Friday, April 25, 2014

DOWNTOWN ARTWALK: Success in the Snow! (yes, snow!)

Well, our first DOWNTOWN ARTWALK happened last night here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was a test project amoung a number of galleries to see if  this project  was worth repeating and growing- and it seems people enjoyed themselves and came out so we call that a success! We'd love to start talking to other galleries , partners and groups to build this UP and make it even more wonderful in the months ahead. Perhaps trying four walks a year ....we're starting to think and ideas are brewing.

The weather certainly didn't work in our favour last night, as at the strike of 6pm the snowflakes started falling out of the sky accompanied by their icy friends, hail. But apparently we have lots of die hard fans that braved the unseasonable temperatures and conditions and made it a great night for all- so imagine what it will be when the summer breeze and long fall golden evenings finally arrive!

Argyle Fine Art, Studio 21 and Zwicker's Gallery were the main organizing galleries for this first walk.
 “Despite the awful weather, we were delighted with the turn out and believe that future art walks are a worthwhile addition to Halifax’s arts and cultural events scene” , said Ian Muncaster of Zwicker's Gallery. 

Ian and guests discussing:     
Lucy Jarvis (1896-1985)
He Fishes, She Paints (Portrait of Mabel Killam Day & Frank Parker Day)
Polychrome painted door         
80” x 31”
Image provided by: Zwicker’s Gallery

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 1274 Hollis Gallery and Puffin Gallery also took part. Thanks goes out to the Downtown Halifax Business Commission  who were very helpful in sharing and supporting our project and our local artist and designer, Nick Brunt, who created our stunning logo for the event and was also an artist on hand throughout the evening at Argyle Fine Art!  

Artist Nick Brunt painting at Argyle Fine Art at the 1st Downtown Artwalk

Deborah Carver of Studio 21 commented, "Inside Studio 21 we were full of colour for the first Downtown Artwalk, even though it was a actually snowing outside! The work of Graham Metson and Michael Harrington was on exhibit -both have major punch. Thanks to all the intrepid visitors who got to the gallery.

Installation photo of Grahm Metson's exhibit at Studio 21
Stay tuned as we work towards making this a regular occurrence....