Saturday, May 9, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS: Kim Danio brings her studio inside the Gallery for the day!

Today the city of Halifax hosted it's 4th OPEN CITY event, where people come out and support our local shops, explore new business, eat, shop and have fun! we brought a few artists and their studios to the gallery for all to see!  Kim Danio's electric personality drew quite a crowd today and put many smiles on many faces!

Kim Danio can take any shoe or boot and give it new life. It's really unbelievable some of the things she can do! Below find pictures of her most recent inspiration for a series - a local Food Truck called Poppa Smokes and then see the boot she chose to transform...and final work of  art!

Kim was kind enough to set up a studio of sorts at the gallery today, so that people could see what she was working on and what materials she used....we love the Bat that you'll see in this photo too!  Isn't he adorable?

Old gloves, baby shoes, bits and bobs.....
Artist Kim Danio at her "make-shift" studio at Argyle Fine Art's OPEN CITY afternoon!
SEE all of the lastest works by Kim Danio by clicking on this LINK