Tuesday, March 31, 2015

EGGspecially for You!

We're starting to decorate our windows for Easter...which is fast approaching! We'll have our  annual cheneille chickies scattered throughout the gallery soon enough, along with eggs just in time for our Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. One lucky bunny will find an egg filled with a Gift Certificate inside for $50!  But more on that later...

Today we wanted to highlight a few little paintings that we think would make wonderful Easter gifts. All of these works measure 4" x 5" and are EGGspecially perfect for gift giving! What makes these little ones even better? They are TAX FREE until EASTER. Get Cracking! 

Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?
To get to Argyle Fine Art and buy Easter Gifts of course!

These Gals agree!  Art makes a lasting memory for a special occasion, like EASTER!  These little works of hens are by Shelley Mitchell

Eggs by George Spencer

Stunning hand-embroidered work by Catherine Otto really says so much about this season

Easter time wouldn't be complete without a pair of little sheep, don't you think? These are "carved" into the little wood piece- relief work at it's best by Cara and Max

Someday....soon....there will be flowers again in the Public Gardens, but until then console yourself with this painting by Paulette Melanson
Come see other small works at the gallery that we've hand selected just for you as well as Easter Cards and jewllery!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS: Art makes Home and Community Better

It's Saturday already and soon the end of March too- wow!  Tis the season to begin some Spring cleaning and freshening up around the home. You know what really makes a home a special place? ART!One of our favourite friends and customers knows this from personal experience. She describes what art means to her below:

"I’m creating the ambience necessary for the 4 R’s:  resting, relaxing, resiliency, and recharging.
I’ve always felt that the best way to support local artists in earning a living (so they can remain artists) and the art scene generally is to dig in your pocket.  Attending show openings and swinging by the gallery regularly keeps you in the loop about new works by familiar artists as well as emerging talent. "

Mary Garoutte and Caitlin McGuire's Halifax Scenes bring this corner to life with colour!
"Art is not “highbrow,” (i.e. just for the rich and snobby.It truly is for everyone, and people should seize on and buy art enthusiastically the same way they would buy a newly published book or freshly discovered clothing outfit. 

Artwork gives “added value” to the lives of buyer and artist alike, by enriching the buyer’s aesthetic sense and helping the artist to earn a living.  If we’re talking “investment” here, it is investing in artists and the arts—a couple of my artists are barely 21—just starting out."

A Michelle Saint-Onge Screenprinted limited edition brings a vintage flair to this bedroom

"My taste in art is steadily stretching beyond my comfort zone into the more whimsical and abstract.  I bought a couple of artworks in the last half-year precisely because they made me uncomfortable—in fact, irritated me.Our lives would be pretty grim, colourless, sterile, and utilitarian without art."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HOP to it! Easter time is coming soon!

It's really hard to believe that Easter time will soon be here for  many of us- with it bringing the hope for new life of trees and flowers and plants and animals!  Birds will be chirping and Bunnies will be a-hopping!  We're getting in the mood  with creative and unique cards by Jodie Hansen to celebrate the day.

We also have lots of new folk art bunnies and birds by Basil Doucette and jewellery by local artists, such as Jane Rovers that have just that perfect feel of Spring!

And if you are feeling as if you'd like to actually SOW SOME SEEDS, you can now do that by just dropping by our gallery, BUY a pot by Bethany Butterworth for $20 (small)  or $35( medium) and we'll provide the seeds and soil. We have peanut plants, and cat grass, microgreens and more!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Studio Saturdays: Studio MAKEOVER

Studio Saturdays time is here again already! Amazing how quickly a week can zip past, isn't it? Today we wanted to introduce you to an artist whom we'll be featuring at the gallery in May. His name is Gary Staple and he is a young incredibly talented artist whose medium is wood. Today, we thought we'd show you his studio....BEFORE- DURING and AFTER. Take a look!

Before Gary could really begin to get to work on his art, he needed to create a studio space for himself, beginning with a shed. This is what the "studio" looked like in the beginning.

As daunting as this task must have seemed, Gary carried on and before too long, it was starting to take shape....

And after much time and love and commitment.....a new studio space was born and the art making could begin. Just look at this gorgeous space to work in!  If this doesn't inspire you, I don't know what will!


Friday, March 20, 2015

Plants VS Robots: Gallery Take-Over!

