Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last Call for your Beautiful SKY photos!

There's still time to share your beautiful sky photos with us and artist Gordon MacDonald!  You don't have to be a professional photographer to capture the beauty that surrounds us all, no matter where you live.

Simply share your sky photo, BE the Inspiration for a Gordon MacDonald painting and WIN $100 towards a work of art by Gordon too! 
Sample Submission sent in by Anita Kuhn
Share your images over on our TWITTER page which is @argylefineart. Use the hashtag #skiesthelimit2015 (a hashtag acts almost like a way to track your submission online, so don't forget it!)  Not on TWITTER? Get in touch with us directly via email if you'd like (gallery@argylefa.com with the subject line: #skiesthelimit2015)  
Closing date for uploading images is tonight, June 30th at the strike of midnight!
After that, Gordon will pick a "winner" and start painting his interpretation of your sky! Then come to his solo show opening on Friday, July 30th and see the completed work of art inspired by YOU!  Even better-everyone that participates will have their name entered to WIN a  $100 Gift Certificate to be used towards a Gordon MacDonald painting.  
Everyone can be an artist...so get outside,start looking and be Inspired!

Monday, June 29, 2015

CANADA DAY is Coming...which means you may be seeing RED

It's almost CANADA DAY again and this year we want YOU to celebrate this special day with some original art. So in an effort to spread the wonders of art, we are hosting a spontaneous SALE that will begin first thing in the morning  Tuesday, June 30th and continue all day Wednesday, July 1st.

Here are the conditions of the sale: 

Selected works that contain RED in them...are eligible for 20% off - ALL PAINTINGS, PHOTOGRAPHS, PRINTS or TEXTILE WORKS for the WALL. You must also pay for the work(s) in full (no payment plan options during SALE promotions)

YES! We are OPEN on Canada Day from 10am-2pm in person at the gallery, however you can always purchase or inquire about works throughout the day and into the weeeee hours of July 1st- until the CLOCK STRIKES MIDNIGHT!  You can find works on this blog, our SHOP (accessible via this blog too) over on our website www.argylefineart.com or on our FACEBOOK PAGE  

Double Dare Original Screen Print  Unframed only:   $30  (with the 20% off  that makes it just $24!)

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Goodafternoon and welcome to this weekend's STUDIO SATURDAYS series. We hope you are enjoying  the opportunity to have a sneak peek into the studios of our artists. We represent so many amazing local artists, working in every medium you can imagine. But one medium that people don't always consider as original art is digital art. There's much more to it than simply working on a computer. Jane Rovers is one of the best examples of how digital artists are creating works that are personal, engaging and unique. 

Jane wrote some wonderful words about her studio and life as an artist below:
My "studio" is where I do all of my editing post collecting adventures. All of my work is digital so it is all stored and completed on my computer. My current process developed out of necessity. I wanted to work from home so that I could be with my children during the day but I needed something that was quiet and wouldn't make a big mess on my dining room table. Digital artwork allows me that luxury. 

In my studio I work at a custom made desk made for me by my husband and my father in law. Outside my studio there is a huge red maple tree that surrounds both windows. In the summer the studio is dark and cool and in the late winter months, when the leaves are gone it is warm and sunny. It's my favourite room in our house.

Inside I am surrounded by artwork from local artists, my children's artwork and my own. I also have a note written to me by my grandmother. I photographed the note and had it enlarged and framed. She was an artist as well. I lived beside her my entire childhood and she always encouraged my creativity. 
My studio doubles as a playroom as well for my kids. We often spend the mornings playing and working together in this room. 

Most of my creating happens at night when my kids are asleep. During the day we go on adventures in the Annapolis Valley where we live or elsewhere in the province. I always take my camera with me and do a lot of my photo collecting this way.
I collect photos of houses, clouds, landscapes and layer those with photos of texture I collect from various objects, such as vintage books and old bakeware (the round tin below was my grandmother's cake tin.) She baked all of my birthday cakes in that tin.
We can hardly wait to feature Jane Rover's works in a solo show this August, but until then make sure to drop by the gallery and see a few works we have in gallery now, such as this beauty below.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS with artist Sandy Charbonneau

Studio Saturdays is here again and once again, we are excited to share an artist's studio space with you. The artist we are visiting today is an artist we only just met, during our annual miniature show we host each year in January called Pre-Shrunk.    Her name is Sandy Charbonneau  and she is an outstanding textile artist.

