Thursday, February 28, 2013


Have you heard that Downtown Halifax has a pair of traveling Keytars?! These two beauties are making their rounds from business to business, and are perfect for posing with. Today Argyle Fine Art has the good fortune of having them on display, so that you can photograph yourselves with them, for a chance to WIN WRISTBANDS TO THIS YEARS EAST COAST MUSIC WEEK! simply tweet or instagram your photos with the hastag #DowntownECMW and guess what.. WERE OPEN UNTIL NINE TONIGHT!! (there may be a secret sale brewing in the lower gallery)

You'll be delighted to know that Adriana has brought special props for the occasion, including a hairy chested shirt, super curly wigs, and sparkly armbands!! Muahahaha!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Take a moment to stop in on your way home from work today - there's a brand new piece by Jennifer Harrison that has just arrived, and it's really something else! Measuring 48" x 60" this a a powerful painting, with a cheerful chorus of colourful houses. 

This picture doesn't do Jennifer's work any justice, and the sculptural component is quite lost in photograph... BUT! It does give you a glimpse at the charm that Jennifer's repeating housescape has. The painting is titled "Fifteen White Houses" ..It's a real beauty, isn't it?!    

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Cat Person's take on Cat Person:

We were greeted ever so pleasantly by Krista Spurr from the Bite-Sized Travel last week, and she seems to have taken an interest in our local artists - more specifically, our cat exhibition, Cat Person! She's an impressive individual who has the initiative to encourage others to get out, and visit their local shops and cultural offerings :) CLICK HERE to Read her post or visit this address:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Say "SO LONG" to Winter Blahs ...with Art, of course!

Well, it's starting to happen. The Winter blues are setting in for many of us. I've witnessed it first hand and with my own eyes as well, as people stroll through the gallery lately. But it's amazing what adding a new original artwork in your work or home  environment can do for your mood!

If you've been to Argyle Fine Art, you also know that we like to change things up around the gallery on a regular basis-which is a helpful hint on keeping things happy too! Here are some bright and hopeful paintings by two self taught artists, Stuart Melanson and Vaughn Gray.

To make things even brighter, we are offering a few special prices on these works until the end of this week (Saturday, February 23rd) . Remember, we have all of our current shows and past shows online for you to enjoy anytime, with lots of selection and priced for all to enjoy, at our website: 

Acrylic on Board, Stuart Melanson,  Original Price: $475  LIMITED TIME PRICE: $385

Sundown Sunflower, Acrylic on Canvas, Stuart Melanson, Original Price: $850, LIMITED TIME PRICE: $680
Top Heavy Sunflowers, Acrylic on Board, 8" x 10", Vaughn Gray, Original Price $375, Now $200
One Sunflower, Acrylic on Board, 8" x 10", Vaughn Gray Original Price: $375, NOW: $200

Cape Breton Wild Flowers, Acrylic on Board, 8" x 10", Vaughn Gray Original Price:$375, NOW $200
Three Churches; Mahone Bay, Acrylic on Board, 8" x 10", Vaughn Gray Original Price: $375 NOW: $200

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yup. This is actually happening. Right now.
Cats cats cats are abound throughout the gallery, quelling notions that our beloved felines should not be the subject in fine art. This latest exhibition titled Cat Person will be on display until March 12th, but if I can make a suggestion, I'd recommend that you get your cute little behinds in here quickly, to CATch the show in it's entirety!

Here's a sampling of what to expect:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NEW ARTIST: May we introduce Kim Naumann

From time to time, Argyle Fine Art stumbles upon an artist that we just can't resist. Kim Naumann is one such artist. We met her in January, throughout the famous "Pre-Shrunk" show and asked to see other works which she gladly shared. She calls herself a  a contemporary folk artist and resides in the very lovely Prince Edward Island, Canada.

 We are delighted to share these latest works with you at this link:  and at the gallery in person. Kim also participated in our current show, "Cat Person", which just opened on Friday. You can see that entire show at

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thank you for making the CAT PERSON show a Success...and it's only the Beginning!

A Great BIG Thank you to all the artists and cat persons who came out to our CAT PERSON show opening reception last night! It was a wonderful beginning to a great show, that you can now see online at  Once at our website, simply click on the link titled "Cat Person"

At the reception and throughout the afternoon at the gallery today, we entered people's names with a donation,  to win this wonderful sweater. This playful cat on the sweater was needle felted with actual cat fur by Emily McEwan-Fujita, complete with a red bow and bell, and the name "Grumpy Cat" in Japanese. Simply amazing. Thanks Emily!

