Saturday, September 28, 2019

Kim Danio; Re-Purposer Extraordinaire!,"Kimz*Met" exhibition continues to October 1

For as long as she can remember, Kim Danio has been a maker and a collector.

Her pieces are all made from second-hand footwear and other recycled materials. The process of using materials that have lived out their useful life sparks her creativity. She finds inspiration for her pieces in everyday objects, animals, people, and surroundings; her interests and memories are reflected in the work she creates.

As part of the gallery's "Kimz*Met" exhibition, Kim has provided us with the before and after photos of some of her most recent creations;

You can view the exhibition in its entirety online, HERE

Kim Danio, Kitchenmaid Mixer, re-purposed shoe, mixed media, 9 x 9.5 x 4 inches

“As a lover of thrift shop, antique stores, and vintage shops I come across so many pieces that speak to me. Because of my fascination with vintage electronics and my love of collecting vintage kitchen dishes and appliances this new series was close to my heart. It was a pleasure to use secondhand shoes and purses to create artistic replicas of vintage pieces; while employing my collection of vintage appliances as models for the work..."

Kim Danio, Kim Danio, Osterizer Blender, re-purposed shoe, mixed media, 11.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches

"...Not only was I able to make use of my collection of worn footwear and purses, these pieces allowed me to sort through my bins and drawers of other collected items. I find it hard to throw out a bit if twisted metal, a interesting plastic container top, corks and bottle stoppers, beaters from a broken mixer, foam from an old chair. You wouldn’t believe the things I was able to make use of in each of these works.” - From the Artist Statement by Kim Danio, 2019.

Kim Danio, Kodak Instamatic, re-purposed shoe, mixed media, 7.5 x 8 x 3.5 inches

Kim is the fourth generation on her mother’s side to live between New England and Nova Scotia. She spent every summer of her childhood on the shores of the Bay of Fundy in the Annapolis valley, and in 1986 she left western Massachusetts to go to Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. She has called Nova Scotia home ever since.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Kim Floyd, Dress Stories...

Today we feature the Stories behind Kim Floyd's new "Dress Series" paintings as part of Argyle Fine Art's ongoing "Kimz*Met" exhibition, now showing until October 1st!!! 

Grandma's Collection of Hand-Me-Down Dresses

"Every year we travel to Ottawa to visit my family. My mother collects all the outfits my nieces have grown out of and keeps them for my daughter, Brigid. Often there are cute little dresses in a shopping bag. Mom may have purchased them or they were handed down from friends or family. This is a typical grandmotherly thing my mother does for my daughter. 

I decided to paint a few of them because quite honestly as cute as they are, they never fit my daughter for long. These are the dresses I decided to begin the series with. I was drawn to the variety of fabrics and the textures and colours. I decided I wanted to paint them as though they were floating because I wanted them to have an air of mystery and whimsy." 

Kim Floyd, "Grandma's Collection of Hand-Me-Down Dresses" Series, acrylic on board, 16" x 12" (each)

From Both Sides Now

"I kept my wedding gown...I had the idea to paint the dress front and back because my panel was square and I thought it might be and interesting choice compositionally. This led me to think of it more as a symbolic choice as well. I see marriage differently than I did in my twenties. I see its value but from a less innocent perspective. You grow together, through ups and downs, in some cases raise children, and get to know each other in different parts of your lives. I now see it from front to back and over time I may have and even more deepened understanding of what it means to be married. I have been married to my husband, Duncan for 22 years as of August 2019.

I loved painting the silk of this dress. The warmth of the ivory colour with the rum pink beaded band was what I found lovely when I bought the dress. It was simple yet elegant. I found it in the basement sale rack at Winchester’s here in Halifax in 1997. Including the gown in my collection of dress paintings, is meaningful to me."

Kim Floyd, "Both Sides Now" acrylic on board, 24" x 24"

Sarah Gartshore “Battle Gown” and “Verdi’s Requiem”

"Sarah Gartshore is an opera singer currently living in Illinois. Originally from Sault Saint Marie, Sarah attended the same high school in Ottawa as me where she could study music for voice. We became friends very easily and I was in awe of her beautiful talent and the sound of her singing could move me to tears. 

Through social media, we have been keeping in touch for quite a few years now. I will occasionally hear her sing on YouTube while I work in the studio. 

A few year’s ago, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a mother of two young children, and I was heart broken for her.

Sarah shared her news with everyone publicly and decided to fight her battle head on. I think everyone who knows Sarah was supportive and knew she would fight it. 

I asked Sarah if I could paint the gown she wore her first evening back at the opera and she agreed. She offered me two dresses, one for that first night back on the concert stage which I have titled “Battle Gown” (Shown above). “Battle Gown” is a metallic coloured dress and though it is coincidental I like to think of it as a suit of armour symbolizing her strength and its delicate lacework as a symbol of her beauty, grace and talent. The other gown is entitled “Verdi’s Requiem” (Shown Right). This lovely gown was worn during a performance of “Verdi’s Requiem” after her fight was over. “Verdi’s Requiem” was also the last opera she performed before her diagnosis." 

Robin Thompson - Gingham Keepsake

"Robin Thompson’s mom saved a little dress for her. It wasn’t her dress at first, it was her older sister’s aged one and a half, who wore it to the hospital when Robin was born. Robin saved it for her two daughters. Both her daughters Allie and Ella wore the same yellow gingham dress at age one and a half."

Kim Floyd "Gingham Keepsake", acrylic on board, 8" x 6"

For purchase inquiries contact the gallery at (902) 425-9456 or via email at

You can also view the complete "Kimz*Met" exhibition online HERE

Monday, September 23, 2019

FALL in Love with Art by Kimberley Eddy

 "Ingramport Wave Window"

It may be the first official day of Fall today, but that doesn't mean our beach days are over. In fact, September and October are perfect months to visit the varied shorelines of Nova Scotia. Artist Kimberley Eddy makes her home in Nova Scotia and can't imagine a life without being near the ocean. Kim is also in love with her home from her past, in Bermuda. She tries to visit there often and is constantly inspired by it's beauty.

