Wednesday, March 23, 2022


On today's blog post we wanted to feature emerging artist Annie Murray, whose amazing NEW paintings are currently on view! This is Annie's first solo show, and the first time we've shown her larger work at the gallery.  Annie was first introduced to us during this year's PreShrunk Exhibition.

Annie Murray is a Halifax based oil painter quickly emerging onto the Nova Scotian art scene. Born in 1994 on a dairy farm in rural Ontario, Murray has been inspired to express herself through painting from a very early age. 


While studying drawing and painting at OCADU in Toronto, Murray realized her path as an artist benefited more from technical based teaching than the conceptual approach taken by the university.

Artist Annie Murray posing with her artwork at her Opening Reception,
Argyle Fine Art, Saturday, March 19.
Murray went on to study under Japanese-Canadian Painter Keita Morimoto, whose nod to Dutch masters and baroque techniques heavily influenced her approach to painting the figure today. 

Annie Murray, "July", 10" x 8", oil on board
Murray pulls much of her artistic influences from contemporary painters living and working today, such as Jen Mann, Peter Doig and Justin Mortimer. 

Annie Murray, Something About the Sun, 8" x 8", oil on board
Moving to Halifax Nova Scotia in 2018, Murray began to seriously pursue an artistic career during the onset of Covid-19 lock downs. She has since sold work through digital platforms to private collectors in North American, Australia and Europe. 

Installation View, New Works by Annie Murray
Murray creates figurative based paintings that explore the subconscious, beauty and our associations to colour. Murray’s use of collage within her art practice makes her work strikingly unique. The juxtaposition between immaculately rendered portraits and flat planes of colour create complex and mysterious narratives, pushing her work into an abstracted realm.

Annie Murray, "Summer Peony", 8" x 8", oil on board

Fascinated with the nuances of human expression, Murray has a skill for capturing intimate moments. She often conveys intricate expressions of sadness, power, or bliss within her works, which appear strikingly against her use of vibrant colour. 

Annie Murray, Yellow Suede, 8" x 8", oil on board

Be sure to drop by the gallery this week to see the artwork in person!

You can also view the full collection of Annie's paintings online HERE

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Monday, March 14, 2022

Take a "March Art-Break" and Enjoy Local Art!

With March Break upon us, we wanted to share some delightful goodies to keep you entertained! If you're downtown, be sure to drop by the gallery to enjoy the art, and treat yourself to something special.  Most of our gift items are handmade or produced by local artists. Each purchase supports a local business, and a wider community of artists!  Lets take a look to see what's in-store...

We always get a kick out of these Scrabble Tile Pins...

Scrabble Tile Pins!

You'll always enjoy returning to your favourite books with these bookmarks by Jodie Hansen!

Jodie Hansen, Assorted Bookmarks

HOLD THE PHONE!  DON'T MISS- THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 19th, pop by the gallery between 2:30-4pm to meet ANNIE MURRAY at her first gallery showing!  Such an exciting time for an artist- please celebrate with us and meet the artist!  Annie was recently on CTV Morning Live Atlantic. VIEW IT HERE!


These Bubble Wands by Roisin Cadieux provide hours of outdoor fun for kids of all ages! Each wand is unique and produced by hand...

Roisin Cadieux, Bubble Wands

JUST ARRIVED! Check out these incredible "Mystery Pins" by Kassandra Lois! Each mini cereal box contains 3 random pins for you to enjoy, makes a great gift idea!

Kassandra Lois, Mystery Pins!

Kassandra Lois, Mystery Pins!

We have an amazing selection of Artist Prints and Greeting Cards to choose from!  Check out these affordably priced animal prints by Angela Doak! Easy to frame, artists prints are an easy way to enjoy art at home!