We are happy to announce that this sweater will now live in the same household as Tuxedo Stan- a very famous cat living in Halifax, that was even in the running for Halifax Mayor this past year! His parents were the lucky winners!

We asked people attending the opening to bring a tin of cat food with them or some "cat crunchies" and we are happy to announce we collected a lot of food which we will be donating to the Halifax Cat Rescue Society later on this week as well!

Here's a great article on the show- Please do come by next week to see these amazing works in person! :

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dreamboats.....Happy Valentines Everyone!

Whether you are in a relationship or not, we would like to wish you a great day!  Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and friendship afterall!  We've had a great day at the gallery, putting the finishing touches on the CAT PERSON show, opening tomorrow evening beginning at 7pm. We'll be ready to share those lovelies with you all soon....but in the meantime, enjoy this lovely Dreamboat by Becky Thompson...perhaps the best way to say you care....

Some people get flowers. Others received chocolates or diamonds. We prefer you say it with art....and boats. :-)

This Papermache boat by Becky Thompson, can sit or hang in your home...Happy Sailing!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chatty Catty, Cat Interview : HELLO ELLIOT

Preparations for this Friday's Cat Show titled CAT PERSON are in full swing here at Argyle Fine Art. While we scramble around displaying works that feature CATS CATS CATS, have a sit and enjoy the following interview with Elliot the handsome, who's great pals with artist Paul Hammond:

Hello, Elliot. Could you tell us about yourself, and briefly introduce us to your 
human Dad?
Hello. I'm a 9 year old gentleman. I'm very quiet. I live with this guy who says his name is Paul [Hammond] but I have no way of verifying that. He's a nice guy and he draws weird things. We've been roommates since I was a baby. He says he makes posters and art, but I mostly see him watching tv. He really like science fiction.. it's embarrassing.

Are you a full time stay-at-home cat, or do you work part time outside of the home?
I work as a part-time surveyor for my buddy's property. I walk the grounds, inspect all the good spots, and keep all the other neighbourhood cats in line. I have an office in the backyard where I like to make my notes. It's a decommissioned dog house.

Have you been able to assist in your dad’s art making process? If so, do you feel that proper credit has been given to your contribution?
He doesn't usually credit me, but I do my best to sit on any piles of paper, or drawings that look important before they go wherever they're going. It's a small touch, but it makes a difference. Sometimes I chew the corners. I also ghost-write a lot of his comic strip. He'd never admit that though.

Have you ever purposefully shed your kitty hairs onto your dad’s artwork?
I'm a pretty heavy shedder, so I don't really have to try. If I'm near it, there's hair on it. It's something I take pride in.

What activity do you prefer? A. Cuddling with Dad B. Staring at the wall
I like that guy a lot, but I'm not really big on cuddling. I mean I enjoy a good petting as much as the next guy, but there's a time and a place, you know? Now, give me a nice wall, or a corner, or a pillow that I can stare at for a few hours.. That's nice.

What are your future goals? Aspirations?
I'd like to travel. My friend Uzi lives near Quinpool, which I think is in France. We used to be roommates.. I'd like to visit her there. I'm a bit of a bread connoisseur, so it would be right up my alley I think. My friend Scrappy and I keep talking about starting a book club. But I don't know.. it's hard to find the time.

Would you describe yourself as an attractive cat? Explain.
I get called handsome a lot. You tell me..

Any general life advice for us regular humans?
When you're shredding cheese for a pizza or something, it's really rude not to drop some on the floor for your friends. Also, if you didn't want me to walk onto your lap and stare in your face, you shouldn't have picked up a book and tried to read.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Take a moment for Calm in your day: Artist Mark Brennan

From time to time, we all need to take a moment and just relax.. Even if it's just for a few minutes, perhaps even at your desk.  This recent video by artist Mark Brennan may be the perfect thing for you to watch. Not only does he take you on a hike through the snow to one of his favourite places, but he takes you on a journey of him painting on-site.

He particularly loves painting in the Winter and the Fall. We are very excited to remind you that Mark Brennan is currently working towards a solo show for our gallery, which will launch in June. Many of the paintings will include Kejimkujik National Park in them.

We always have works by Mark Brennan at the gallery- so please drop by anytime to see the latest works arriving.  Below is one of our favourites, which  is still available for sale at the galllery and inspired by trips like the one he just took the other day, when creating this video for us.

