Friday, August 24, 2012

Go Angela, Go!

We're now approaching Angela Carlsen's big departure day that she's had in the works for some time.  She's about to let go of the familial comforts that go along with having a home, so that she can travel freely and live a creative life. She's about to embark an incredible journey in her "bARTer van" where she'll roam North America, while exchanging artwork and creativity in exchange for food, gas and money. Before she takes off, have a look at what we have here at the gallery by Carlsen - it's the perfect time to invest in this exceptional artist!

Oh - and make sure you swing by her YARD SALE on Sunday, August 26th (see image below) and keeps tabs on her travels via her blog!! (click here for blog link)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

IF you LOVE our gallery, please VOTE for us!

The Coast's BEST OF HALIFAX voting has begun!  The Coast is a wonderful alternative newspaper that supports and features stories from Halifax- with a particular interest in cultural events, creators of music, art and local everything!!

There are so many great categories to vote on, but we'd LOVE to have your vote for BEST GALLERY (and perhaps you'd like to vote for BEST VISUAL artist there too...our gallery has so many greats to choose from!)
Thanks so much- this will mean a lot to us. :-)

 Here is the link to make it easy for you all
If we win, we'll host a very artful party and invite you all...either in person or virtually! 

Adriana and Crystal

Crystal and Adriana re-enacting the Melissa Townsend painting 
behind the desk. We really have too much fun at work!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Have you SEEN these paintings?!?! Incredible...

Whether you're an art collector, or someone who appreciates the arts from time to time, you really ought to make a special trip into the gallery to see these incredible works by Gordon MacDonald. You'll see the city in a whole new way, and perhaps learn a
 few things about colour and light...

Friday, August 17, 2012


There isn't much we can say that would effectively express how excited we are for this new body of work. Gordon MacDonald's annual exhibitions are a real treat for us, and today is the big day.

We hope you'll agree that Gordon is one of the finest landscape artists around, near or far, and we think we're pretty lucky to have him here in our province. 
Tonight you're all invited to see his most recent paintings in a show titled "Between Hours" 
Join us here at 1559 Barrington Street from 7-9pm to meet the artist, and view his glowing skies.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Skies are Alive...with Gordon MacDonald's latest body of work!

As many of you know, Gordon MacDonald's  opening reception will be this Friday, August 17th, 7-9pm.  We've just received the work and will be hanging this magnificent show tomorrow night, but in the meantime you can enjoy it online here:

The piece below has been stopping people in their tracks. Keep in mind it's 4 feet x 4 feet- one of the largest pieces by Gordon to date. It's an interesting view from the 15th floor of an office located inside the Maritime Centre.

Robyn's Red Boat, Oil on Canvas 48" x 48" $4500

Here's another beauty; it's a beautiful smaller work that also has so much power.Gordon MacDonald is a master at capturing the amazing skies in Atlantic Canada.

The Colour I Remember 8"x 12" Oil on Linen Board $650

 Forgive us if we miss a day or two of blogging, while we prepare for this exhibition.We'd love to see you all come out to the opening reception, but just in case you can't be here on Friday evening, Gordon will be at the gallery on Saturday, August 18th from 2pm onwards. The show will continue until September 4th.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oliver the Owl would like to remind you.....bidding ends this Friday, August 17th at 5pm. WHOOT WHOOT!

Hello everyone and happy Monday! 

Here is a wonderful picture taken by an adoring fan of owls and Melissa Townsend's art, of OLIVER the real -life owl that inspired the portrait of Oliver in the distance and visited our gallery a few weeks ago.

This work is still up for silent auction with bidding ending this Friday, August 17th at 5pm. The current bid is at $975, and is updated on this blogs homepage when there are changes.

As we predict there were be a scurry of activity on that day, make sure to get in touch with us with your bids via phone at 902-425-9456 if possible, sooner than later. 

Remember...all of the money raised from this work will be donated to HOPE FOR WILDLIFE from this painting, so you're not only getting a wonderful work of art and story, but helping a wonderful group of caring people and the animals. .

