Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Warmer Weather Wish List

Is it snowing? Really? We hadn't noticed because we've been too busy thinking of all the things we're looking forward to once the warmer weather arrives. Join us in ignoring whatever is happening outside with our warmer weather wish list...

1. The return of street vendors and food trucks! Mmm tasty foods that you can enjoy outside.

Kim Danio, Nachos Food Cart, Reclaimed Shoe

Kim Danio, Gecko Bus, Reclaimed Shoe

2. Barbecues! Now let's be honest, we barbecue all year round here - but the return of barbecues where you're not freezing your fingers off is an extremely delightful thought!

Alex MacAskill, Eatin' Good, 18"x24", Woodcut Print

3. The beach! We can't wait to head back to the beach and listen to the ocean waves lap against the shore while we soak up some sun!

Katharine Burns, Low Sun, 6"x24", Oil on Canvas

Gordon MacDonald, 517, 4"x5", Oil on Copper

4. A stroll or some theatre at Point Pleasant Park! Such a lovely little escape from the city, no wonder our artists are often inspired by it!

Jan Davison, Point Pleasant #1, 12"x12", Acrylic on Board
Caitlin McGuire, Intermission on the Berm, 6"x8", Oil on Board

Caitlin McGuire, Park Place, 11"x14", Oil on Canvas

5. Roadtrips! Ah to be out on the open road having an adventure and discovering new places!

Angela Carlsen, California Motel, 24" x 36" Mixed Media on Aluminum

Angela Carlsen, Steam Heat, 11"x14", Mixed Media on Aluminum
Yoko White. Sambro Island Lighthouse, Hand Embroidered

6. Camping! We're excited to get out and pitch a tent at one of the many great parks or lakes this province has to offer!

Nick Brunt, The View from Here, 9"x12", Acrylic on Board

Nick Brunt, The Stills, 8"x10", Acrylic on Board     

Danny Abriel, Susie's Lake Patience, 18"x24", Acrylic on Canvas

Ahhhh. Feeling warmed up yet? We are! If not pop by the gallery and come enjoy some warm weather art to help you feel inspired!

Monday, March 20, 2017

In the Studio with Gordon MacDonald

Although the snow is still flying around, it's officially the first day of Spring today. Artist Gordon MacDonald is already preparing for his annual solo show at our gallery, opening in July.

People often don't consider how long it takes an artist to amass a show of paintings. But as you can see, Gordon has been getting a head start on what's sure to be another stunning exhibit of talent, persistence and dedication to his art.

Just a sample of a few things on the easel...most of these are works in progress...
Preparing cooper for his upcoming paintings in July
Lots of preparation goes into creating these cooper surfaces that eventually Gordon paints.
Drop by soon for  more updates and watch the process of creating the works!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Do you like butter, buttercup?

We've been thinking about Spring lately, even though there's still a few days left of Winter on the calendar and the wind still has quite a chill. Despite warnings of another storm in the air, there are so many signals that spring is making it's way back to us with birds chirping happily in the trees. (cue the lovely bird paintings of Danny Bilsborough below...tweet tweet sweet!)

 The ground is getting softer under our feet, the animals are getting "frisky", gardener friends are beginning their seedlings and social media is abuzz with blooming flowers beginning in other parts of Canada. (cue the adorable new batch of needlefelted animals by Dorothyanne Brown)

It also made us think of that popular game we'd play as children with a spring flower that many regard as a menace on their lawns: the buttercup.You simply hold a buttercup flower underneath your chin, and if your neck lights up yellow then it's conclusive, empirical proof that you like butter!
And then our train of thought went immediately to BUTTER! 

Good old Canadian butter is the best and artist Kim Floyd is back at painting some butter pop art style. Stirling Butter comes from Stirling, Ontario and they have some of the most colourful and typographically pleasing packaging! Just look how Kim captured it, in all it's deliciousness. 

Do you prefer Unsalted?

Stirling Unsalted, acrylic on board, 8" x 10", Kim Floyd, $375
Or do you prefer Salted?

Stirling Salted, acrylic on board, 8" x 10", Kim Floyd, $375

Make sure to drop by the gallery this March Break week with your family and friends if you are off. If you are working, never fear- give yourself a break with art over your lunch hour. We'll have lots of delicious paintings for you to enjoy and no shortage of SPRING inspiration! 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Home is Where the House Is: Craig Baltzer



We're excited to announce that artist Craig Baltzer is going to be in the gallery drawing and painting tomorrow -Saturday, March 11th so make sure to drop by and see art in the making. He'd love to paint or draw a special work just for you too!

If you have an idea for an artwork of your home or a special place in your city you love, bring your ideas or a picture along and we can arrange a commission starting at $50 and up. If you live at a distance, you can email your ideas or pictures and we'll help arrange an extra special work just for you. Personalized paintings make memorable gifts too!

Craig loves architecture especially, as you can probably tell from the latest works.

 Craig's love of art has been a lifelong love affair that began with photography. He has always loved to draw and sketch but most people have come to know him for his paintings at the gallery, until recently when he had an eureka moment!

 Craig has found a way to combine all these mediums into his recent body of works. Many begin as photos or sketches.Then Craig heads into the studio to continue sketching with ink on wood and most recently has added watercolour to the works. The results are stunning and are filled with subtle colours and texture using the grains of the wood to his advantage.

We still have some small works by Craig too, from our Pre-Shrunk show that celebrates small works measuring 4" x 5". They have an almost art deco approach to our ever changing city.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Looking for something fun to do with yourself, friends or family? Look no further! 

Join us at the gallery on Saturday, March 18th, 1pm-4pm  where you'll meet artists Stephanie Boutilier and printmaker and illustrator Alex MacAskill. Stephanie will be on hand with her very own POP UP store inside our gallery, with the latest in prints, cards, stickers and buttons! So many designs and funny punny things to choose from!

Alex will have a selection of prints available for sale. He will also be showing you how to print a 5" x 7" postcard with a "live interactive postcard demo" where you'll print your very own! We'll supply everything you need. No registration required and will be ongoing throughout the entire day!

WANT TO WIN $100 from Argyle Fine Art? Consider yourself a punny guy or gal? This fun game is just what the doctor ordered because laughter IS the best medicine ....after art of course. It's time for a PUN OFF!

  ****In support of the PUNNY nature of Stepahnie Boutilier's art, we're excited to announce we are going to host our very first PUN OFF!*** At 2pm-3pm we'll host our very first pun off which will happen in the gallery. Basically, we will have a series of topics that participants will use and compete against one another in pairs. The last person standing...wins a $100 Gift Certificate and a few extra surprises from us too! CALL/EMAIL TO REGISTER- Limited to 20 participants- all ages welcomed!

Saturday, March 4, 2017


A customer just told us she just heard someone say that today the temperature is actually colder in Nova Scotia than it is in Antarctica! WHAT!!!  At least when you visit the gallery this week or ONLINE HERE NOW  you can dive into the ocean or walk along the shore with a light breeze and the sunlight warming you all over thanks to the talent of Kimberley Eddy....ahhhhhh

Here are  few images of what the gallery looks like now, but be sure to drop by and experience the latest works by Kimberley Eddy in her first solo show at Argyle Fine Art called "Winter Escape". You really have to see these works in person to fully appreciate the multi-dimensional qualities of them. As you look into them you will see something different every moment.Amazing and perfect for this time of year, when we all need a lift!

Good news! They are affordably priced too and will make you so so happy.  The show continues until March 23rd, but visit early for a great selection!