Her studio sits in her front entrance way of her  Victorian home , where she creates and teaches. Just look at this bounty of colour, texture and creativity!

Studio of Sandy Charbonneau

Works in progress....

Sandy's medium is wool, silk and various other materials. So whimsical and colourful!  She is a master of needle felting and wet felting. Here is a completed work that we just LOVE...that just arrived at Argyle Fine Art! You can see more of Sandy's works HERE.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

...Sunday....now with more DAD!

That's right....it's DAD's day  this Sunday....we know we keep telling you but seriously, you don't want to forget him do you??


Well...here's a a great gift idea that keeps giving and giving! It's our very special and affordable limited edition Art Subscription Service called Creative Editions. In a nutshell, each month a new limited edition print is created and released ONLY to subscribers- which can be picked up or mailed out! It's a great gift for all those hard to buy for people, waaaaaaay better than buying him another tie or pair of socks! Give ART a try!

We only have a few more spots available and for THIS WEEK ONLY we are putting 10 of them on sale!  When they are GONE...they are GONE! Save 15% off the regular price of a subscription. Read more about it HERE.  

Maybe your Dad loves to be outside and is a camping fanatic....we have a print by Kate Mitchell for only $20 that is just the PERFECT gift!

And while Dad is outside he may come along a family of birds that needs this super cool home...made from a cowboy boot! YeHAW!

Mmmmmmm.......you are getting hungry!!   If your DAD is on a diet, good news!  This Hamburger painting by self-taught artist George Spencer is completely calorie free...and gluten free...and delicious!

Maybe your dad just needs a little bit of sleepy time too....We've heard from parents, that it can get awfully tiring at times. :)  Artist Nick Brunt created the work below, and being a new dad he thinks other new dads can relate to his sentiment depicted in this small work.

Dad's a WINNER and SO ARE YOU....potentially.....

When you buy a CARD for DAD, we'll enter your name to WIN a gift pack of cards by Jodie Hansen. Draw will be end of day Saturday, June 20th!  IN DOUBT....you can buy DAD a gift certificate for Argyle Fine Art and just "pop" (see what we did there :-)  it inside any number of our great cards!

Let's face it....your DAD is a SUPERMAN!....and oh look.....we've got that covered too, with limited edition Heritage Minutes prints by Christopher Hemsworth  $20 each!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Friendly Reminder: This Sunday is Father's Day

Don't let the week run away from you without remembering that this Sunday is Father's Day! An easy way to give Dad his due is with some quality time, coupled with a nifty card (made locally!) Or, perhaps an artpiece that yells, DAD! (Not literally- we don't have any of those..)  There's a ton of options to choose from, with a great range in prices. We're not kidding when we say there's something to suit every single one of you out there :) Come in and have a gander!!

card by Jodie Hansen
Card by Jodie Hansen
Card by Jodie Hansen
Musca Metalicus by Ed Beals!
"Sky Dome" by Dave LeRue Oil on Canvas, 20" x 16"

"On the Side" by Dave LeRue, Oil on Canvas 36" x 24"


Saturday, June 13, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS with artist Jennifer Harrison

FINALLY!  We think it's safe to say that we have entered into the season of SUMMER and what better way to celebrate it than with a new work of art!  Take a road trip with us, as we take you inside the studio of artist Jennifer Harrison.

Jennifer is originally from Ontario...but came to Nova Scotia a few years back and fell in love with it and decided to stay! She bought a home in Lunenburg and set up a studio almost right away. You can catch her there sometimes by chance or appointment- if you go, tell her we sent you with the Code words: From Argyle with Love.  But of course, we always have recent works by Jennifer at the gallery and invite you to visit us!

Just look at all the PAINT! 
"Fisheries Museum", 30" x 40", Oil on Canvas, Inspired by her new "hometown" of Lunenburg

Harrison's trademark texture is achieved in several layers. Primed canvases are coated with a thick layer of acrylic polymer, then the wet 'putty' is carved into with paint scrapers, knives and brushes. 


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Make sure to check out Jennifer's artwork online if you can't get in to see it in person , check it out over HERE

Thursday, June 11, 2015

AHOY! Father's Day is on it's way!

Father's Day is coming and we decided to look into our inventory for some artworks you're dad may enjoy for his special day!  For the next few days we'll be featuring some great ideas for DAD...including prints, sculpture and even amazing locally made cards that are also perfect for framing...stay tuned and keep an eye on our window displays too!