Monday, February 11, 2013

GET your ORDERS in! Time is ticking away!

Valentine's Day is coming along, and NOW is the  time to order up a personalized ROBOT Valentine with a personalized HAND-DRAWN object of desire, by artist Ed Beals.

 You can see below that he recently even made a Valentine that was loved by a ROBOT too- who was visiting CTV Live (Halifax, NS)  the other day, when the hosts were talking about this great opportunity!

Perhaps your loved one loves ice cream?Perhaps they love coffee?Or PIE like this Robot in the above photo... Whatever your object of desire, Ed will draw it and help make this Valentine's day extra special for you and anyone special on your list!

Order your Valentine TODAY until February 12th via email at or call us directly at 902-425-9456 . Gallery robots will be happy to take your calls and orders! 

HERE is the FACEBOOK EVENT for this as well:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chatty Catty- Interview with Cats: Artist NICK BRUNT's Cat HENRY!

We'd like to introduce you to artist NICK BRUNT's CAT....Henry! We've been posting a few interviews with CATS...if you enjoy this one, make sure to scroll downwards in this blog to read the interview with Alley and Gonza and Potato! 

Remember, the "CAT PERSON" show opens on Friday, February 15th. Don't forget to bring a tin of cat food; it will be donated to the Halifax Rescue Cat Association. 
Henry...SEES in 3-D!

Hello, Henry! Hope you're enjoying the snow we've been having.  Could you tell us about yourself, and briefly introduce us to your human parents?

Hello my glorious public. My name is Henry Benry Chinaski and I am the proud owner of two human parents as well as two other cat brothers and sisters. I am a brooding intellect the likes of which this city has never seen.

Are you a full time stay-at-home cat, or do you work part time outside of the home?

I'm am a stay-at- home cat, by choice, of course. The one I call Dad helps me peak outside every once in awhile but the noises are too much for my satellite ears to listen to all at once, so I usually only make it a few feet from the door before retreating. Dad calls me "scaredy" but I'd like to think I'm too smart to be fooled by cat thieves hiding in the bushes.

Have you been able to assist in your dad’s art making process? If so, do you feel that proper credit has been given to your contribution?

Oh please. We both know that anything that humans has created that's worth it's salt has been inspired by my intrepid beauty. Dad told me once the way my fur lays inspired the way he draws grass and leaves and the kinetic nature in which small grouped objects behave. I'm a cat so I think that's ridiculous, but honestly he almost never lets me close enough to pose.

Have you ever purposefully shed your kitty hairs onto your dad’s artwork?

I like to be involved and since Dad likes to draw and paint while sitting on the floor, I tend to get my fur involved once he gets up for a stretch or to run to the bathroom. Ask him about the time I got red paint on my paws and walked across a spread of pieces Dad was working on. I hid for the rest of that evening. Plotting certain doom, of course.

What are some of your favourite at home activities?

I like to lounge in the window and make clicking noises at passer-by's. I recently acquired a brother and a sister so I've also been antagonizing them as much as possible. Asserting my kitty dominance has been priority  since I was torn from my home and relocated a few months ago.

We don't want to be the cause of any tension, but if you HAD to pick a favourite.. would it be Mom? or Dad?

This one is easy, I like my Dad. Mom is OK but tends to over snuggle where as Dad respects my noble demeanor. He also gives me extra treats when mom isn't around.

What are future goals? Aspirations?

Well after my feature in the Cat Person art show I plan to expand my modelling potential outside of Halifax. I'm a tuxedo cat much the likes of Stan but I feel my superior intelligence and ability to cough up hairballs almost on demand will give me an edge in the famous cat industry.

Would you describe yourself as an attractive cat? Explain.
Yes. and no. of course I won't explain.

Any general life advice for us regular humans?

Yes. You know how shredded cat food comes in a sort of gravy sauce? If humans would like to continue to live in peace I suggest they deliver an oil drum filled with that goopy wonderful liquid to me. Pacify my needs or gloom is sure to follow.

Henry hanging out at home with his dad, Nick Brunt. Nice shirts guys!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


What do ALL of these paintings have in common? THEY HAVE SNOW IN THEM and they  are TAX FREE for Today and Tomorrow only! (Feb. 9 & 10th) . 

Look for MORE with snow in them over at in our PRE-SHRUNK SHOW! 