Melissa's show has sold out completely...even though the show was supposed to carry on until the end of this week!  This is truly amazing and we'd like to thank all of you for making this such a success and supporting local artists and our local  business.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Buuhaarrhgaaahhh bluaaaahhhhhh

"The Zombie" Mixed Media on Board 18" x 24"  by Nick Brunt $400

Best of luck to all you folks who are once again making the ungodly transition into your annual zombie state. To those who will remain human tomorrow, you'll either want to lock your doors and stay inside, or make your way downtown and enjoy the sights of the annual ZOMBIE WALK!! Have a look at this great article (Click Here) written by the wonderful Lauren Oostveen for more information.

Friday, August 10, 2012

NEW ARTIST ALERT:::: Kat Serediuk

Pairing contemporary geometric patterns with natural wildlife scenes gives Kate Serediuk's work a great mix of style. Attractive to art lovers both young and old, this brand new collection of birds is an absolute must see! This is our very first time featuring Serediuk's work - so come on down and become aquainted with these fantastic paintings - they've only JUST arrived, and we think they'll make quite a splash. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vaughn Gray

Three more captivating landscapes have just arrived from Vaughn Gray! Their colours are rich, vibrant, and perfectly evocative of our warm Nova Scotian summers. 
There's really no place like home.

Farmer's Road Acrylic on Board 5" x 7" Vaughn Gray $150

Cape Breton Sunset Acrylic on Canvas 6" x 6" Vaughn Gray $200

Treeline Along a Stone Wall Acrylic on Canvas Vaughn Gray $550

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Turtle Party!!

Although he doesn't look a day over 85, Gus the beloved turtle is marking his 90th birthday this weekend, and it looks like we're all invited. A party at his place is always good news, considering he lives at the Museum of Natural History - one of the coolest places to visit in our fair Halifax. 
Here's what's in store for Saturday at the Museum of Natural History: 

10:00 am - Live Animal Show with special guests Little Ray's Reptile Show
10:30 am - Kids in Space program on Science on a Sphere
11:00 am - Birthday wishes and cupcakes
1:30 pm - Bees!
2:00 pm - Book Reading and Launch of the new Nimbus book "Gus the Tortoise takes a walk".
2:30 pm - Birthday wishes, Cake and Refreshments
3:00 pm - Special Gus Walk
4:00 pm - Live Animal Show with special guests Little Ray's Reptile Show

Check out their website for more info on the museum, and the turtle festivities :)

  Here are a few folk wood carvings crafted by the wonderful Basil Doucette, with balloons dedicated to friendly ol' Gus.

We also just received a flock of little wooden birds, carved by Basil. They're beautiful little keepsakes, priced at $18. What a Steal!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stuart Melanson

We've introduced you to this emerging artist once or twice before, but for those who missed out on seeing his first collection of works, you'll be happy to know that we've just received another suite of paintings. Most on board, some on canvas, Stuart Melanson's work is rendered with remarkable precision and expertise...  did you know that he's self taught? Incredible. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Michelle St. Onge (part deux)

We can't wait to show you the new pieces that have arrived this morning, in addition to the new pieces that we received yesterday!! The gallery walls are brimming with perfectly captured 
Nova Scotian cityscapes by Michelle St. Onge. 
Her work turns our familiar maritime sights into fresh contemporary artwork. Below are a few more examples the of screenprints crafted by St Onge ; only this time, she's using vintage 
maps of the province as a backdrop.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Michelle St. Onge

The lovely Michelle St. Onge is once again jet setting towards warmer climate, and is now destined for beautiful Austin, Texas. Her little studio here in Nova Scotia will have to wait until her next return. Until then, she's left us with a treasure trove of original screen prints, stretched over canvas frames.  Recognize any of these scenes?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gordon MacDonald, At Ten Years Old.

Now here's an interesting story for you;
Gordon MacDonald was recently re-united with a work of art that he produced about forty odd years ago, thanks to his wonderful aunt who treasured and kept it safe in her collection for as many years. It turns out that Gordon was quite set in his path at the tender age of ten... Do you see any similarities between these two paintings? One was painted in 1972, and the other was painted about two weeks ago :)

Ten year old Gordon would be proud to know that the adult version is once again working towards a solo exhibition, opening here at Argyle Fine Art on August 17th. Keep your eyes peeled for sneak peeks, and morsels of information on the blog in the next coming  weeks!