Saturday, May 30, 2015


Welcome to STUDIO SATURDAYS with Argyle Fine Art. It's hard to believe this series began waaaay back in January! And now it's almost June...thank goodness!  

We're excited to invite you into the studio of artist Briana Corr-Scott. Briana is one of the busiest artists we know- she is a super mom to some amazing children, she illustrates beautiful paper works such as colouring books suitable for all ages and makes vintage inspired paper dolls and oh yeah... she paints amazing works of art that constantly inspire many.

Below are some great examples of how Briana begins- with the still-life set-up...and how the painting progresses....

BEFORE....(interesting tip: the ceramics featured in this STILL LIFE are by Toni Losey) , who was last weeks STUDIO SATURDAYS feature- we love it when our artists collaborate!
AFTER (This painting is currently available for sale and even more beautiful in person!)

Briana has such a great eye , that even her casual images of her studio work spaces look dreamy and magical.....

SEE THE LATEST WORKS BY BRIANA CORR-SCOTT by Clicking HERE. Be careful may fall in love with ART! But don't worry....we can help you you that.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


It's that time of the week again, when we journey inside an artist's studio and see what's happening. Today we'd like to introduce you to artist Toni Losey. You haven't seen her works at Argyle Fine Art yet, but you will soon! She is busy working away to create a series of sculptural and functional ceramics which we are pleased to be showcasing at the end of July, in a show alongside painter Gordon MacDonald.

Here are a few peeks into her studio space, mugs heading into a kiln and never seen before images of her more sculptural works that are also vases which she lovingly calls "Peepers"  because they really do look as if they could come to life and make a peeping sound.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Laadies aaand Gentlemen! We are SO proud to announce to you, the discovery of five new extraordinarily rare specimen of spoon beetle! These beautiful insects are indigenous to Eastern Canada (specifically the north end of Halifax) where they were originally discovered by artist Ed Beals.  
They are all characterized by their shiny spoon-like exoskeleton, but each has it's own set 
of unique identifying features and personality traits:

VERN: The touchy feely guy in the bunch. Never shies away from the opportunity to give you a little sniff with his antenna. He's quite inquisitive, and likes to explore in between the layers of Kleenex in the Kleenex box.

ORVILLE: A mature and well mannered insect. Likes living a life of quiet solitude, and is always busy in his research on the impact of  the (not so friendly) longhorn beetle.

JACK: A small, but noisy bug. Enjoys listening to CCR at deafening levels - his antenna tend to vibrate when he hears a favourite tune, but curiously enough, they stop vibrating when he hears the Beatles.
SARA : An incredibly strong beetle, who's been known to balance upwards of 10 pounds on her back. She has the ability to burrow deep tunnels into hard plastics and metals, including iphones, and her favourite, a cool can of kidney beans.     
WALTER: A very speedy crawler, and therefore the most difficult to spot out of all the spoon beetles. Likes to capture and tickle other insects, which is generally seen as annoying. Walter has yet to have been captured and tickled himself, because of his agility and speedy legs. All the other spoon beetles would like Walter to stop already. 

If you'd like to get an up close view of these newly discovered creatures, we invite you to inspect them here at Argyle Fine Art. Magnifying glasses are not necessary, as these particular specimen are friendly(ish) in nature, and can tolerate being held and closely investigated.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Art Subscriptions are Making Lots of People HAPPY!

Selecting and buying original art may seem like an intimidating, daunting or expensive luxury  but we're here to tell you that it doesn't have to be!  ART IS FOR ALL. It can be fun and exhilarating to watch an artist at work, meet the artists in your community and eventually find a work of art that speaks to you.

 But sometimes you just don't even know what you like takes time to develop your eye. The trick is to keep on looking- even at works you may not like or understand at first glance, but to grow an appreciation for the art and artist that made whatever it may be, is a worthwhile experience in and of itself. You'll surprise yourself what you grow to love and eventually learn that owning original art is an amazing feeling.

This month's Creative Edition print is by Mary Garoutte
That's one of the reasons we began our art subscription service called CREATIVE EDITIONS last August. We've met so many new art lovers- many young collectors too,  which makes us sooooo very happy! The original limited edition prints by our artists has been a great way for people to learn about local artists and start collecting. Some people purchase the subscription as an extension to their collection while others purchase it as a unique gift for others.Find out more HERE and start your subscription anytime!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sneak peeks at Shelley Mitchell's upcoming show...June 5th!

Artist Shelley Mitchell is a highly collected and loved artist, whom we have had the pleasure of representing for many years now. Last year, Shelley took a break from creating  larger bodies of work for gallery shows  to reflect and  recharge. It was an important decision which  has made a huge impact on the works and her approach to painting.

Although the changes may seem subtle to some of us on the surface, when you have the opportunity to speak with Shelley about this latest body of work, "Boats and Bulls", opening on June 5th-  you will sense a renewed excitement in her voice.  We can't wait to share these new works with all of you.Many of us know Shelley as the artist that paints boats and reflections like none other, but we'd never had expected to see bulls. However she has presented them in a way that only Shelley can do. Check back often as we grow closer to June 5th as we'll be sharing a few more sneak peeks, but here are two to begin with!