AHOY Matey!  

This "White Whale" painting by Nick Brunt is the perfect combination of old-timey meets the modern man! Complete with Nick's hand-drawn typography, it's sure to delight! Better yet...we have the study for the finished piece too! Buy one or both- it's so exciting to see the progression of an idea and a painting, isn't it?

Study for "White Whale" by Nick Brunt  $65

"White Whale" Finished work by Nick Brunt $575  * If both works are purchased, we can offer 10% off the full price
And speaking of whales....how about a whale made from a BOOT!  Yes....this does exist and it's awesome!
Kim Danio is the artist- you should see what other works she creates out of re-purposed shoes and boots...out of this world!

We also have many other works - ranging from more traditional seascapes to abstracted scenes, such as this beauty by Sarah Jones called "Orange Tanker" or the small work by Vaughn Gray called "Roll to Shore".

Orange Tanker, 5" x 10", Sarah Jones- $210
Roll to Shore, 6" x 6", Vaughn Gray,  $125

Artist Becky Thompson's happiness is infectious!  That comes out in everything she does, including her paper mache and re-purposed  boats, that can hang on the wall or stand on a bookcase, shelf or desk. Add a little whimsy!
Becky's Boats  Various sayings and colours!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

10 works of ART under $100

Hanging artwork in your home or workspace makes it better. Just ask anyone who has experienced this first hand! Good news- original artwork is for everyone and affordable. In fact, it's very possible and buying a small work here and there can amount to a pretty amazing collection before you know it! Most galleries have a price range of works at their galleries and  payment plan options too. Today we thought we'd share a few works that are under $100 and looking for the perfect home.

1.  At Argyle Fine Art, we like to showcase a variety of mediums along side one another. This includes a small selection of  hand-signed and numbered prints. For the beginner art collector, this is what we call a "gateway" to art- if you regard the love of collecting at as an addiction, which it most certainly can become. One such artist that has enabled lots of new art lovers is Christopher Hemsworth with his popular Heritage Minutes series. There are 13 prints in all, but because the beloved Bluenose II finally just launched (and stayed afloat!) in Lunenburg, NS yesterday, we thought we'd feature this one below. 


2. It's finally that time of year that birds are finding new homes, perhaps even in your backyard. Maybe this finally carved & painted bird in his very own birdhouse by Gregg Tracey will find a home with you. This work hangs on the wall or can can sit on a shelf too.

SOLD $85
 3.  Beautiful skies in Atlantic Canada are just about everywhere you look but few artists can capture the feeling that these scenes evoke. One such artist is Mark Brennan, especially in the small but mighty work featured below called "Wilderness Sky #3".

$95 (framed)

4.  Re-purposing in art is very popular and it's a real sign-of-the-times too. Kim Danio can take a regular baby shoe and make it into a work of art! Just look at this little mouse! Eeeeck!!!!


5.  Little works of art for your Ears!  Hand-sculpted in clay by artist Dan Bray, you'll be all set for the Hamburg and Hotdog Season (Vegetarian options available!) with these miniature creations.


6. Each year at the end of January, we traditionally showcase a variety of works all measuring 4" x 5". We have noticed a renewed interest in textile works, such as this small hooked beauty by Patricia Winans. 


7.  Ed Beals creates many forms of art. Sometimes they are three-dimensional robots and bugs and sometime they are digitally painted three-dimensional scenes like the adorable series depicted below of "Messenger Dog". These are limited edition and signed by the artist and tell a story of one dog's triumphant travels to deliver a special message....


$40 each (unframed) / $95 (framed)

8.  Perfect for a picnic of cupcakes....these ceramic cupcake holders (which can be used for many things) are daring! We have many ceramic works by Bronwyn Arundel that range in prices of $18 to $700. There are just so many wonderful works to choose from!


9.  Nick Brunt is a very popular artist at our gallery. His works are always well received by the young and  young at heart alike! The work below is actually a study for a much larger work that he just completed. In fact, we didn't even realize we still had this little treasure. Perfect for any of you seafaring folks!

 10.  Artists love to do special commissions for people! One such artist is Caitlin McGuire, who will paint your special home or cottage. Below is an example of work that was completed a few months back. These  small watercolours make a very special gift  for anyone, especially those who are buying a new home or perhaps moving away from an old home- memories living forever in art. They have always been well received, affordable and great when framed up!

Commissions range from $50 and upward- to fit your budget!