Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Argyle Fine Art | Dog Friendly Halifax


What fun this session was!

I was asked to photograph a gorgeous Samoyed inside an art gallery in Halifax - how cool is that??
Adriana, the owner of Argyle Fine Art will be hosting an event at the gallery just for Samoyeds, so it was a perfect opportunity to create some promotional images for the gallery while also featuring another dog friendly business here on the blog! I’ve done a number of these sessions in dog friendly businesses over the last few years, so definitely check out some previous blog to find other awesome businesses to visit with your pups!

I’ve been following (and adoring) Inu for quite a while on her Instagram account, and I asked her mum if she’d be interested in modeling for me.
Inu said yes ;)
It was a VERY chilly morning, but the gallery was so nice and warm. Inu was an absolutely fabulous model, and happy to sit and smile wherever we asked her to! She’s obviously got lots of practice as an Instagram pup. We explored all corners of the gallery and I even created some images while standing outside and looking through the window at her.
Take a look at some of my favourites below - can you see why I’m so smitten with this fluffy cutie?

Make sure to find Argyle Fine Art and Inu the Samoyed on social media so you can keep up with them both! What is your favourite dog friendly business in Halifax??

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Give ART this Valentine's Day: Art Lasts Forever

Well it's almost that time of year again...Valentine's Day! In case you are still looking for some gift ideas, we've got you covered.Show a special someone or friend how much you care with lots of love, and maybe some art this year! This adorable felted mouse is ready to give someone a hug!

We always have a variety of cards, jewellery, prints and more that are affordable, unique and by local artists too! Check out this neat, upcycled way of giving the gift of flowers we've put together that is unique, earth friendly and just in time for VALENTINE'S DAY....take a read!

Once upon a time there was a fence. It was a very good fence doing fencey-like things, but one day it was time for the fence to retire.

What would become of the fence?!? "Wood" it become firewood or be left to decay....noooooo!

Or would it become ART! Yes! It became these ZERO WASTE beautiful floral vase wall holders made by Rachel Reeve shown below. Each one is handmade and different from the next, fashioned with an up-cycled test-tube vase and ready to hang on any wall with cut flowers, herb sprigs...whatever you like!

For just $50 you can pick up one of these beauties from us beginning Thursday, February 13th! We have a limited supply so if you'd like to secure one call us asap to put one aside for you! It includes packing and an enclosure card. We are filling each of these little vases with flowers and greenery from our neighbours down the street, The Flower Shop. 

Then after Valentine's day, use the the wall hanging all year long! It would be lovely to include in your outside garden or patio to display freshly cut garden flowers, at the office or  later in the year too at Christmas time, with sprigs of holly and red berries. 

Art gifts just keep giving and giving all year long! 
RJ Marchand, Acrylic on board, 4" x 5"
With our Pre-Shrunk show still in full swing, we have also put together a few great gift options below but to see more simply click HERE. Each of the works shown measure 4" x 5" and are $175  by a variety of artists. 

For your Queen or King of Hearts...these ceramic works are by Trevor Novak

For the real love birds out there, why not pick up PICKLE by Rachel Ogden. Such a pretty birdy!
Or this blue beauty by Heidi Holloway
Of course, with all these birds we couldn't not include a bee, like this beeee-autiful bee by Marian Mazerall
Perhaps you are planning a special meal out...this painting by Jan Daivson is of a date-night favourite in Halifax
You will never have to water these flowers by Raquel Roth...such beautiful colours and texture on this one! Flowers are always a great choice, like the Poppies by Kelly Mitchemoore or the delicate blooms by Debbie Lamey- MacDonald  and Zan Ahoy (below)

Drop by soon and discover all of these and more! Happy art looking! 

Vanessa Cornell "Love Letters", 4" x 5". mixed media

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Treat Yourself to our Second Self Care Saturday

Keep the February "blahs" away with help from us!  We are hosting our second Self Care Saturday at the gallery this Saturday, February 8th from 1:30-3pm. All are invited to pop in throughout that time for some pampering and art therapy!

