Friday, October 31, 2014


Pre-Shrunk is a highly anticipated annual group show that features hundreds of original art pieces, measuring 4" x 5." The artwork is produced by a great range of artists, some established, others up and coming (all have been selected by the jury process.) 

Each piece is priced at $175, except for voucher holders who pay a discounted rate of $150. Voucher holders are also given a place in line according to their voucher number, allowing them to have the first picks in the show before it opens to the general public – this is an exciting opportunity considering the caliber of the work on display! An internet link is emailed to voucher holders prior to the event, containing images of all the pieces included in the exhibition

Pre-Shrunk opens at Argyle Fine Art on Friday, January 23th, 2015. Voucher VIP reception starts at 6pm, and the show opens to the public at 7pm.

For more information, please contact Argyle Fine Art 1559 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS. 902.425.9456

Thursday, October 30, 2014



Well this is it! It’s officially time to announce our annual open call for submissions! Pre-Shrunk is a much loved annual group show that asks artists to create work on a surface measuring 4” x 5”. We encourage submissions from artists both established and emerging, created in the medium of their choosing.

Submission Guidelines:
- Works must be created on a surface that measures 4” x 5”.  Pieces that   
  do not measure 4” x 5”  will not be accepted.
- Artists can submit no more than five pieces. 
- If works are on canvas, we ask that you do NOT attach a hanging 
  device (i.e.: wire or hooks – the gallery will take care of this for continuity)
- If you plan on working on paper, please mount your works
   onto a sturdy 4” x 5”  surface that can be hung on the wall.
- Submissions must be new, and not previously shown.
- Please include your name, phone number, email address, and list of   
   materials used along with your submission.

To apply for this year’s show, please photograph your completed piece/ pieces and send your images in jpeg format to SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT, JANUARY 7th If your work is selected by the jury, you will be notified by phone or email the following week.

Please Note:
*Pieces that are selected for this year’s exhibition will be priced at $175 each, with standard 50% commission. Please bare this price in mind while creating your artwork.
*DeSerres and the NSCAD bookstore have kindly ordered pre-made 4” x 5” canvas and board to supply artists wanting to participate in this exhibition. Supplies are limited.

Please telephone the gallery, 902-425-9456 if you have any questions in regards to the requirements of this popular group show.
From the gals of Argyle Fine Art,
Adriana Afford and Crystal Ross
1559 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS  B3J 2Z7

Friday, October 24, 2014

Artist Talk you Don't want to Miss by Mark Brennan!

We've heard artist Mark Brennan speak on a number of occasions, about his passion for art and nature and how the two things are linked for him. Last Summer we worked with Mark and  Kejimjukak National Park on a presentation about Mark's work and because it was so well received, we decided we should offer a similar opportunity for city dwelling art and nature lovers too.

 Therefore, we're very excited to invite you all to attend this talk about Mark's new body of work, that will be on display during the night of the talk on Tuesday, November 25th, 6-7:30pm

 Not only does Mark speak, paint and write beautifully about his experiences but he also records sounds in nature and makes films too. What doesn't Mark do!  Come and discover Mark Brennan's world of art. Registration is required for the talk, as seating will be limited and there is a small fee, of $10.  Call us to reserve your seat!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nocturne: It's a Beautiful Thing!

Last Saturday night, October 18th, Halifax hosted the 7th Annual Nocturne: Art at Night ;  which is an evening where galleries and artists take to walls, streets, abandoned spaces and even park benches- all in the name of ART!  What we love about Nocturne at Argyle Fine Art is the energy in the air, which  is really hard to explain and best experienced, but if we had to use two words to describe perhaps electric or magical may suffice. This little city of ours comes to life with safe and fun exhibits for everyone to enjoy for free. We must have seen close to 4000 in our modest gallery alone and really appreciate meeting many of you for the first time.

The importance of events like Nocturne are critical in engaging the public and reminding them that art really is for everyone, and we're open year round and always accessible. We love what we do and get excited when we make an impact on someone's day with art.

We opened two great exhibits the night of Nocturne which were very well received and still continue until November 11th, so drop by again or for the first time to experience these shows.  In our main gallery, we are showcasing the work of Trevor Van den Eijnden in his show called "Familiar Strangers:" which is a combination of three-dimensional sculpture as well as mixed media paintings, that are a direct result of the shadows cast through his constructions. The sculptures are made of ...paper and unbelievable!

Photo submitted by Paula Fredericks. Thanks for dropping by!
Installation shot of one of the paper sculptures.

Then in our Lower Gallery we are featuring the works of six artists that don't normally show their works in galleries, but rather on big and small screens all over the world, working as animators. This was a chance for them to showcase their artistic skills in their show called "Paper Trail" Special thanks to Aaron LaShomb for his help on this show.
"The Town Clock on Citadel Hill" by Paton Francis

 During Nocturne, the artists also encouraged others to do that same, with a "Leave a Doodle, Take a Doodle" Post-It note interactive portion of the show. Everyone that wanted could take a drawing or leave one too. Keep in mind, this wall began with two lonely Post-It notes at 6pm. At Midnight, this is how the wall appeared. What a great collaboration!

 Make sure to keep ART on your to-do list throughout the year! For example, come out to the 3rd annual DOWNTOWN ARTWALK, happening on November 20th.

