Tuesday, June 9, 2015

10 works of ART under $100

Hanging artwork in your home or workspace makes it better. Just ask anyone who has experienced this first hand! Good news- original artwork is for everyone and affordable. In fact, it's very possible and buying a small work here and there can amount to a pretty amazing collection before you know it! Most galleries have a price range of works at their galleries and  payment plan options too. Today we thought we'd share a few works that are under $100 and looking for the perfect home.

1.  At Argyle Fine Art, we like to showcase a variety of mediums along side one another. This includes a small selection of  hand-signed and numbered prints. For the beginner art collector, this is what we call a "gateway" to art- if you regard the love of collecting at as an addiction, which it most certainly can become. One such artist that has enabled lots of new art lovers is Christopher Hemsworth with his popular Heritage Minutes series. There are 13 prints in all, but because the beloved Bluenose II finally just launched (and stayed afloat!) in Lunenburg, NS yesterday, we thought we'd feature this one below. 


2. It's finally that time of year that birds are finding new homes, perhaps even in your backyard. Maybe this finally carved & painted bird in his very own birdhouse by Gregg Tracey will find a home with you. This work hangs on the wall or can can sit on a shelf too.

SOLD $85
 3.  Beautiful skies in Atlantic Canada are just about everywhere you look but few artists can capture the feeling that these scenes evoke. One such artist is Mark Brennan, especially in the small but mighty work featured below called "Wilderness Sky #3".

$95 (framed)

4.  Re-purposing in art is very popular and it's a real sign-of-the-times too. Kim Danio can take a regular baby shoe and make it into a work of art! Just look at this little mouse! Eeeeck!!!!


5.  Little works of art for your Ears!  Hand-sculpted in clay by artist Dan Bray, you'll be all set for the Hamburg and Hotdog Season (Vegetarian options available!) with these miniature creations.


6. Each year at the end of January, we traditionally showcase a variety of works all measuring 4" x 5". We have noticed a renewed interest in textile works, such as this small hooked beauty by Patricia Winans. 


7.  Ed Beals creates many forms of art. Sometimes they are three-dimensional robots and bugs and sometime they are digitally painted three-dimensional scenes like the adorable series depicted below of "Messenger Dog". These are limited edition and signed by the artist and tell a story of one dog's triumphant travels to deliver a special message....


$40 each (unframed) / $95 (framed)

8.  Perfect for a picnic of cupcakes....these ceramic cupcake holders (which can be used for many things) are daring! We have many ceramic works by Bronwyn Arundel that range in prices of $18 to $700. There are just so many wonderful works to choose from!


9.  Nick Brunt is a very popular artist at our gallery. His works are always well received by the young and  young at heart alike! The work below is actually a study for a much larger work that he just completed. In fact, we didn't even realize we still had this little treasure. Perfect for any of you seafaring folks!

 10.  Artists love to do special commissions for people! One such artist is Caitlin McGuire, who will paint your special home or cottage. Below is an example of work that was completed a few months back. These  small watercolours make a very special gift  for anyone, especially those who are buying a new home or perhaps moving away from an old home- memories living forever in art. They have always been well received, affordable and great when framed up!

Commissions range from $50 and upward- to fit your budget!