Last year was the first time we hosted this event, which began as a way to say thank you to our Pre-Shrunk artists for participating in the current show, but also to have an opportunity for the artist to meet one another and for YOU to meet them too.It proved so successful and fun so we are excited to do it again- with some new special guests too!

 If you have ever attended the opening reception for this annual Pre-Shrunk show, you would know it's just too packed with people to have too many real conversations and it's not always comfortable for anyone that dislikes crowds, so Saturday is laid back and casual!  You can always see the entire show online HERE

Drop by and learn about all the different processes the artists used to created these small 4" x 5" masterpieces while nibbling on some sweet treats from The Old Apothecary and try out the amazing natural skin products by Duckish- an amazing local company doing amazing things!  They will have samples on hand, but you can purchase products too. DeSerres will also be on hand giving out artful goodies as a thanks to our artists.

**In case you missed some of the media spots we were thankful have, we posted one of the segments here from GLOBAL NEWS! **

 Why not join our Facebook Page HERE or the EVENT PAGE FOR SATURDAY HERE  to follow along with the latest happenings!

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Pre-Shrunk 2020, a week in review!

Friday, January 24 marked the opening of Argyle Fine Art's 16th Annual Pre-Shrunk Exhibition!  This year's offering brought together 95 artists, with over 300 artworks represented.

We received works from a variety of mediums from Paintings and Drawings, to Textiles and Sculptural works.  Our opening reception was very well received, and we saw a full house for most of the evening.  Anyone wanting to actually see the show that night, will no doubt have to make arrangements to drop back again!

The exhibition continues to grow in popularity, and we saw a lot of new work from first time contributors, and gallery regulars.  We would like to extend a special thank you to all our Voucher Holders and all those who continue to show their support for our gallery through the purchase of these small works and by promoting the exhibition by word of mouth and online via social media.  

For friends, artists and patrons who are unable to visit the gallery in person;

The Pre-Shrunk Exhibition can be viewed on our Flickr page HERE

Included below are some snapshots of the events leading up to the show, as well as some installation views;

Pre-Shrunk 2020, Installation View

Pre-Shrunk 2020 Selected Works featuring Textile and Sculptural Art

After-Hours Pre-Shrunk Gallery Installation, 95 Artists represented,
with over 300 works of art!!!

Opening Night Reception for Pre-Shrunk 2020

Pre-Shrunk 2020 installation shot

Adriana and Pre-Shrunk artist Andrea Crouse on set for CTV Morning Live

Pre-Shrunk Artist Gerhardt Meintjes promoting the show on set with Global News

Pre-Shrunk Artist Anna Whalen, with "CTV Live at 5" film crew
in the gallery promoting the exhibition

Pre-Shrunk 2020, Installation View

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Buying ART has warming Effects

It's that time of year...the trees and lights are packed away for another year from the holidays. The coldness is setting in and you don't want to leave your home. We get it...we do!  But we miss you too, so we hope you'll try to get out more often this year and support local businesses this winter season.  

Put our up-coming PRE-SHRUNK2020 show on your list of things to do. It officially opens Friday, January 24th, 7pm-9pm but next Saturday would be the perfect time to visit the show too!  MAKE IT A DATE!

Argyle Fine Art turns 20 years old in 2020, so we'll be hosting special events and sales having to do with 20- such as our ongoing SALE of 20% or more on selected works until January 20th!

Here are some other works to browse through from the warmth of your home- get in touch via email (gallery@argylefa.com), phone (902-425-9456) or in person if any of these work are of interest to you and we'd gladly tell you  more about the artists as well as the pricing!


Gordon MacDonald

Alice MacLean
Alice MacLean

Barry Colpitts

Gordon MacDonald

Vaughn Gray
Kathy Richards

Kathy Richards

Kathy Richards

Cynthia Gass

Catherine Otto

Donald MacIntosh

Sharon Cave

Shelia Campbell

Gregg Tracey

Dave Johnson

Isobel Pineau

Gregg Tracey

Michael DeAdder

Dave LeRue

Craig Baltzer

Bryanna Chapeskie

Trevor Van den Eiynden

James Farrell

Angela Carlsen

Justin Lee

Michelle St-Onge