Saturday, April 26, 2014


This news is still somewhat breaking, so you'll have to excuse our flailing excitement over our brand spanking new online SHOP! Of course, our ultimate goal has always been to make purchasing works from local artists as accessible as possible, so this is yet another step towards this objective.

You'll find that we'll be doing a lot of shop updates in the next wee while, as we increase our online catalogue of local artwork. There's still so much to be added! Do have a look around in the meantime though, I think you'll find something fun and affordable made just to your liking!

There's lots to browse through, so have a sit, and click through our different product categories ( like stationary, houseware, and of course, painting and sculpture!)

Friday, April 25, 2014

DOWNTOWN ARTWALK: Success in the Snow! (yes, snow!)

Well, our first DOWNTOWN ARTWALK happened last night here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a test project amoung a number of galleries to see if  this project  was worth repeating and growing- and it seems people enjoyed themselves and came out so we call that a success! We'd love to start talking to other galleries , partners and groups to build this UP and make it even more wonderful in the months ahead. Perhaps trying four walks a year ....we're starting to think and ideas are brewing.

The weather certainly didn't work in our favour last night, as at the strike of 6pm the snowflakes started falling out of the sky accompanied by their icy friends, hail. But apparently we have lots of die hard fans that braved the unseasonable temperatures and conditions and made it a great night for all- so imagine what it will be when the summer breeze and long fall golden evenings finally arrive!

Argyle Fine Art, Studio 21 and Zwicker's Gallery were the main organizing galleries for this first walk.
 “Despite the awful weather, we were delighted with the turn out and believe that future art walks are a worthwhile addition to Halifax’s arts and cultural events scene” , said Ian Muncaster of Zwicker's Gallery. 

Ian and guests discussing:     
Lucy Jarvis (1896-1985)
He Fishes, She Paints (Portrait of Mabel Killam Day & Frank Parker Day)
Polychrome painted door         
80” x 31”
Image provided by: Zwicker’s Gallery

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 1274 Hollis Gallery and Puffin Gallery also took part. Thanks goes out to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission  who were very helpful in sharing and supporting our project and our local artist and designer, Nick Brunt, who created our stunning logo for the event and was also an artist on hand throughout the evening at Argyle Fine Art!  

Artist Nick Brunt painting at Argyle Fine Art at the 1st Downtown Artwalk

Deborah Carver of Studio 21 commented, "Inside Studio 21 we were full of colour for the first Downtown Artwalk, even though it was a actually snowing outside! The work of Graham Metson and Michael Harrington was on exhibit -both have major punch. Thanks to all the intrepid visitors who got to the gallery.

Installation photo of Grahm Metson's exhibit at Studio 21
Stay tuned as we work towards making this a regular occurrence....

Thursday, April 24, 2014

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Grab your rain boots and rain coat! THE DOWNTOWN ARTWALK will go ON! 6-8pm

We're getting excited to greet you all at the first DOWNTOWN ARTWALK happening TONIGHT- 6-8pm!

Happening tonight at Argyle Fine Art, and other participating galleries (info here:

We'll be featuring LIVE PAINTING by Nick Brunt and showcasing lots of NEW PAINTINGS by him too...and at 20% off! We'll have warm beverages to keep you warm and more!

IN FACT, ALL ARTWORK will be 20% off tonight only, from 6-8pm! This applies to any of you living at a distance! Just call us or email us with your selections.

Pieces like the amazing Michelle St.-Onge...WOW!  Perfect gifts for yourself or someone moving to Halifax, or away! Graduation gifts and Wedding Gifts GALORE!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

THESE JUST IN: New works by Catherine Otto!!

These meticulously crafted pieces by Catherine Otto are catching the attention of many of you folks walking past our storefront this week. I'm not surprised either, Catherine's work is absolutely darling, and her attention to detail is impeccable. The buttons are hand stitched onto tea stained muslin, and finished in frames made from reclaimed antique molding. Have a look at the quality of embroidery too... pretty darn impressive, non?!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


RAIN or SHINE.....the first DOWNTOWN ARTWALK will get going with all of  YOUR help!

Please come outside for a few hours and visit some galleries. This month's participating galleries are Argyle Fine Art (we definitely want to see you!!) , Studio 21 and Zwicker's Gallery. 

This is a self-guided walk. But feel free to bike it, drive it or any other method that suits your fancy!

All the galleries will be open until 8pm and will be excited to greet you with their latest works by their gallery artists. For updated images and things you 'll find on your tour, head on over to the Facebook Page at  or find us on TWITTER (Downtown Artwalk @artwalkhalifax)

Monday, April 21, 2014

An EASTER SPECIAL HIGH NOON at NOON: Gordon MacDonald Was $3200 NOW $2200

As some of you are aware, usually in January and mid-Summer we highlight some wonderful works by our gallery artists that still remain unsold! These are always works the artist and we regard as important and beautiful pieces but they just haven't found the right homes.

