Saturday, March 1, 2014

FOUR at 5: A new blog posting featuring some of our favourties each Saturday at 5pm..ish...

FOUR at 5 was an idea that just struck me this morning...Why not showcase some pieces that we love here at the gallery and are surprised haven't found homes yet?! ...perhaps even four of them each Saturday at 5pm....although be it, we're late today....ooops.

Anyway, without further are four pieces that we thought we'd feature this evening. Make sure to tune-in each Saturday at 5pm for more special showcases......

This first grouping have a certain industrial feeling about them. Buildings and structures that we drive past each day and we may not consider painting worthy, but thankfully there are artists all around us that SEE everything, and then SHOW us how to SEE again and again...

These places and spaces have a similiar mood too...maybe it's the light, the isolation....You be the judge.

Dusk, MacKay Bridge- Oil on Board by Mary Garoutte
Days End- Oil on Canvas by Dennis Reid
Built to Last- Oil on Board by Gordon MacDonald

Photography on Metal- by Angela Carlsen

If you are interested in any of these works, contact the gallery directly at or call us at 902-425-9456.