Monday, January 31, 2011

Pre-SHRUNK has LAUNCHED!! Horray!

Special thanks to all the artists, the friends, family, business partners and media that helped make Pre-Shrunk and our Grand Re-Opening a smashing success this past Friday night!!  We love our new space...and we think you all do too!

Make sure to check out ALL the little paintings on our website at . Happy Monday!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

THE LAST Pre-View...of Pre-Shrunk by Trevor Van Den Eijnden...Number Eleven!

En route to us from Vancouver, are a series of Crows by Trevor Van Den Eijnden which he likes to call his "Charlies".  Trevor has been showing with Argyle Fine Art  for many years now, and is known for his use of mixed media and gold, copper and silver leafing. We are delighted that he was able to participate again this year. He has also just finished 6 larger works he will be sending shortly.

PRE-SHRUNK PRE-VIEW part ... TEN! Dijon Curley

Dijon Curley is likely a familiar name to many of you, and we're thrilled to
say that he's one of our participating artists in this year's group exhibition.
This piece titled "Evening Summer Farm Light" is one of four stunning 
contributions he's made to the show. 

 And if you didn't catch it in our last ten posts...
Pre-Shrunk opens THIS Friday, January 28th, from 7-9pm.
Don't make the mistake of traveling to the waterfront... we've MOVED to Barrinton Street!
1559 Barrington to be exact 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pre-Shrunk Pre-View NINE! Gordon MacDonald

Many of you have been waiting for Gordon MacDonald's pre-shrunk's to be unveiled. 
His 4" x 5"'s on copper have long since been sought after, and this time is no different. 
Even in small scale, his work is beautiful, serene and timeless.

There was a rumor floating around about a rainbow appearing in one of his paintings,
and you'll either be glad or disappointed to hear that the rainbow did not make the cut. If I'm not mistaken, Gordon said "I tried, but it looked like I was about to paint a unicorn next, or maybe it needs leprechaun's..."

I hope you'll agree that Gordon's paintings are best when they're leprechaun free. 

Join us on January 28th from 7-9 for our annual Pre-Shrunk Show!
New location -1559 Barrington Street! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pre-Shrunk Pre-View EIGHT! Aaron LaShomb

Good day...and welcome to  Pre-Shrunk Preview Number 8. Today we are happy to introduce you to the art of Aaron LaShomb. We first met Aaron a few years ago, when Argyle Fine Art hosted fundraising events for the Halifax Skateboard Coalition  and the construction of the  Halifax Skatepark near the Commons in Halifax, NS. At that point, artists painted on skateboard decks. We remember Aaron's work and were delighted to see that he painted up five little pieces for our Grand Opening Show opening this Friday, January 28th, 7pm-9pm.  

Check out more information about the show at

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our first Blog mention about our New Space!! Horray!!

Hey everyone!

We're getting super excited about our Grand Opening at 1559 Barrington Street..our new location!  Here's what one local blogger and visiter saw earlier this week: Just click HERE

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pre-Shrunk Pre-View Part- SEVEN!

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
Why it's Angela Carlsen of course, with a new series of mixed media digital transfers. 
Gilt, not guilt, is a "a young female swine, that has not produced a litter"
Angela's work is colourful and fun, yet dark and unusual... and 
we can't wait for you to see the others.
Friday, Jan 28th

Pre-Shrunk Pre-View Part ... SIX

Something tells me that many of you have been waiting for images from this particular artist, Marcel Piet-Hein Kerkhoff. Kerkhoff has again delivered a group of creatures, painted with care and attention given only to the most special of subjects - there are FIVE portraits of some of his most popular animals, which many of us have come to treasure.

Stop by on Friday, Jan 28th at 7:00 pm and pay them a visit!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pre-Shrunk Pre-View FIVE!

Difficult to capture the three dimensionality of this piece through photograph, 
so you'll have to trust us that somehow, this artpiece is even MORE amazing in person. Even so, you may still be struck by how haunting and beautiful it is...We certainly are. 

Artist Jennifer Kathleen Cormier has submitted this, 
along with several other equally provocative pieces. 

Visit them on Friday, January 28th during our annual 
pre-shrunk group show, where all works are 4" x 5"

Friday, January 21, 2011


Suzanne Dallaire is another pre-shrunk participant who has contributed a number of 
outstanding paintings. We adore her typical Atlantic subject landscapes, painted 
in a way that's both unconventional and exciting.
See the others on Friday, January 28th from 7-9!
(unless of course.. you have one of our handy-dandy pre-shrunk vouchers, 
in which case we'll see you at 6:30)

vouchers are still available. 
only $150 rather than regular 
pre-shrunk price of $175.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Gallery friends, meet Uncle Gary... Uncle Gary, meet our gallery friends.
Isn't he handsome? We think so too. 
Gary is in a series of uncle owls, lovingly painted by emerging artist Melissa Townsend. 
Come and meet them on Friday, January 28th. 
If you're worried you  might lose your chance at taking him home, we still have a few 
pre-shrunk vouchers that would secure your place in line! 
Uncle Gary sternly recommends getting one.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


You may recognize this artist without our needing to name her, but just in case you can't put your finger on it... this painting is by Shelley Mitchell! A charming rendering of a boat in oil pastel - Mitchell has aptly titled this piece Boat#1 in a series of four paintings.
See the entire series in person on Friday, January 28th
in our annual Pre-Shrunk group show,
here at 1559 Barrington Street.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Itching to see who's participating in this year's annual pre-shrunk show? Visit our website and blog for a daily preview. Today's sneak peak is a 4" x 5" painting by Mark Brennan, one of many that  will be on display on Friday the 28th. 

This year's show is a big one, with many delightful little paintings. Lucky for you, we still have some of our vouchers available, entitling you to be one of the first in line to purchase a painting - in addition, vouchers are only $150 rather than the regular pre-shrunk price of $175. WOW! 
 Questions? Call us at the gallery! 902-425-9456

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our first week at our new space on Barrington Street!

Amazing customers that popped by for a visit of work by Gordon MacDonald
Well, life in downtown Halifax is pretty amazing. We're still setting up our downstairs gallery, which should be ready to go for our opening reception for PRE-SHRUNK on Friday, January 28th.  This week we painted all the plints, set up a new show on the walls and in the windows and had a guest artist appear on Friday afternoon- Gordon MacDonald.

Please drop by and see what you can see!  We have new hours for a little bit..Mondays and Sundays we are closed but we're open the rest of the week...working away like bees in prep for the BIG day! horray!

Front window on Saturday afternoon..Featuring work by Shelley Mitchell and we turned our plints into skyscrapers to display screen printed mugs and glassware by Kyla Francis! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Final Farewell

Didn't get the chance to bid adieu to our old Art space? Here are a few photos from the Historic Properties site on our last day of moving. 
It only took a few days to empty the gallery thanks to the help of friends, artists, and Joe. Safe to say that Joe (Adriana's husband) hauled more furniture, artwork, and stacks of building supplies than any one human should in their lifetime. Yikes! 

Hope you'll join us at our NEW LOCATION on Barrington Street. 
Adriana tells me she hopes we can have the upper level of the gallery ready for business 
THIS SATURDAY, January 8th. 
Think we can do it? Stop by and see! 


Hey everyone...I know Crystal is going to post some pics from our OLD gallery space....just after we moved out completely on Jan. 2nd.....but today is Jan. 4th...and walls are being painted at our new space..with hopes of opening the FIRST FLOOR of our gallery this Saturday. The SECOND floor has some work to do...but it's coming. Here are a few pics of us starting to load in, and start to create a whole new space to experience ART.