 Kim has created six original acrylic and ink paintings inspired from her home here in Nova Scotia as well as Bermuda.  Each work measures 8.5" 5.5"inches and is ready to frame, only $85.
Can you spot your favourite Nova Scotia or Bermuda beach?
Lawrencetown Wave Wash
"Summerville Beach Walk"

Here are the Bermuda beaches.....ahhhhhhhhhh!  (from top to bottom):
Cooper's Island Wave, Hidden Beach Surf and Flatts Inlet Sun Dapples -

 You can view the entire exhibit, which also includes some resin paintings and shells as well as an original sketchbook filled with art you can enjoy in it's hand-bound book or frame.  
"I hope for the viewer to be able to see the connections amongst the work, andhow approaching the ocean from many angles informs my usage of a variety of media" - Kimberley Eddy

Open your senses and allow a carefree coastal experience to unfold. Smell the fresh air. Hear the waves as they roll onto the shore. Immerse yourself in the adventure and anticipation of your own seaside arrival.  
Visit the gallery soon!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Downton Abbey=Downtown Argyle

in Honour of Downton Abbey and Tea!

We've just decided to host a tea drinking art looking party in honour of the long awaited Downton Abbey movie opening this weekend.

 BYTC- Bring your favourite tea cup- we'll provide the tea for FREE! We'll have a few other cups for use too. Drop by to sip on some hot English Breakfast Tea provided by the World Tea House this Saturday, September 21st from 2pm-3:30pm.

 Wear tweed or a fancy hat and we'll enter you to win a special gift from the Regional Assembly of Text.

To get you in the mood, here's an oil painting that is part of our sale right now by George Spencer. It's called "Strawberries and Creamer", 11" x 14", Regular Price of $575, NOW $430
...and here's what we will imagine is an old English garden filled with flowers by Catherine Bagnell Styles. It's called " My Happy Place", 20" x 20", acrylic on canvas, $895
miss you and stuff and contrary to popular belief, there is parking downtown on Saturdays! Online visits always welcomed too at

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

ART FANS WANTED! Rewards Offered



Although many of you tell your friends and colleagues about our gallery already through social media sharing (which is very important and appreciated) , sometimes the old ways of doing things are still the most effective. Word of mouth is just the best way to share information so we want to REWARD you for helping us get the word out about our gallery.

HOW IT WORKS: Drop in to pick up a few especially designed referral cards or ask us to mail them to you if you live at a distance. Put your info on the back of the card and hand out to anyone you think would enjoy our gallery.

Then,when they visit us in person they simply tell us how they found out about the gallery or give us the card you left with them. We'll give them a gift but put your name and info into a bi-monthly draw for a $100 credit!

Our first Draw for a $100 credit is happening on October 31st so getting sharing and get your name included in for the WIN!
*This is not based on whether a sale happens or not from your referral. We just want to THANK YOU for sharing our business with others and get more feet on the street...and into the gallery!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

INTRODUCING: Rachel Reeves' "Gyotaku" Series Paintings

Argyle Fine Art is excited to introduce the work of artist Rachel Reeve! 

Rachel has participated in past Pre-Shrunk exhibitions, but this is the first time the Gallery is exhibiting her larger format paintings.  We currently have 10 new works, fresh from the artists' studio!    

Based in the Annapolis Valley, Rachel is an interdisciplinary artist and educator.  Her work often includes printmaking, painting, and other mixed media techniques.  Rachel draws her inspiration from nature, and often explores the relationships humans have with their environment.

“I am attracted to the respect and affection for nature that exists in Japan...I strive toward innovation and resourcefulness in my practice, being receptive to the new. Whether it consists of ideas or methods, an open mindset is a key ingredient in the creative process...I think this way of working echoes the diversity in nature.” Rachel Reeve, from the Artist Statement.

Rachel Reeve, The Big Catch (Diptych), gyotaku, mixed media on canvas, 11" x 28"

A major component of Rachel's work is the use of a Japanese printmaking technique called "Gyotaku". Gyotaku originated in the mid 1800s as a means of recording and commemorating a fisherman's catch.

The process involves applying a water-based ink directly to the fish, and placing a thin sheet of Japanese paper over it.  By rubbing the surface of the paper gently, the impression (or print) of the fish can be lifted from its flesh. 

The fish print is then mounted onto canvas where it is collaged with other textured papers, and painted to create the finished work.

Because the ink is non-toxic, the fish can be properly cleaned, prepared and eaten.  

Rachel Reeve, Pickerel Invasion, gyotaku, mixed media on canvas, 30" x 40"

Rachel's work is inspired by nature and often explores themes of environmental sustainability.  The artist is also interested in the relationships humans have with the food they eat, where it comes from, and its environmental impact;

 "Each Gyotaku is a reflection on our human connection with nature. They are a reminder that we share the planet with all living species and that as humans we have a responsibility in recognizing the value of the natural world... It is my intention that these works honour that life and its habitat." Rachel Reeve, from the artist's statement.

Rachel Reeve, "Gaspereau Stripped Bass" gyotaku, mixed media on canvas, 36" x 48"

Argyle Fine Art is currently showing Rachel's work, and encourages anyone who hasn't been in, to drop by the gallery and see it in person.  You'll be glad you did!

Additional artworks from Rachel's Gyotaku series may also be viewed online HERE.

Artwork by Rachel Reeve are available for purchase through Argyle Fine Art.  For details and inquiries contact us at (902) 425-9456, or via email at