We decided that we'd add an EXTRA one's SUNNY finally and it's EASTER and it actually feels like...gasp....SPRING!

So here you are...a HIGH NOON at NOON just for you...featuring a very special piece by Gordon MacDonald.This work dates back to 2010/ 2011 and is called "Chunnaic Mi Seol-mara", (I Saw the Tide) The work measures 36" x 60" and is Oil on Canvas.The work is unframed but on high profile canvas, so ready to hang as it is.

If you're a Gordon MacDonald fan, we don't have to tell you that Gordon's works are so much more beautiful in person than they can ever be represented online. Especially this work, as it changes dramatically in different lighting situations. This piece has gone through a few re-births since it first arrived at the gallery but all for the best! Gordon just can't seem to stop trying to improve himself and his works and it shows. This piece was displayed at the Halifax Mayor Mike Savage's office. This is one work worth purchasing even if you don't have room for it'll find the space. So dreamy!


 Until tomorrow at HIGH NOON this work are priced at $2200. After that time, it will all go back to it's  original price of $3200.

(FYI: Gordon's annual solo show this year at Argyle Fine Art will be held on August 15th- he's already getting excited to showcase some new directions while keeping to some of the old traditions we have all come to love as well)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

THESE JUST IN: New paintings by Melissa Townsend and Gordon MacDonald

Always happy to share the new pieces that come into the gallery over the week - Here are some stellar additions that will surely disappear quickly: 

4" x 5" by Melissa Townsend
4" x 5" by Melissa Townsend
4" x 5" by Melissa Townsend 
Distance- 6" x  8" oil on panel by Gordon MacDonald
Stewiacke- 6"x 8" oil on panel by Gordon MacDOnald
Eastern Passage 6" x  6" oil on panel by Gordon MacDonald
Driving Through Morning 10" by 10" oil on cradle board by Gordon MacDonald

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


If you haven't already heard, there's been quite a bit of pillow talk happening around the gallery these days..To be more specific, we've been talking about Tanya Owen's new series of hand painted pillows, featuring portraits of local television personalities. It's interesting how quickly these personalities become ingrained in our daily lives and local culture. Have a look through the link here, and see if you can name all the faces!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Breaking Pillow News Opens this Saturday, April 12th, 1:30-3:30pm

Argyle Fine Art is very excited to be presenting artist Tanya Owen and her limited edition of hand hand painted cushions, featuring some of our most beloved local celebrities from the local broadcasting team at CTV. JOIN US FOR THE OPENING RECEPTION on SATURDAY, APRIL 12th, 1:30-3:30pm.

As many Atlantic Canadians may remember, CTV used to be called ATV and was a main staple amoung many of us growing up with TV as a main source of news and entertainment. Whether it be a community news programs, such as LIVE AT 5-brought to popularity by the treasured local hero Dave Wright or the News currently with Bruce Frisko, the weather with Cindy Day or even beginning the holiday season with the Christmas Daddie's Telethon...we've been watching. 

Tanya's works celebrate these great folks, who are not only local celebrities but more importantly great citizens who love their community and give-back far beyond their jobs behind the desk or in-front of the camera. They have played an important role in making the watchers feel connected to their province and even towards them- even though many of us have never met them in person.

This show brings up interesting topics of how we view community, celebrity, the influence of media to our daily lives and more...ALL VERY SERIOUS topics of discussion but juxtaposed with being depicted on a functional work of art. in the form of portraits of these beloved individuals.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Gordon MacDonald's Latest Works: In his own Words

A very special show opened this week at the Nova Scotia Archives here in Halifax on Tuesday. The show is called "ACROSS THE SURFACE" with work by the PLANS founding artists(Professional Living Artists of Nova Scotia) and continues until April 30th.  Please do try to see the exhibition and let us know what you think of it all.If you are interested in any of these works, please do not hesitate to contact the gallery directly.

The show includes these two works by Gordon MacDonald. We asked Gordon to write a few words about each work. Here is what he said. 

 "Companion",  48" x 48", Oil on canvas.

