Thursday, December 31, 2015


Well it's that time of year That went fast!!  HELLO 2016!!!

Thanks to all of YOU...artists, friends, and lovers of art  for making 2015 wonderful! We're looking forward to what the NEW YEAR will bring and can hardly wait to share our exciting ideas with you!  We're always open to show ideas too, so get in touch if there is something you'd like to see more of. 

We've got some great group shows planned again this year including our annual PRE-SHRUNK show opening on January 22nd, our mid- February show of CATS AND DOGS...but this year, we're adding a slight twist'll see!  In March we'll all need some extra cheering up, so we're already planning for a series of  MINI-MARCH shows and activities for the entire family, including a Breakfast Show with Breakfast Food to boot! Of course we're looking forward to an array of solo shows from our many fabulous local artists throughout the year too. We're adding some workshops to our event listings and hosting a very special fundraising event for Adsum House too!

 StART your NEW YEAR with ART

To start off the year, we'll be featuring our ever popular HIGH NOON at NOON event, which coincides with our yearly inventory in January. 

HIGH NOON at NOON is when we feature a wonderful work of art by a selected artist, at a very very special price...but for just 24 hours!  You'll have to act quickly!   All the fun will start on January 5th with our first HIGH NOON painting, which will be posted here on this blog, at NOON...of course. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Ornaments that will Soothe your Senses

Emerging artist Frankie Macaulay created these seven ornaments which explore the seven chakras and their associated meditative symbolism.  There are seven black and white photographs of hands, which are composite images of geometrical designs corresponding with each chakra.  Typically viewed as circles or vortexes, the chakra designs concluded in an appropriate format with the spherical ornaments now on display in our gallery windows, and can be arranged on a traditional holiday tree as positioned in the body , but are also wonderful to have hanging year-round.

Third Eye






Saturday, December 19, 2015

ARTISTS: Don't Leave for the Holidays without a 4" x 5" surface!

Hey artists from FAR and WIDE....we want to showcase your ART  in 2016!  Specifically on January 22nd, when we'll be hosting our very very popular annual show Pre-Shrunk! The deadline to submit a submission is January 6th- as our jury then has to help us curate the show.

If for some reason you need an extra day or so, get in touch with us!  We are hoping many of our gallery artists will participate again and we can hardly wait to meet NEW ARTISTS we don't even know exist yet. This show is often how we meet new artists to work with in the following months. It's how we met Melissa Townsend and Katharine Burns, for example. As long as the work measures 4" x 5" as the main dimensions, it's eligible!  Happy Creating on canvas, board, paper, metal, ceramic etc....

ALL THE DETAILS ARE BELOW and you can pick up supplies at DeSerres and the NSCAD Art Supply store (but they are closing for the holidays on Dec. 23rd and not re-opening until Jan. plan accordingly) or create your own surface!

Pre-Shrunk 2016 Submissions Call!

Calling all artists, calling all artists! 

It’s that time of year again! We are announcing our open call for submissions for Pre-Shrunk, our much loved annual group show that asks artists to create work on a 4x5” surface. We encourage submissions from both established and emerging artists in their preferred medium.
Last year's Pre-Shrunk opening as seen from Attica.


  • Works must be on a 4x5” surface. Pieces that do not measure 4x5” will not be considered.
  • Artists may submit a maximum of five pieces
  • We ask that you do NOT attach hanging devices (ie wire, hooks, d-rings, etc). The gallery will take care of this for continuity.
  • If you are working on paper it must be mounted on to a sturdy 4x5” surface that can be hung on the wall.
  • Submissions must be new and not previously shown.
  • Please include:
    • Your name
    • Phone number and email address
    • Title and materials used to create the work

To apply for this year’s show please send photographs of completed work in a JPEG format to


If your work is selected by the jury you will be notified by phone or email the following week.


  • Pieces that are selected for this year’s exhibition will be priced at $175 each, with standard 50% commission. Please keep this price in mind when creating your pieces.
  • DeSerress and the NSCAD bookstore have kindly ordered pre-made 4x5” canvas and boards to supply artists wanting to participate in this show. Supplies are limited.


Please phone or drop in to the gallery if you have any questions regarding the show – 902.425.9456. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

From your pals at Argyle Fine Art,

Adriana Afford and Caitlin McGuire

1559 Barrington St, Halifax , NS


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gathering of the Gifts- THANK YOU for giving back!

It's time to gather together and enjoy the season with friends and family! It's also a time to gather gifts together to give to others- whether it be art (which we of course, highly reccommend) or just a kind deed!   It all adds up!

We are so happy that many of you donated warm winter things to our cause- we'll be dropping off a mountain of hats, scarves, gloves and mitts...and even a few jackets to those in need, just in time for the cold months that are ahead. THANK YOU!  
Be like the Squirrel. Gather gifts ART for your loved ones.  (Squirrels by Kim Danio- made from shoes!)

Friday, December 11, 2015

New Work Arriving from Jennifer Harrison for the HO-lidays

We're excited to announce that these new works by Jennifer Harrison are coming to the gallery tomorrow and will be on display in lower gallery, just in time for the holidays. There is quite a variety and all different sizes too! FREE SHIPPING within Canada until December 12th as well!

Make sure to drop by and enjoy them in person- the best way to experience art's never easy to really capture original art with a camera... 

"Bright Green Fence" - 10in x 12in oil on canvas (2015) $550.