Thank you Halifax and to all of you that attended from far and wide, all artists, all was a great night for art.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

(Creative Editions) October's feature is NICK BRUNT

October has been leaping by us at an astonishing pace, and it's difficult to believe that we're already at the mid month mark. The 15th signals that it's time to release this month's featured Creative Editions print, and we're super glad to share that it's NICK BRUNT! If you're a subscriber, make sure you swing by and fetch your copy of "The Stills." Not sure what Creative Editions is? Ask us for more details, or find out more here

On a separate note, we're just about to dive head first into prepping the gallery for this Saturday's NOCTURNE!!! Wish us luck, and make a point to visit us between 6pm and 12am on that evening. It's going to be magical.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

GOBBLE GOBBLE! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Just a quick little HELLO and GOOD-BYE  as we step foot out the door, as we Canadian's celebrate Thanksgiving weekend.

A very heartfelt THANK YOU to each of you that drop by our blog, our windows and come into the gallery too!  We love each and every one of you and want you to  know we really are thankful you love art just as much as we do.

Eat well. Rest up. Be thankful. We look forward to seeing many of you next Saturday is NOCTURNE and we have lots of beautiful surprises in store...such as the work below by artist Trevor Van den Eijnden's in his show opening during Nocturne night, called "Familiar Strangers" in our Upper Gallery.

Paper laser-cut sculpture by Trevor Van den Eijnden

Friday, October 3, 2014

City Harvest - Saturday, October 4th! (yup, that's TOMORROW!!)

Yesterday on the blog, we gave you a taste of what to expect during this Saturday's City Harvest in Downtown Halifax.. To have given you the full rundown all at once would have been overwhelming, so here's what else you can anticipate to see this Saturday!!

Of course, artist Christopher Hemsworth will be here, officially launching his new collection of  Canadian Heritage Minute prints. (click here for more details!) but he'll also have a new set of ADORABLE pumpkin cards!! Each hand painted and stamped by Christopher himself.

We'll also be featuring a collection of photographs in conjunction with PHOTOPOLIS from 
artist Jayme-Lynn Gloade titled "the 8th Movement"

"Jayme-Lynn presents a series of portraits of Mi'Kmaq people portraying Mi'kmaq legends. In particular she focuses on moral, ideological, spiritual and survival roles and value within the legends. The 8th Movement refers to the eighth historical moment in Aboriginal history, which began in 2008, and represents the Aboriginal idea of  'the future'. Each portrait is the representation of a form of 'power' as demonstrated in different legends. The world power is this case is referring to the conscious alteration of the world  through the actions of every day living things. The 8th Movement is a visual strategy to initiate meaningful dialogue between diverse cultures while focusing on the Mi'kmaq perception of the world " 

 And to cap off the festivities of the day, we'll be winding down with a yoga class with Connie McInnes! That's right. A pop-up in gallery yoga class! Class starts at 6pm and runs until 7pm.
This series is called ART in MOTION: A special POP-UP Yoga Studio Session lead by Connie McInnes of Rock in Opposition (RIO) – a unique creative movement studio opening in January 2015 in Downtown Halifax. Only $15- Class limited to 10 individuals. / Attendees will also receive 15% off Voucher for Argyle Fine Art and light refreshments. First come-first serve! If you’d like to reserve your space, you can call Argyle Fine Art at 902-425-9456 or email Connie McInnes at

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Expect to see lots of hustle and bustle throughout Downtown Halifax this Saturday, for the third annual CITY HARVEST festival. Independent shops and businesses within the downtown core will be pulling out all the stops as a way to highlight why shopping local is so wonderful. For a full list of activities, click here      

What are WE doing here at Argyle Fine Art you ask? Well, let me tell you about Artist Christopher Hemsworth -  Officially commissioned through Historica Canada, Christopher has been working on a series of Canadian Heritage Minutes prints, and we're thrilled to launch this series at the gallery. From 12:30 - 3:30, Christopher will be on hand, signing copies of this iconic collection. There are a total of 13 prints in this series! READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION:



Halifax, NS – Do you want those baskets back? Love Heritage Minutes? Visit ARGYLE FINE ART this weekend and you will find 11 of Canada’s most iconic historical TV-vignettes (plus 2 newer Minutes) interpreted through the creative mind of Halifax-based artist Christopher Hemsworth as commemorative posters.

First released in 1991, Historica Canada’s HERITAGE MINUTES have since become one of the most recognizable and valuable cultural creations for Canada, both historically and in popular culture.

Hemsworth was commissioned to interpret 13 of the Minutes, after his illustrated interpretation of the Halifax Explosion Minute went viral via social media. The selected artwork includes the top 11 Minutes as voted on by Canadians in a nationwide survey conducted by Historica Canada, plus two newer Minutes.

"It is very rewarding to be a part of the Heritage Minutes. They are more than commercials, they are our history, and it's amazing to see that nostalgia come back through the artwork."
— Christopher Hemsworth, Artist

All 13 posters will be displayed at Argyle Fine Art on October 4th during I LOVE LOCAL Halifax – CITY HARVEST and with the option to purchase copies signed by the artist.

"We cannot properly know and understand our stories, our history and each other unless we can connect with each other. This is the necessary starting point for everything else."
— Anthony Wilson-Smith, President, Historica Canada.