Do you ship? 
YES! In fact we consider ourselves masters of packing and shipping artwork. We ship both domestically and internationally. Did you know that NO tax is applied to Art when shipping outside of Canada! Your tax savings will offset much of the cost of shipping :)

Do You Have A Mailing List?
Of Course! And we'd be glad to keep you in the loop if you want to have your email/address included on this list. Simply send us an email (gallery@argylefa.com) with your contact info, or give us a call : 902-425-9456

I Would Like to Receive Notification, When the Artwork of a Specific Artist Arrives. Can That Be Done?  Yes! All of our artists have "fan lists" and these people are informed when new artwork arrives from their favorite artist.

Can I submit my own Artwork?


We are not currently actively looking for  new artists, we're always interested in seeing what local artists are up to, and may be interested in booking for future seasons or special events. Please EMAIL your submissions to gallery@argylefa.com (We do not recommend that you bring your artwork into the gallery, email submissions are MUCH preferred)
An exhibition proposal/ request to show a body of work at the gallery should include the following:
-A professional resume/CV
-An artist statement
-Slides, or CD or emailed jpgs.
-A Slide Sheet/ list of titles, dimensions, dates, prices

-Reviews, catalogues, articles
-SASE self addressed stamped envelope
-Proposal of work to be exhibited  (optional)
You can mail or drop off submissions addressed to:

Argyle Fine Art
Attention: Exhibitions Coordinator
1559 Barrington Street, Unit 102
Halifax, NS
B3J 1Z7

What are Your Gallery Hours? 

TUESDAY 11am-3pm




Do You Provide Services such as Framing 
and Art Appraisals? 
We don't frame  but can assist your framing needs with our framing partners in crime andart :-) . We don't do formal art appraisals HOWEVER we do offer other services such as art installation in homes and offices. We also offer art consultation and arrange commissions with our artists. Give us a call with your requests!