Friday, March 28, 2014

SPRING is right around the corner.Celebrate it with ART!

Emerging artist Alexa Cude is just one of the many talented emerging artists we've discovered this season from our Pre-Shrunk Show in 2014. (for the record, there are many great little pieces still available and for viewing from this show by going to this link: )

We'll be attempting to bring in a very large oval shaped work by Alexa next if you are in the city, watch for it in the windows of the gallery soon, but in the meantimecheck it out here. Now imagine it this piece measuring 6 feet by 4 feet...

Of course, there are smaller works still available from our Pre-Shrunk show by Alexa too. Take one home today! These little ones measure just 4" x 5", and are $175 each. We think they'd make the perfect baby gift or perhaps for Easter time, which is just around the corner...

All works are drawings/paintings on wood with oil paint and pencil crayon.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

NEW ARTIST + NEW WORK /// Natasha Krzyzewski

The salty floors have been scrubbed, and a fresh collection artwork has been hung on the walls, making the gallery feel alive and bright once again - just in time for the real spring (you know, the one that doesn't include a house shaking blizzard with 50cm of snow.)

Works by Jane Rovers, James Farrell, and Norma Jean MacLean are on feature, along with new (to us) artist, Natasha Krzyzewski. We've been following Natasha's works for some time now, and we're delighted to finally be able to display a proper collection of paintings by this rising young artist. Please stop in, and have a look for yourselves.


Thursday, March 20, 2014


Alright then, let's get this show on the road, shall we? Move over ice pellets, tim+to let the green grass push up through the mud, and reveal some warm sunshine for the birdies to play in. I'm ready. So too are these happy little songbirds, hand carved by Basil Doucette. Stop in for a moment to visit them,
 and let the memory of winter fade away..

Basil's little birdies are $18 each or $25 for an owl! and guess what?
To herald the start of spring, we have them at 15% off

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Fine Art and Fine Dining go Together: New work at CHIVES Canadian Bistro

As many of you know, Argyle Fine Art likes to do things slightly out of the box and even, sometimes take artworks out of our box (the gallery) and place them right in front of you in the community.

Today we took some new and recent works by George Spencer over to Chives Canadian Bistro. Go on a date, dine on fine food and wine or perhaps just drop in for dessert and watch for these pieces and more.

Showcasing art all around town and working with other local businesses just makes sense. Enjoy!

George Spencer's artwork hung at Chives Canadian Bistro in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Saturday, March 15, 2014

NEW WORK: bowls by Bronwyn Arundel!

We were so delighted to receive these new covered bowls by local ceramicist Bronwyn Arundel, with beautiful lids and charming woodland animals. They're the perfect vessel to bridge this transition from winter into spring... A good hearty soup is all you need to keep you going! 
(oh, and these porcelain bowls are oven safe too!)  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pamela McInnis & The Puppet Dudes!

March break has arrived, so it's time to get out and enjoy some quality time with the family.. You've browsed through all the movie listings four or five times now... and sledding isn't exactly at the top of your list considering the weather. What's a family to do that's fun, cultural, and outside the norm? How about visiting an Art gallery FULL OF PUPPETS?!?! Yeah, we thought you might enjoy that.
Visit our current exhibition here at argyle fine art featuring Pamela McInnis's puppet dudes. 
It's great fun for EVERYONE! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

PLAY: A new show just Opened at Argyle Fine Art. Come PLAY!

Happy MONDAY everyone!  We're looking forward to a full week of FUN and PLAY with all of you and our new show that opened called....PLAY...just in time for March Break.! Perfect for the entire family!

This show features a variety of works within the theme of "carnival" in harmony with the playful puppets that are living within the gallery by artist Pamela MacInnis. You can watch an interview with Pamela and see some of the puppets HERE at this LINK:

Here are two new works that are on our walls for the show PLAY as well, by emerging artist Norma Jean MacLean. We don't expect them to last make sure to drop by and see them and the entire show anytime in person. Show continues until March 20th

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CATS and DOGS....E x t e n d e drop by and SEE!

Hey folks! The CAT PERSON. DOG PERSON show was so popular with folks that we have decided to extend it for a little while still. So make sure to drop by Argyle Fine Art and SEE the show, which will be located in our lower gallery bu is also located online at

So many affordable works and creative takes on the theme..the love affair we all have with our beloved furry family members. Below are two works by artist Lindsay Hicks, who is also the artist that is still taking orders for 10 minute sketches of your pets. Just send us an image of your cat or dog or bird (?) . Drawings are just $25 and make the perfect gift.

Don't forget to bring a food or toy donation for a cat or dog in your community. We'll be donating all to local rescue organizations.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

FOUR at 5: A new blog posting featuring some of our favourties each Saturday at 5pm..ish...

FOUR at 5 was an idea that just struck me this morning...Why not showcase some pieces that we love here at the gallery and are surprised haven't found homes yet?! ...perhaps even four of them each Saturday at 5pm....although be it, we're late today....ooops.

Anyway, without further are four pieces that we thought we'd feature this evening. Make sure to tune-in each Saturday at 5pm for more special showcases......

This first grouping have a certain industrial feeling about them. Buildings and structures that we drive past each day and we may not consider painting worthy, but thankfully there are artists all around us that SEE everything, and then SHOW us how to SEE again and again...

These places and spaces have a similiar mood too...maybe it's the light, the isolation....You be the judge.

Dusk, MacKay Bridge- Oil on Board by Mary Garoutte
Days End- Oil on Canvas by Dennis Reid
Built to Last- Oil on Board by Gordon MacDonald

Photography on Metal- by Angela Carlsen

If you are interested in any of these works, contact the gallery directly at or call us at 902-425-9456.