Well, we've seen our fair share of SNOW here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. But thankfully, our streets and sidewalks near our gallery are clear and free of the white stuff  and it's easy to get around! So take a walk on the wild side, and COME OUTSIDE! There will be lots of fun to be had here at the gallery for the whole family plus a new body of work is now on display by artist Sarah Jones called PORT, which is a must see too!


Drop by any time Saturday and buy a little ceramic vessel created especially for this occasion by local artist Bethany Butterworth. We'll provide the seeds and soil throughout the afternoon . 

Then leave your newly planted seeds  with us in their pots for a few weeks and check- in on them in our windows as they grow and grow and grow! Whenever you'd like, you can take your new plant home with it's new ceramic pot too!

We even have PEANUT seeds....so excited to see things GROW! Your plants will literally become WORKS of ART.  


 Artist ED BEALS and WILLIAM RUDOLPH will be at Argyle Fine Art on  Saturday, March 21st, between 1-3pm.  Ed will be bringing an army of new Robots, in his latest creation MATCHBOTS game for you to buy and play, in addition to his popular FOLD-eds and William will be on-hand creating a work of art from old bike parts.

THE GAME MATCHBOTS is a super fun game created by Ed Beals,  that anyone can play- fun for ALL ages! The game packs only cost $20 each and will be for sale at the gallery that day. We'll have tables set up so you can try out the game before you buy!  Bring your friends and family! Let the tournaments begin!

FREE POSTERS for the first 20 purchasers of the game. 

Bicycle Lamp by William Rudolph

Monday, March 16, 2015

Studio Saturdays: Art Reflects Daily Life

Here's a STUDIO SATURDAY, but on a Monday.  Sorry a bout the delay- we blame the snow!

As we continue our STUDIO SATURDAY Series, we are delighted to say many of you are tuning in and reading about what art means to people.  Enjoy reading below and looking!

We'd like to introduce you to Maureen. Maureen loves living near the water, as many of us Atlantic Canadians do!  She is often drawn to works that remind her of a special place that  she has been or experiences she wants to share with others through the art. Therefore, the art Maureen purchases is a direct reflection of what she likes to have around her in her daily life.

She's enjoyed meeting some of the artists who have created the works that hang in her home too, because indeed they also share in her love of nature. It's really about connecting with a work of art- but ultimately you are connecting with the artist. You never really know when the next work of art may find you either. It's all about looking, but sometimes works just speak to you right away, as was the case with a work of art by Mark Brennan called " Saguenay River" which she bought as soon as she saw it in the window of Argyle Fine Art.
Looking at art has changed the way Maureen sees.  Art is really everywhere and she explains:
" When I see a certain skyline, I think of Gordon MacDonald, when I see a wooded forest, I think of Mark Brennan, when I see a maritime scene or a dory at rest, I think of Shelley Mitchell, when I see a running brook I think of Sarah Jane Conklin.  These artists have made me enjoy color, texture and light in new ways."

Special THANKS to Maureen for her words and taking the time to answer our questions about her love of art. Also thanks to  her and the many others out there, for your continued support of local artists and our gallery. We sincerely appreciate the art appreciators!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


We've heard your calls for more work by Sarah, and we're responding in kind with a full solo show! Opening THIS SATURDAY FROM 2:30 - 4:30 is PORT by Sarah Jones, featuring 21 brand new paintings by this incredible emerging talent. PORT draws attention to the beauty of our local harbour scenes and ship laden waterfronts with her particular brand of abstract painting. 
 Sarah has already caught the attention of many art lovers through the small sampling of work she's exhibited here at the gallery, and it's our hope that you'll feel equally as excited when you see these pieces for yourselves! Stop in on Saturday and say hi to the artist, and browse through the new collection!!   

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Six New Works by Mark Brennan

Hello and Happy Tuesday to you all!  We've got some good news...we'll soon be receiving these works by Mark Brennan in the mail. These works are some of the most vibrant works to date, as Mark has switched up his paint palette a bit. I think he, like most of us, need a little more colour in our lives in these last days of winter.

Each work will measures 8" x 10". Oil on board, and is framed in a simple mahogany wood coloured frame, and are $420 each.

If you are interested in any of these works,do get in touch with us asap by emailing gallery@argylefa.com or callus directly at 902-425-9456, as Mark's prices will be increasing in April. But more importantly, because these pieces are amazing!




