Using a mixture of charcoal, graphite, and carbon, her drawings explore themes of nostalgia and mindfulness by celebrating the simple beauty in the everyday.

Ashley Delaney, Rabbit Hole, 10"x10", Charcoal and Graphite on Paper

Ashley Delaney, Into The Wild, 10"x10", Charcoal and Graphite on Paper


Belle DeMont is an interdisciplinary artist based in Halifax, NS. She graduated from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and went on to Concordia to explore digital art. Belle wrote the children’s book “I Love my Purse” and illustrated the children’s book “Little Tree By the Sea”. Belle recently graduated from MSVU with a specialized Visual Arts Education degree. Her work includes children’s book illustrations, charcoal portraiture, contemporary landscape paintings and traditional figure paintings. Belle is currently working on combining storytelling with traditional landscapes of rural Nova Scotia.

Belle DeMont, Cherry Sky, Acrylic on Canvas, 15"x30"

Belle DuMont, Baby Blue, Acrylic on Canvas, 6"x6"


Willow Glufka Canadian Landscape Artist 

“I want to paint all of Canada, to celebrate the diversity and wonder of all our landscapes. With explorations in colour, I hope to give viewers a curiosity, a sense of wonder and ultimately an appreciation of nature” 

Willow Glufka is a fine artist based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Inspired by nature, she works in acrylic to create bright, bold and textured landscapes. With aims to celebrate all of Canada, Willow hopes to capture the uniqueness of each province and territory. 

Willow Glufka, Frozen Highlands,  5"x7", Acrylic on Board

Willow Glufka, For Lee, 11"x12", Acrylic on Canvas


Lem Lian is a multi-award-winning visual artist who is initially from China, now Nova Scotia-based. Lem’s work is inspired by her life of peregrination and multiple attendant cultures. Her subject matter tends to be fragmented passages of the in-between spaces of transient, bittersweet episodes. Lem paints in a narrative poem language, aiming to diversify the cognizance of impermanence. Her art explores the connection between the ephemeral world and everything subliminal, forgotten, and repressed in an individual's life.

Lem Lian,  Intentionally or Unintentionally, 4"x9.5", Ink on Paper

Lem Lian, Serendipity, 10"x10", Ink on Paper


Hi, my name is Zach Spears. I'm an artist / bartender from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I've been drawing since I was a kid, often pausing video games I was playing to draw the characters. I continued my love for art through my highschool years, painting portraits and things I found interesting. I loved street art and bold, neon colors. As I got older I found myself working in an office and using the coffee from my mug to paint on the printer paper. I enjoyed it a lot and painted with coffee for years, but then returned back to using acrylics and oils to help capture those bright neon signs and graffiti I loved so much in my youth. When I began pursuing my career as a bartender, I loved that I could curate delicious drinks for people and get creative with different ingredients, but it didn't leave me much time for painting. After some years away, I have picked it up again and started marring my two passions of art and bartending by painting bottles and other cocktail inspired imagery.

Zach Spears, All Equal Parts, 16"x20", Oil on Canvas

Zach Spears, Montenegro, 6"x12", Oil on Canvas


Ashley Verge, is a new and upcoming artist based in Bedford, Nova Scotia with a passion for creating oil paintings rich in texture with the use of palette knives. While she has no formal art training she has been practicing this technique for a few years now. She started out with a desire to create pieces that would enhance the decor of her home. Using oil paint with palette knives allows her to create movement and fluidity to her artwork, while building layer upon layer of paint. She finds her inspiration through vintage landscape prints and her love for the outdoors. Her work reflects her desire to capture the beauty of nature and its complexities onto the canvas.

Ashley Verge, Sail the Day Away, Oil on Board, 16"x20"

Ashley Verge, Midnight Blooms, Oil on Board, 12"x16"

See the entire online HERE

Friday, March 15, 2024

THE EYES OF MARCH: Kyle York and Other Eye Friends

 The EYES OF MARCH are upon us....and we've got EYES EYES EYES!   

Check out the recent hand-carved and hand-painted wood creations by emerging artist Kyle York. THE FULL GANG ARE HERE , with creative fun names! 

They are hanging out in person at the gallery,  in our gallery windows! POP BY FOR A LOOK and a SEE! Here are a few words from the artist, KYLE YORK about how he got started with this unique art form:

Two years ago I stumbled across a YouTube video of an introduction to wood carving and I thought I would give it a try, the first things I made were by no means works of art, but the joy I felt thru making that rough looking carving was second to none! I have always wanted to have a creative interest but was never overly exceptional at anything, but I knew this was a passion i wanted to see through. I got down the basics of carving and through lots of trial and error I also started understanding the painting process to get me to my style I have now. I plan to keep doing this until the day I can’t, and I love being able to show off the weird things I come up with from the classic art of wood carving.


Kyle York, Take Me Home, 14" height, Hand-Carved and Painted Wood 

Kyle York, Eye Eye Captain, 12", Hand-Carved and Painted Wood  

Group Shot of the Whole Gang

We also have a bunch of new FELTED EYES by Emily Krueckl in the window and ONLINE HERE! can download this drawing by Emily and COLOUR IT ! What a  FUN ACTIVITY FOR MARCH BREAK FOR ALL AGES!

 To DOWNLOAD the PDF below, simply CLICK HERE and print on your favourite paper! 


Annnnnnnnnnnd....we just so happen to have some NEW paintings by a NEW ARTIST, Lem Lian that are WIDE EYED and just seem to work well for such a day as the EYES OF MARCH!

See more of Lem's art HERE and in person as part of our IGNITE SHOW