We can take your order via simply emailing us at, however we are not at the gallery today, due to the snowstorm but technology saves the day today! Can't wait to hear from you! Hope you are staying warm and safe! 
Artist Lindsay Hicks
Artist Vaughn Gray

Artist Sharon Mark

Artist Dennis Reid

Artist Audrey Bunt

Artist Lindsay Hicks

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chatty Catty:Interview with Cats: MEET Alley and Gonzo!

You've probably heard the rumour ......Argyle Fine Art is gearing up for a show called "CAT Person" which will feature close to 30 selected artists from a variety of mediums. The show will open on Friday, February 15th at 7pm! 

We thought it may be fun to interview some of the CATS of the artists involved in this show!

So, we hope you enjoy this second interview with two cats...named Gonzo and Alley who live with participating artist Rita Van Tassel. Make sure to tune in again tomorrow afternoon, while snuggled inside during a blizzard to meet Henry...who lives with artist Nick Brunt!

Hi Alley! Hi Gonzo!! Could you tell us about yourself, and briefly introduce us to your human mom? 

Gonzo:  I'm the one with the big personality - I think my name says it all.

Alley:  You're an idiot.

Gonzo:  Hey!  I can't help the fact that I have a lot of energy.  Everything is just so                         interesting and the best way to learn about something new is to stick your entire face in it.  Except vacuums.  They're just scary.

Alley:  You're still an idiot.  I'm the big sister and also the sensible one. Our Mom is Rita Van Tassel.  She's a Visual Art teacher and also designs leather and  textile jewelry.  Photography and a bit of illustration are also areas she likes to play in.
Have you been able to assist in your mom's art making process? If so, do you feel that proper credit has been given to your contribution? 

Alley:  I admit, we both help out a lot.  My role is mostly close supervision and I feel it's             important to always be ready to offer encouragement when needed.  Usually walking  over and standing with my rear end in Mom's face gets her motivated to start moving  again.  Of course when she needs to take a break then I let her know by politely  draping my body across whatever she's working on and exposing my belly.  She gets the message.

Gonzo:  I chase erasers.
What are some of your favorite at home activities?

Gonzo:  Wrestling!  I love wrestling with feet!  Playing fetch, laser tag, chasing my sister,             carrying around art supplies and leaving them in unsuspecting places (Mom's favourite game) including bringing them to bed at night .  Did I mention that I chase erasers?

Alley:   I lounge.  Mom's lap is my own personal real estate.  Love being brushed, following             Mom everywhere, lounging in the studio, bedtime cuddles.

 We don't want to be the cause of any tension, but if you HAD to pick a favourite.. would it be playing with Mom? or staring at the wall?

Gonzo:  The two are same for us.  We talk to the walls just to mess with Mom.

Alley:  Hehehe.
Would you describe yourself as an attractive cat? Explain.

Alley:  I think so.  Mom says I'm very well-mannered.  I watch what I eat and as long as I still
            fit on Mom's lap then I'm doing alright.

Gonzo:  My vet did a double-take the first time she saw me.  I was mauled as a kitten so my ears are scarred up and a bit twisted.  The bones in my tail make a hooked curl kinda   like a pig's tail – it was a bit squishy in the womb.  But Mom says it makes me very distinctive and was exactly why she picked me to take home instead of all the other kitten fluff balls at the shelter.  Between my weirdo disposition and my looks I fit right into the artist lifestyle!
Any general life advice for us regular humans?

Alley:  Relax.  A nap or eight everyday can go a long way to improving your state of mind.

Gonzo:  Embrace your little oddities.  The traits that make you “weird” to the wrong people             are the traits that make you awesome to the right people.  And you should chase erasers.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

In her Own Words: Arist Melissa Townsend Talks about the OWL RELEASE

As many of you know, artist Melissa Townsend loves animals, especially owls. In her most recent show at Argyle Fine Art this Summer, her show sold out in a matter of days and she raised awareness and money rom the sale of one special piece of art for HOPE for WILDLIFE - (a volunteer and not-for profit facility that aids wildlife in times of need and then releases them back to the wild)  There is also a television show that showcases all the great things Hope for Wildlife does, and the show contacted Melissa and asked if they could document her preparing for her show as well as Melissa handing over the cheque to Hope. They decided that it would be fitting to include Melissa in an owl release.

Here is Melissa's account of that day in November, in her own words. Thank you for supporting local artists and Hope for Wildlife. Consider making a donation to them directly anytime- they are always looking for assistance, not only monetary, but volunteers, towels and other supplies listed on their website. 
The owl release!