"Five Yellow Houses" - 30in x 40in oil on canvas (2015) $2800

"Beacon Street" - 8in x 16in oil on canvas (2015) $500. 

"Four Houses" - 18in x 24in oil on canvas (2014) $950.
"Five White Houses" - 18in x 24in oil on canvas (2015) $1200. 

"Various Browstones" - 12in x 48in oil on canvas (2015) $1800  
"Three White Houses" - 18in x 36in oil on canvas (2015) $1800

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Create your Own Christmas Story With Art- Hop by for the Holidays!

We came across a lovely quote on the back of a flyer recently, of all places. The author wasn't credited, but we love the meaning; it's exactly what we try to foster in new friends that visit our gallery, old and young alike:

"When you collect things you love, 
things that are special to you,
your house becomes your story."
New Arrival from Mark Brennan

Start a new tradition this holiday season, and give the gift of ART or the promise of ART in the form of our Gift Certficates all dressed up and ready for giving. 


We only have TWO vouchers for Pre-Shrunk 2016 available now- this is when you pre-purchase a voucher or" ticket", that not only equals your choice of an original work of art from our annual miniature show, but saves you money $150 instead of the usual price of mini paintings, $175)  and gets you ahead of the line and sneak peeks before anyone else! Also, it's so nice to have something fun to attend and new art to look forward to in January. For more info, call us at 902-425-9456

Did you know that you can save 20% off most works of art at Argyle Fine Art until December 15th (that's next Tuesday!)  so if you have been eyeing up some art, now is the time to purchase!  What's the catch? Simple: Bring in a few winter warm-up  items to donate to those in need (mittens, hats, scarves etc) 

THIS SATURDAY we are OPEN UNTIL 7pm and lots of our artists will be around throughout the day!    We'll have LIVE music from 1:30-3:30pm, Cider, Food, NEW ART by gallery artists!  

We'll also be celebrating the 1970s and 1980s- as our continuation of "Nostalgic Holidays Celebrations, complete with a  LIVE TWEET IN WITH WOODY THE TALKING CHRISTMAS TREE from 2pm-3:30pm   We have even decorated OUR tree for the occasion...

So so much fun to be had this week and Saturday....pick up a STAR WARS desk calendar ...

 Or maybe get some gift wrap that's  good enough to frame of Woody the Talking Christmas Tree OR  some inspired by the holiday classic, HOME ALONE!


Saturday, December 5, 2015

NEW THIS WEEK....So many new works arriving daily now !

We can hardly keep up with all of the new works of art and special treasures arriving including the most original cards by our local artists!

Here are just a few snapshots we took around the gallery this afternoon!

Remember that we are offering 20% off works of art over $50 with a donation of warm mitts, gloves, scaves etc until December 15th.

Santa Owls and Mrs. Claus Owl too!  So so many owls by folk artist Basil Doucette! All handcarved and unique- $25

Basil also carves FOXES....look at these two darlings...waiting for their new homes!  $45 Each
Tiny Oxen by Basil Doucette too....each are $20....extra special details on each!
Build your own Gingerbread House....three designs available by local artist Frankie Macaulay  $20 each!  

New Ceramic Spheres by Karolina Anna-Hajna- Some even hang in the window- Add a tealight and ENJOY the glow

Artist Kim Danio is at it again...this time she's made amazing seasonal works from shoes and boots...already to head to your home for the holidays!  There are lots of animals to choose from too- Starting at $55
And there appears to be a lot of chickens that have just arrived's one saying hello They are lovingly handmade by Mariya Tsehtik
HUG A PUG!  PUG hand-coloured cards by artist Allison Taylor - They are great en-mass too!  Frame them up and give
them as a "Warhol-esque" piece or just get one. A card and a gift all in one!

And on the more serious side, we have received new paintings by George this beauty below!

MAKE SURE TO DROP BY never know what new works will be arriving when you are!  Or if you live at a distance, visit our SHOP online...FREE SHIPPING on orders $50  or more WITHIN CANADA until December 15th

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

...And a Shoe Patridge in a Pear Tree!

Some birds fly South for the winter, the rest fly to the gallery! Come join the flock down at Argyle Fine Art this holiday season! This post is not for the ornithophobic.
Virginia by Melissa Townsend
"Come Awake, My Love", an exhibition of work by Melissa Townsend opened on the 27th of November . The gallery is currently filled with her wonderful critters, including this lovely peacock, Virginia

We are also pleased to introduce you to a new artist at the gallery, Mariya Tsehtik. A textile artist and recent NSCAD grad, Mariya is an avid gardener and her work seeks to integrate farming into urban life. We give you, The Flock, a lovely group of textile chickens: 

Three members of The Flock by Mariya Tsehtik
 We also have a new bird on the wire, a Crow by our resident bird carver, folk artist Basil Doucette.

Basil Doucette's Crow has found some shiny objects from Pin Action.
And can't you just hear this Marigold Warbler by artist Gregg Tracey singing a sweet little tune on it's burled wood perch.

Marigold Warbler by Gregg Tracey
And last, but never least, a bird made out of a shoe (a wedge to be specific) by gallery favourite Kim Danio.

Partridge by Kim Danio

And a shooooooooe patridge in a peaaaarrrr treeeee!!
Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Set Sail with Two new works by Shelley Mitchell

Artist Shelley Mitchell has been busy working on these latest two works, which will be at the gallery in person for Friday afternoon, but we thought we'd share their photos now just in case you were looking to add one of these around your home for the holidays!

Dark Waters, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 24"

Got the Blues, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 30"