Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Breakfast with Us this Friday Morning!

Are you a MORNING person or a NIGHT person?  If you answered MORNING person, you're in luck because we have just the show for you!  This Friday, March 18th, 8:30am-Noon, we'll be showcasing a new series of artworks by various artists with the theme of breakfast and morning!

Cosman & Whidden  by Kim Floyd
 We're excited to try this new idea, and hope to meet many of you that work and live downtown Halifax, or perhaps those of you visiting over March Break and in need of some food for the soul and your tummy! There will even be LIVE PAINTING by artist Craig Baltzer happening, so watch a painting being created right in front of your eyes!

YES!  There will be breakfast foods and beverages on hand as well. We're excited to announce that some of our local neighbourhood businesses are going to be here too. We'll have FREE COFFEE and TEA provided by UnCommon Grounds and World Tea House. Then for nibbles, we'll have mini sized eclairs from The Old Apothecary and breakfast wrap samples from Ciboulette Cafe. Even as I write this, I'm getting hungry! Then to make things even better, we'll have Temple Bar on hand with "mocktails" to spruce you up!

Esquire Coffee Shop by Kim Danio

And if you look across the street to our wonderful neighbours at ATTICA, you'll see that one of the owners and artist Christopher Joyce will have created eggpecially (see what I did there) for this week....a portrait made of TOAST...of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!

Of course, the show will be up for the next few weeks so drop by and see the special works anytime- day or evening!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

LAST WEEKEND for Cat Person. Dog Person. Whatchamacallit Show!

"Woof!" "Meow!" I mean, "Hello!" Apologies, we've been spending so much time with our furry friends lately that we have to readjust to speaking to humans. If you've been to the gallery over the last week, you'll understand what we mean.

Cat Person.Dog Person. Whatchamacallit Show. opened on Feb 27th and runs until March 12th. Come visit us, there are so many wonderful creatures in the gallery - art and otherwise! We're always dog friendly, and are cat friendly by scheduled appointment.

Here are a few of the furry visitors that greeted us at the opening for your enjoyment...

Mya here was the model for this Easter card by Jodie Hansen!
One of our regulars, Sophie, who stops in with little brother Winston.
April was so jazzed to be part of the opening she couldn't contain her smile!

Roosevelt here was the inspiration for his dad Mirco Chen's painting, where he was reimagined as a Dutch oil painter.  

Mirco Chen, Roos Van Elt, 12"x12", Oil on Canvas

 This show really has something for everybody, from these lovely little ceramic creatures and bowls by Bronwyn Arundel:

To these exquisite charcoal drawings by Abigail Lowers of some larger cats and dogs, and one teeny one too:

We were also thrilled to have to have Haley MacLean live painting with us. Haley paints animals who are up for adoption at the Homeward Bound City Pound, matching their background colours to their personalities. Haley also donates her proceeds from sales of her work back to Homeward Bound (did your heart just grow three sizes? Because mine did).

Haley MacLean, Spider, 9"x12", Acrylic on Canvass

Haley MacLean, Maia, 9"x12", Acrylic on Canvas

This is the LAST WEEK to see the show, we'll be shuffling things around for our Colouring Day on March 12th, as well as getting ready for our Breakfast Club show opening on March 18th. You can find the Cat Person. Dog Person. Whatchamacallit Show. online here.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

STORM CHIPS inspired by Winter: Meet artist Kim Floyd

Local artist Kim Floyd takes Winter in stride like many Maritimers. Afteralll, there's plenty to do on a snow day- one doesn't have to look much farther than the studio if you're an artist!

The kids head outside to play in the snow....

....while Kim turns her snow days into art days. First she sets the scene with a little music with her trusty record player.

"My trips to the grocery store or market leave me full of inspiration for new paintings. Combining both my love of food and my love of painting brings me great satisfaction,” says Kim about her latest body of works that feature nostalgic food items from the region.

So naturally, on a snow day, she found herself surrounded by "storm chips" and thought it would be the tastiest subject for a painting. 

Kim's favourite flavour of chips is Salt and Vinegar. Her guilty pleasure is to eat them while sipping on Chocolate Milk..mmmmm

And so it begins....first to prep the surface!
It's starting to take shape now, but still lots of work to do!

Time for a little break. The kids are back inside and warming up from playing in the snow. This is a good time to get some lunch and think about the next steps to creating this "delicious" looking painting.
Before too long, Kim is back at painting! Looking good! And it sure beats shoveling snow, although that soon will have to happen too....

It's almost done now, but a few more days of work will be needed to get it where Kim wants the painting to be-  painting is hard work!
Finally after many many days of work, the painting is completed! It's called "Storm Chips", 9" x 12", Acrylic on Board

It's so wonderful to see a work of art in progress, and we hope to visit many of our gallery artists this year at their studios so that you can be part of the process and come to appreciate the art even more!

Oh, after Kim painted this work, she stepped back into the kitchen and was inspired again by butter! And really, who isn't inspired by butter! “I love butter so it was only natural that I should make a painting of butter.  Farmer's Butter is is a very familiar Nova Scotia product" 

 Drop by Argyle Fine Art to see this and a few other works by Kim Floyd, also shown HERE. 

                                                        Happy SNOW DAY everyone! What Inspires you?