When I was asked if I would like to be part of an owl release with Hope For Wildlife, my answer was YES!

Finally the release day arrived. I had been waiting for this day with great expectation. I was so excited to see a live owl fly off into healthy freedom. Hope arrived, we chatted and then it was time... 
  I was given the honour of opening the crate that the owl was kept safe in. I peeked in. At first all I saw was darkness and two huge bright yellow beautiful eyes! This wild owl was so close! It took a couple of minutes for anything to happen, but before I knew it, the owl was flying.

The release didn't entirely work out perfectly. There were about 15 pesky crows that harassed the owl. I guess it's a territorial thing. And in general, crows hate owls. At one point I was reminded of that scene in Alfred Hichcock's The Birds. Thankfully, it wasn't a big bloody mess and no animals died. The owl did fly very well, it was strong and looked good in the air. Despite my fears, Hope assured me that owls are totally capable of handling crows.
I have so much respect for Hope and the volunteers that help Hope for Wildlife day in and day out. My heart isn't strong enough to see the heartache that animals go through, so I'm glad I could help by giving a donation. On behalf of Argyle Fine Art and myself, it was an honour to pass Hope the cheque which raised over a thousand dollars. Hope let me know that the money would go towards food for the owls that come in to the centre. The day felt perfect and I know one thing... I want to be part of this again!

 Coincidentally, just as we were preparing this blog post, a client that had purchased DALE and MABEL from us earlier this summer, contacted us and asked us to find new homes for these two owls by Melissa.  Both works are 6" x 6", and are $375.  Get in touch if you are interested...we're sure they won't last long.
Dale   6" x 6", Oil on Board, Melissa Townsend  2012
Mabel   6" x 6", Oil on Board, Melissa Townsend  2012


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What is THAT in the air? It's love.

It's everywhere right now. 
Single folks, married folks, no matter your situation, 
there's no escaping the giant cloud of love coming towards us all.
Are you prepared?
Here are a few gallery gifts that might help you earn a high score over valentines day: 

 Romantic Peppers! Well.. at least I think they are romantic... 4" x 5" 
original oil painting by Brittney MacIssac priced at $175 

 Super Awesome heart lego bracelet by the newly 
halifamous artist duo: Emma and Liam Travers Only $25!!

 Love Birds!! Awwe.. smooching in front of Angela Carlsen's Blue Swallow Motel (4" x 5" and priced at $175!!) Birds are hand carved by Basil Doucette. $18 each :)

For the person on your list who's sporty, yet fashionable (I'm really reaching here..) there's Adam Gunn's original oil painting of a ball in a boot. I love this!!! It's a ball!! in a boot!!!  

And finally a (for now anyhow) there's our collection of cards by The Assembly of Text. This card comes with a great big pin! Perfect for wearing proudly over your heart. Oooor for giving. 

....And Don't forget our PERSONALIZED Cards by Ed Beals! Ed will draw your Valentine's "object of desire" inside the belly of his robot! Order yours today at 902-425-9456  Ed' cards will be featured on CTV LIVE- Morning Show here in Halifax on Friday morning..tune in to see a Valentine exchange!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chatty Catty: Inteview with a Cat Series- Meet POTATO!

Argyle Fine Art is gearing up for a show that we hope will ward off some Winter blahs!  We're doing a cat show....called "CAT Person" which will feature close to 30 selected artists from a variety of mediums. The show will open on Friday, February 15th at 7pm! From the work we have received thus far, we can honestly say the show will be just purrrrrrrrrrfect.

Cats inspire artists and many artists have cats living with them right now. We thought it may be fun to interview some of the CATS of the artists involved in this show!

So, we hope you enjoy this first interview with a cat, named POTATO. She lives with artist Bryanna Chapeskie, who will be one of the artists in our show  "CAT Person".  Make sure to tune in again on Friday, February 8th for another interview with some cats of artist Rita Van Tassel!


Hi Potato, could you tell us about yourself, and briefly introduce us to your human parents? 

HI! Well, to start I am a small black cat, female, I enjoy a little cat nip now and then. My parents are Bryanna and Shawn. Bryanna adopted me from a farm in Antigonish when I was just four weeks old! I lived with her and her roomies for a while until we moved into a new place with Shawn! That's when he became my human Dad!

Are you a full time stay-at-home cat, or do you work part time outside of the home?

I don't really like to do much at all. I decided that life is all about relaxing! Who needs work!? Who needs chasin' birds or eating grass!? Not me! I don't bother with those kinds of things. I just want to nap, and sometimes meditate.