 This work was intended to be only a landscape. I was interested in how a plane's contrails interact visually with stratus clouds. When the painting was done, it still seemed to need something else. When this happens, I usually stare at the painting for as long as it takes until that "something else" occurs to me. That didn't work. Then, without a second thought, I picked up a brush, took a sparse amount of paint and dragged it up the center. Then a second time.  It looked like two ghosts looking away from the viewer toward my focal point. After starting a landscape painting, a whole new narrative and direction got added after the fact. Not knowing why the two figures were there or what to call the painting, I continued to sit with it. Both in childhood and as an adult, I've often stood and stared at the sky. It finally occured to me a few days later: maybe they are both me and it's actually a self-portrait. Others have found different meaning  from this painting and I won't talk them out of it. In the end,  it's about the viewer and the painting; I'm no longer part of it.

 "The Woman from Everywhere" 16" x 20" , Oil on board
 An opportunity arose for me to do a narrative portrait, (rather than a depiction of a specific person).
 I started with a question.  If I had to describe a typical woman on the planet earth, what would she look like?

With all the unrealistic depictions we see, what would be "acceptable" as a possible representation? When we see those negative, unrealistic depictions of women we are never shown alternatives.   Nothing gets defined by negatives.   Just by painting a woman with dark/black hair, 90% of the women on the planet are included. (Ok, plenty have grey hair). So, I needed a model with black hair in her mid- 20's who I thought would represent my narrative. Someone I had met at NSCAD fit the scenario, and I knew she would understand and work with the idea. 

  For me, painting a person takes time. Not the rendering, that takes very little. It's the last 5 % that can take 90% of the time. It's staring, moving things by millimeters, editing out,changing light, simplifying things (hair is a mass, not strands). As it gets more and more subtle, it can turn into something I may not have conceived of originally. I'm fine with that as long as its better. At some point I no longer control the end result -- only whether some aspect is preventing the finish.

 Sure enough, the painting I was working on DID become something else. It occurred to me: it's not about my original narrative, but one about race, or in this case, a complete absence of race. As I worked on it, I realized her parents could be middle eastern, European,Indian, South American, Native American, African American/Japanese, Jewish, Swedish, Scottish,Ojibway, Mexican. The image that appeared, was of someone that could be from anywhere or The Woman From Everywhere.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HAVE A SPRING FLING with ART! Selected small works especially for you.

We've been going through our inventory of smaller works we've collected over the years. Below you will find a varied collection of small works, all measuring 4" x 5".  Some are works on paper, some are canvas and a few are also on board or metal.  They were all part of our PRE-SHRUNK show waaaaaaay back in 2012  and still haven't found a home! All the works are wonderful and we hope that some of them will find a home with YOU. 

The original price on all the works was $175, however in effort to find these little ones homes, we have reduced the prices as marked. Please take a close look at the 42 little works and see if you find one or two that speak to you or for a gift for someone special.

Work on Paper-Bryanna Chapeskie  $65
Work on Paper-Bryanna Chapeskie  $65
Work on Paper-Bryanna Chapeskie  $65
Work on Paper-Bryanna Chapeskie  $65
Work on Paper by Sara Burwash  $65
Acrylic on Canvas by Jenny Johnson  $85
Acrylic on Canvas by Jenny Johnson  $85
Acrylic on Canvas by Jenny Johnson  $85
Acrylic on Canvas by Jenny Johnson  $85
Oil on Board by Dennis Reid  $95
Oil on Board by Dennis Reid  $95
Oil on Board by Dennis Reid  $95
Oil on board by Mark Brennan (framed)  $125
Acrylic on Canvas by Kathy Richards  $95
Wood/Metal  by Ed Beals  $95
Watercolour and Ink  on Illustration Board by Pamela Marie Pierce $85

Watercolour and Ink  on Illustration Board by Pamela Marie Pierce $65

Watercolour and Ink  on Illustration Board by Pamela Marie Pierce $65

Watercolour and Ink  on Illustration Board by Pamela Marie Pierce $65
Acrylic on Board by Nick Brunt  $95

Oil on Canvas by Kimberly Cote Floyd  $95

Oil on Canvas by Kimberly Cote Floyd  $95

Oil on Canvas by Charlotte Marble  $95

Oil on Canvas by Charlotte Marble  $95

Oil on Board by Brianna Corr-Scott  $95

Oil on Board by Brianna Corr-Scott  $95

Oil on Board by Brianna Corr-Scott  $95

Mixed Media  by Kit Clarke  $95

Acrylic on Board by Stuart Melanson  $95

Acrylic on Board by Nick Brunt  $95

Mixed Media on Canvas Board by Benjamin Allain  $65

Mixed Media on Canvas Board by Benjamin Allain  $65

Mixed Media on Canvas Board by Benjamin Allain  $65

Acrylic on Canvas by Justin Lee  $50

Acrylic on Canvas by Vaughn Gray  $95
Watercolour and Ink  on Illustration Board by Pamela Marie Pierce $65