Saturday, March 7, 2015

Studio Saturdays with Sarah

We hope you've been enjoying our Studio Saturdays Series, here on our blog each Saturday. We've been enjoying learning about our artists and our collectors a bit more and why they love art! We thought we would ask one of our emerging artists Sarah Jones about what  it means to be an artist to her. To start with, we decided to have a glimpse inside her studio.(see below)  Her pup PIP is always near by to keep her company.

 Sarah Jones is an emerging visual artist based in the gritty port city of Saint John, NB. With a life-long interest in visual culture, Sarah received a Master of Arts degree in Art History from Queen’s University in 2009. She now lectures occasionally and pursues her own visual art practice.Her work and research have received numerous grants, citations and awards, and her visual art projects have been exhibited nationally and internationally, across Canada and in France.

We asked Sarah about what it meant to her to be an artist:

This might sound ridiculous, but this is the most challenging career/project I can think of...and I like difficult things. Communicating with a visual language is technically and conceptually tough stuff. So is being an entrepreneur (which comes with the territory of pursuing art on a full-time basis). So it's a time- and all-thought-consuming slog full of paint fumes, but the reward at the end of a well-executed piece or exhibition is really powerful.
Plus I like to wear elastic-waisted pants. I could never work in an office. I get to wear paint-smeared elastic-waisted pants every day. That's a big motivator to keep this studio thing going.  
Sarah’s landscape work is based on urban and industrial spaces, drawing inspiration from the East Coast port cities of Saint John and Halifax.  We're excited to announce her show of new works, PORT is coming to Argyle Fine Art, opening on SATURDAY, MARCH 14th, 2:30-4:30pm reception.  All are welcomed.

Below find a few sneak peeks into the work expected for the show!
Halifax, 8" x 10", Oil on Canvas, Sarah Jones

Halifax Harbour, 30" x 48", Oil on Canvas, Sarah Jones

Friday, March 6, 2015

Save the TAX this Saturday with a Food donation for the Cats and Dogs!

It's Friday. It's SUNNY!  Celebrate the beginning of March by dropping by Argyle Fine Art!

We've got lots of great works on display, such as our annual Cat Person. Dog Person show. Tomorrow ONLY, Saturday March 7th, you can SAVE THE TAX (doesn't that sound great!!) . All we ask is that you bring us a food or toy donation for a cat or dog...then we can donate our collection of goodies to cats and pups who need it via local rescue groups.   The cats and dogs THANK YOU, and so do we!

"Melvin" by Mirco Chen
 While here, why not sign up yourself or your family for some of our exciting and fun activities planned for MARCH BREAK!  We've got the game MATCHBOTS by Ed Beals now in stock! Pick yours up this weekend and get familiar with this faboulous locally created game($20). The first 20 buyers will receive this fabulous poster too!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Cats MEOWed...The Dogs YELPed with Delight!

That's right folks! We did it again this year...we hosted a very happy and well attended opening reception for the CAT PERSON. DOG PERSON show which just launched this past Saturday at the gallery. Despite the weather these days, we are happy to report it was a full gallery and lots and lots of dogs attended too! Don't worry...the show continues until March 11th, so bring the pup by to say hi anytime!

Just take a look at some of the amazing work in the show below . See the Entire SHOW, artists names and details on works online  by clicking  HERE.

Special thanks to PLANET PAWS for donating some wonderful prizes for a few lucky dogs and cats and THREE DOG BAKERY for their delicious contribution of Pup Cakes (which more than one human almost ate by mistake!)

nom nom nom....

We were also lucky to have a very young artist at gallery, who decided he wanted to help out rescued cats and the people that rescue them, with some artwork by him, for $35 each. There are still FOUR amazing works for sale by Hunter, the young artist. Come take a peek!All the proceeds go to the Halifax Cat Rescue Society who were on hand that afternoon as well.

Hunter - a young artist of only 6 years old. Giving back to his community- inspiring!

We also had on- the -spot original drawings available of people's dogs for $25 by artist Lindsay Hicks.

**BUT we don't want to leave the dogs and cats out that couldn't attend, so if you'd like your pet's portrait drawn, just get in touch with us and we'll make that happen. They make such great gifts to keep and cherish for years to come.The artist will simply need a picture of your pet to work from**
And of course...the art...the glorious art inspired by cats and dogs is amazing and sure to bring a smile to old and young alike. There are paintings, sculpture, jewellery, paper dolls ceramics and more! CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE SHOW ONLINE anytime and in person until March 11th. 

SHOW ONLINE LINK:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/62710153@N03/sets/72157650731664499/