Angela Doak, Assorted Artist Prints, 8.5" x 11"

To see other incredible works on paper, visit our Flickr page HERE

Angela Doak, Assorted Greeting Cards

For best selection, it's always best to drop by the gallery in person, but you can also view our collection of Greetings Cards on our Flickr page HERE

The Regional Assembly of Text, Assorted Buttons

As a special "March Art-Break" Bonus, follow the link to our online Scavenger Hunt HERE

Send us a screen shot of your VERY LAST completed CHECK MARK (this will make sense as soon as you get into it!) for a chance to win an Argyle Fine Art Gift Pack!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Can't Wait For Spring! Get Inspired With Pre-Shrunk's Floral Showcase

 We've been enjoying today's Spring-like weather and wanted to share some of our fantastic floral paintings to keep you motivated during March! We received an amazing collection of flower inspired artworks for this years' Pre-Shrunk exhibition, here's a selection of some of our favorites...

Janna Wilton, "Antique Rose", 5" x 4", watercolour on paper on board

Janna Wilton, (Left) "By The Window", (Right) "Morning Daisy",
5" x 4", watercolour on paper on board

Not limited to paintings and drawings, here's some incredible ceramic works for your viewing pleasure... 

Devon Vankoughnett, (Left) "Not A Lily", (Centre) "Not A Carnation", (Right) "Not A Begonia",
5" x 4", ceramic on wood

Devon Vankoughnett, "Not A Succulent", 5" x 4", ceramic on wood

Adding a touch of colour to your home or workspace is sure to brighten up your day...

Sabine Kearns, "You Are My Sunshine", 4" x 5", acrylic on board

Bright, and cheerful, these Floral Bouquets are sure to put a smile on your face!  These miniature artworks make great gifts...

Raquel Roth, (Left) "Spring Fever", (Right) "Spring Celebration 1", 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Raquel Roth, "Spring Celebration", 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Dale Cook, "Geraniums On A Sill", 4" x 5", acrylic on canvas

Not be outdone, there's a quiet beauty in these dried leaf paintings, by Beverley Wong-Kleinjan. A sign or rejuvenation and renewal...

Beverley Wong-Kleinjan (Left) "Twirl Curling Leaves", (Centre) "Dried Maple Leaf",
 (Right) "Weathered Russula", 5" x 4", watercolour on paper on board.

With Spring comes Summer, and all the joy the warmer season brings...

Mallory Walker, (Left) "Lemons", (Right) "Cherries", 5" x 4", oil on canvas

Wenxui Ji, I Am In The Garden! Yeah! (01), 4" x 5", ink on board

There's still lots of amazing artwork to discover from our Pre-Shrunk show (still on view!). You can still view the full collection online HERE.

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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Beat the winter blues with NEW Paintings by Danny Abriel

We've got some amazing NEW paintings from Artist Danny Abriel currently on view at the Gallery this week. If you're from here or spent any in Nova Scotia, some of these scenes will no doubt be familiar to you.

Included in this new series of paintings is this lone tree that stands in a field on the side of Highway 102, and just south of Shubenacadie.  The tree has captured the attention of visitors and artists alike...

"Local lore puts it at three centuries or so old, which means that below its branches some of the first European settlers in this province, and the Mi’kmaq before them, walked." - John DeMont, Chronicle Herald

Danny Abriel, Winter Coat, 36" x 48", acrylic on canvas

Photo Credit (Internet Source - "Lone Tree Sparks Imaginations", by John DeMont)

You can read the full article by John DeMont online HERE

Danny Abriel, The Calm Between Storms, 24" x 36", acrylic on canvas

As a landscape painter, Danny is drawn to organic shapes, colours, and the natural elements that surround him; Wood, Water, Stone, and Sky are all carefully arranged, the building blocks for each new composition.

Danny Abriel, Eastern Bearing, 24" x 48", Acrylic on Canvas

Living in Halifax, Danny makes time to be in Nature. Access to walking trails and parks are all within reach, and Danny often revisits areas that are familiar to him, and draws his inspiration from the surrounding area.

Danny Abriel, Cresting the Hill, 36" x 48", acrylic on canvas

The Works are informed by the native scenery he was raised in - reflective waters, wind-swept tress, contoured landscapes and seasonal colours. The paintings are inspired by connection to the gentle beauty and drama of tress and their surroundings.

To see more of Danny's work, follow the link to our Flickr page HERE

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