Composure, 24" x 24", Oil on Canvas, Shelley Mitchell

Expectation, 24" x 24", Oil on Canvas, Shelley Mitchell

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Greetings and welcome to a very sunny STUDIO SATURDAY! Today we thought we'd share a few sneak peeks into the studio of emerging artist David LeRue. David works primarily with oil paint on canvas. His work focuses on contemporary focuses of celebration, such as stadiums and new constructed developments. Below are a few examples of a new work he has been working on- inspired by our never-ending construction zones found throughout Halifax at the moment. But somehow, David makes us see the beauty in them. 
The artist's Palette...always so interesting to look at. No two are the same!
Can hardly wait to see this series continue! Love the colours, the lines...

David LeRue Artist Studio- Works in Progress
Here is one of the very first works we saw by David. It's called "Snowbird Special", 54" x 66", Oil on Canvas. This wonderful work is looking for a home- perhaps yours! To encourage you even more, the regular price of this work is $1500 but is selling for $900. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Check out the NEW works at Argyle Fine Art!

We're so fortunate to have so many talented artists working and living  in the Atlantic Provinces! We're very proud to showcase these artists at our gallery and excited to have just received these latest works by emerging artist Craig Baltzer. For a closer look, visit this LINK

We also just received a brand new work by Saint John artist Sarah Jones! Best to experience this piece in person and the other works we have remaining from her first solo show with us in March.

Spring has finally sprung in Nova Scotia, and  watercolour artist Twila Robar-DeCoste has captured a bit of it in her recent works.



And last but certainly not least, we also wanted to share a few works coming to us soon- such as these three paintings by Trevor Van den Eijnden.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS: Kim Danio brings her studio inside the Gallery for the day!

Today the city of Halifax hosted it's 4th OPEN CITY event, where people come out and support our local shops, explore new business, eat, shop and have fun! we brought a few artists and their studios to the gallery for all to see!  Kim Danio's electric personality drew quite a crowd today and put many smiles on many faces!

Kim Danio can take any shoe or boot and give it new life. It's really unbelievable some of the things she can do! Below find pictures of her most recent inspiration for a series - a local Food Truck called Poppa Smokes and then see the boot she chose to transform...and final work of  art!

Kim was kind enough to set up a studio of sorts at the gallery today, so that people could see what she was working on and what materials she used....we love the Bat that you'll see in this photo too!  Isn't he adorable?

Old gloves, baby shoes, bits and bobs.....
Artist Kim Danio at her "make-shift" studio at Argyle Fine Art's OPEN CITY afternoon!
SEE all of the lastest works by Kim Danio by clicking on this LINK

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

THIS SATURDAY: OPEN CITY! Featuring Craig Baltzer, Kim Danio, and Gary Staple

Winter has been hard on us this year, hasn't it? We all became a little rough around the edges...
Well, there's no denying the sunshine now! Our days are longer, warmer, and there's a plethora of activities beckoning us into the outdoors. The I LOVE LOCAL group understands our desire to wander through the city, and has branded this year's OPEN CITY as "after the ice age"....ha! WONDERING WHAT OPEN CITY IS? Well friends, it's an event where local business in our downtown host special events and exciting promotions. It's been a great hit over the past few years,
and we expect to see lots of happy visitors! 

WE'LL BE FEATURING our own Food Truck Rally via artist Kim Danio. Kim will be on hand showing us how she creates her amazing sculptures from used boots and shoes. Her latest creations are a series of Food Trucks! Must be seen to be believed!!!  

We’ll also be showcasing an emerging artist Craig Baltzer with a romantic suite of paintings which highlight the magical golden light that glows high above the roof tops. Craig will also be doing some LIVE ART painting throughout the afternoon- 
if the weather agrees outside or just inside the gallery door. 

And finally, but certainly not last- we’re happy to finally have a few select works by Gary Staple- a local woodworker. He will be showcasing three new pieces he’s been working on over the winter months. Gary’s work has won numerous awards for his “Tea Case” which is currently on display as well. Gary’s works are functional art at it’s very best! 

Oh and DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR MOM…it’s Mother’s Day on May 10th- so pick up a card by artist Jodie Hansen or any of our local artists, save 15% on selected ceramics by Bronwyn Arundel and Karolina Anna-Hajna  and on a new Creative Editions Subscription Service-the only ART Subscription service of it’s kind…but just until end of day Saturday!

"Sunset in Mahone Bay" Oil on 5x7 board, Craig Baltzer
"Deep Purple" 9x12, oil on panel, Craig Baltzer
Bud the Spud by Kim Danio
Detail of Bud the Spud by Kim Danio

Furniture piece in progress by Gary Staple

Saturday, May 2, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS: Getting Ready for the Show

Today on STUDIO SATURDAYS, we thought we'd share a few "in progress" shots of emerging artist Craig Baltzer preparing for his solo show of works, opening next Saturday, May 9th, 1-3pm. Make sure to pop by to see the show and meet Craig.

We believe that by sharing these stories, studio sneak peeks and talking to our buyers, that some of you will see art for what it really is: people communicating and talking to one another through paint, clay, metal etc. Artists are real people. Collectors are real people.  And growing an appreciation for the arts begins when you stop to look and make a connection!

In the Studio of Craig Baltzer

Craig took images of one of his paintings from beginning to end. See it below.

In the beginning....sometimes, there are a few sketches; an idea is forming
Then the idea gets more developed....
...and then a little bit more....

It's really starting to take shape now....

And's done!  Although one of the hardest things about painting is knowing...when it's complete.

Here is a sneak peek into another work, just the beginning stages!  Make sure to look for it next week, all complete!