Have you been able to contribute to your mom art making process? 
Well....I like to hang around her when she's making things sometimes....I can sense all of that creative energy stuff floating around the air, so I'll come by just to soak some of that up! If I had hands I would totally get into it! One time though, I stepped in some paint and walked all over the house with blue paints on my paws....I think the work was comparable to that of Yves Klein.....

Have you ever purposefully shed your kitty hairs onto your mom's artwork?
I did once but it was an accident I swear!!!

What are future goals? Aspirations?
I plan on keeping it simple. I aspire to be the most calm and collected being on earth!!! I want to win a prize for most studious napper (and best studio napper!)

What are your guilty pleasures?
I rarely feel guilty, BUT I know I'm not supposed to do certain things like nibble on plants (which I LOVE DOING!!!) so I guess that makes me feel sorta guilty...but only when I'm caught! If I do it in secrecy and no one is there to see then I feel great about it!!

What is your attitude towards having guests in the house?
Guests are ok! I like to keep to myself though, so I don't bother trying to entertain anyone who comes over. Mostly they are Shawn and Bryanna's friends anyways. One time there was a dog guest, and I really didn't get along with him. He was UGLY! So I hid.... (seriously I wasn't afraid..he was just sooo ugly and smelly I had to vamoose!)

What are some of your favorite at home activities?
Well....I'd probably have to saaay....NAP TIME! I also love to run out the front door whenever I can. It's a fun game I like to play. See what I do is, I run out there whenever I want a treat, and the only way Shawn or Bryanna can get me to come back in is by offering one to me! I've really got things worked our around here!! They fall for it every time!!! I love games that I can win!! And when the prize is food well, it just doesn't get any better than that when you're a cat!!

Would you describe yourself as an attractive cat? Explain.
I definitely have appeal! I don't get outside much for others to really have a chance to see me, but if I did I know they'd be saying "WHO IS THAT DARK HAIRED BEAUTY!!? I SIMPLY MUST KNOW!!!". Seriously I have the shiniest darkest fur around! I don't even have to do anything to keep it that way, it just looks good naturally! That's real beauty!!! 

Any general life advice for the cats who follow our blog?

Keep cool. Remind everyone around you not to get too worked up about the day to day. If you can remember to relax like all good cats should than you will live long and prosper!!! (yes...I watch start trek from time and again....NERDZ UNITE!)

Saturday, February 2, 2013


It's hard to believe that it's been one full week since the show PRE-SHRUNK opened and many wonderful works have left the building. However there are  many others we thought we'd shine a few spotlights on,  that you may have over-looked while browsing the show online ( It's easy to miss some- there are just so many wonderful pieces! 

We were very pleased to have artist Jono Doiron join the show again this year, with his unique way of seeing the world and popular culture.  This piece is called "Tattooed Pooh (Oh Bother)

Shelley Mitchell has used the PRE-SHRUNK show as a way to work on some studies for her upcoming show on May 10th. This little work is oil on board, and is called "Blue Punt"

We love discovering new artists during Pre-Shrunk, especially ceramic artists such as Shauna MacLeod. This work hangs on the wall and is so beautiful in person (but it's hard to capture in photos)  She called it "Cellular Discovery"

No show would be complete without Vaughn Gray- a self-taught artist who grew up in Yarmouth. Vaughn has several works in the Pre-Shrunk show, but we really love this one. It's called "Thinking about Christmas" as we assume he probably was when painting this beauty!

All works measure 4" x 5", and are $175. They are easy and affordable to ship as well!  So treat yourself or pick up a special gift for someone.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Send your Valentine a PERSONALIZED card by Ed Beals! Your wish is our COMMAND....beeeepp!

This something that will be remembered and unique for anyone you love and care about! 

Send your Valentine a Robot of Desire! Artist Ed Beals will personally draw in the tummy of his Robot...whatever you desire...for the person your desire...of what they love. 

Perhaps they love ice cream? (note: just as the sample image provided above) Perhaps they love coffee? Perhaps they love flying kites? Perhaps they play music? Perhaps they love horses or cats or flowers...ok. You get the drift!

Whatever you tell object of desire, Ed will draw it in the tummy of this robot and help make this Valentine's day extra special for you and anyone special on your list!

Order your Valentine TODAY at Argyle Fine Art until February 11th via email at or call us directly at 902-425-9456 . 
Gallery robots are standing by for your commands!