Monday, March 10, 2014

PLAY: A new show just Opened at Argyle Fine Art. Come PLAY!

Happy MONDAY everyone!  We're looking forward to a full week of FUN and PLAY with all of you and our new show that opened called....PLAY...just in time for March Break.! Perfect for the entire family!

This show features a variety of works within the theme of "carnival" in harmony with the playful puppets that are living within the gallery by artist Pamela MacInnis. You can watch an interview with Pamela and see some of the puppets HERE at this LINK:

Here are two new works that are on our walls for the show PLAY as well, by emerging artist Norma Jean MacLean. We don't expect them to last make sure to drop by and see them and the entire show anytime in person. Show continues until March 20th