Saturday, November 19, 2022


We love stickers, so we curated a selection of local artists who are just as excited about stickers as us! 

If you drop by the gallery you might not see many paintings hanging on the wall but don't worry! Argyle Fine Art is hosting it's very first STICKER SHOWCASE! With 40+ artists and over 100 original sticker designs our walls are covered in new and affordable art for your enjoyment.

Nick Brunt
Carin Katagiri

Andrea Tsang Jackson
Oliver Oldfield

Deirdre Sokolowska
Evan Purney

Ava Jones
Amanda Ingram
Emily Clark

Liz Ranger

For many of these artists it was their first time designing and printing stickers but for others, making stickers is just part of their art practice.

Special thanks to Mike and the team at Minuteman Press for all the help for our first time sticker makers! We are blown away by the response for this collection and hope to do another sticker showcase in the future.

Kassandra Lois
Amber Gillespie

This showcase will be on display until December 3rd... DON'T MISS IT!

If you can't make it to the gallery you can see the full show HERE

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Falling Back- Time Change Time!


Alicia Braganza, Bon Nuit, Acrylic on Board, 6"x12"
 Did you remember to set your clocks back, and prepare for some dark and cozy early nights?

Heidi Holloway, Good Idea, Acrylic on Board, 20"x16"

The time switch always reminds us how much the magnificent skylight impacts our lives, and how often it plays as inspiration for artists whose work you can find at Argyle Fine Art.

Mary Garoutte, Light Pollution Landscape III, Oil on Panel, 6"x6"

We have put together some pieces that capture the magic of playing with light, and the beauty of the moon, the setting sun and all that surround them. Feel free to get excited for the quiet wintry nights ahead, or reminisce on the bright summer nights we've had, or simply use this as your reminder to change the clocks. Either way, enjoy!



Oh...before we forget!  We have a NIGHT TIME EDITION of a plein air workshop with Jack Ross happening this Sunday, November 13th, 4pm-6pm. Last plein air for the year! JOIN US! It's going to be fun! And we'll have hot chocolate to keep you going and staying warm! 


Jack Ross, Lit Bridge on Waterfront, Acrylic on Board, 8"x12"

Mark Brennan, Evening Whitehill, Nova Scotia, Watercolour, 5"x7"

Danny Abriel, A Favorable Light, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x36"

Amanda Ingram, Night Sky, Watercolour and Ink, 3"x3"

Briana Corr Scott, Pines at Night, Art Print, 11"x14"

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Finding Calm, Oil on Canvas, 18"x24"

Gordon MacDonald, Lantz At 6 17am , 12" x 12", Oil on Copper

Jack Ross, Afternoon Light Granville, Acrylic on Board, 14" Round

Mark Brennan, Quiet Cove Mitchell Bay, Acrylic on Paper, 5"x5"

Geordan Moore, Goodnight Goodnight, Screenprint, 19"x25"

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Affordable Art: All Year Round!

Ahhh, another Nocturne has come and gone! Here at Argyle Fine Art we have been reflecting on the warm and fuzzy feelings we get when folks can come together and enjoy art-without worrying about the cost!

Discovering art you love is a wonderful occurrence that everyone deserves to experience, and feeling comfortable enough to take it home should be part of it too. We feel so strongly about this that we decided to highlight a few of the ways we work to make art accessible and affordable for anyone to enjoy!

Pat Shattuck, Deedee's Ice Cream, Matted Print, $10-40

Many people feel too intimidated to let themselves fully experience or even enter an art gallery. There is no need to worry, Halifax is a small fish city in the big ocean of an art world, and this means the art community here is approachable and intimate. If you are looking for somewhere to start, come on down and give us a visit.

Basil Doucette, Assorted Folk Art Birds, Acrylic on Hand-Carved Wood, $15-20

We are a commercial gallery and privately owned, which means you will never have to pay to come in and look around like a museum or some other public galleries. There aren't many spaces or activities anymore that are completely free, and you can take as much time as you'd like to simply hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.

Raquel Roth, Hand Painted Cards, Acrylic on Canvas Paper, $10-20

Everything we show here at the gallery deserves to find a home. It's more important that you love it than that you are an art expert! There is no prior knowledge required to enjoy art. However, there is often an emotional attachment involved both for the artist and the customer, which comes with its own value.

Julian Covey, Functional Ceramic Giftware, $50-65

If you've never been into Argyle Fine Art (or a gallery in general), the first artwork that comes to mind is probably a large scale piece with a large scale price tag. Don't be discouraged, there is so much more out there! We have stickers, bookmarks, cards, prints, postcards, jewellery, ornaments, ceramics and more! You can do little things such as frame your print, and it will be just as impactful as a larger piece. There are many treasures to be found that cost less than it would to dine out for one meal! Plus, you get to give it a home for the long term. 

(Left) The Critter Company, Cat in Toque Sticker, $5
(Right) Amy Crosby, Lighthouse Vinyl Sticker, $6

If you fall in love with a larger piece there are options too! We do payment plans, and we can work together to figure out the best way for you to take what you love home over an allotted period of time. Payment plans are interest-free, so you don't have to worry about feeling rushed.

Jack Ross, Cape Split, Acrylic on Wood Panel, 11"x14", $475

We are always changing around what we have on show here at the gallery! If you are interested in something that you don't see on the walls, we can help you look at the collections tucked away to find what you are looking for.

Our annual Pre-Shrunk Showcase is a great chance to own a piece of art for an affordable price. Each year we show work from artists in various mediums that all measure 4"x5", and are $175. This is a wonderful way to start out if you are considering to start collecting original local art in Canada.

If you spend any time at the gallery you may meet some of the local artists whose work is shown here! They often stop by to drop off new pieces or just to visit. Developing an intimate relationship with the makers behind the art is one of our favourite parts about the environment here. Having conversations with the artists can also help to lower the intimidation factor of spending time in a gallery. Everyone is just a member of the community, whether they are making, purchasing, sharing, or simply enjoying the art.

(Left) Wendy Roy Maker, Earrings, Resin, $40
(Right) Angela Doak, Flying Squirrel Card, $6

We work with many emerging artists, which means you can help support people in the beginning of their career. Emerging works are often quite affordable, and a little goes a long way in supporting the development of their work! Not only are you supporting the artist, you are participating in the support of a local small business and contributing to the culture of the community, which we are thankful for in many ways.

At the end of the day, cost concerns shouldn't have to stop you from enjoying art you love! Sharing art is what we are here for, and if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you, we will!

Briana Corr Scott, House by the Sea, Art Print, 11"x14", $35