Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back to School with Art!

It's that time of year again... WELCOME BACK STUDENTS! While we're sure you're settling into your dorms and getting acquainted or reacquainted with the city (a lot can change over a summer, huh?), we'd like to help your new space feel more like home with art!

Bye bye summer, hello fall!

Until the end of September we're offering 20% OFF to students with a valid student! Of course some exceptions apply, but the discount is applicable to everything from jewellery to folk art, cards and stickers, to prints and paintings! We've got some really fun pieces in right now, like these great prints...

A few of the assorted prints we have!

We've got so many wonderful things in the gallery for you to check out! Everything we carry is made by local artists and crafters, so not only do you get fantastic art but you're supporting a local business and creators! Wins all around!

Greebs! Come meet them in person!

Here at Argyle Fine Art we try to make ourselves accessible and we believe art is for everyone! We have new shows every three weeks or so and new work coming in almost daily. We also have a few open call show through the year so be sure to check in.

A card for every occasion...

I'll leave you with the best part of back to school prep... new stickers for your notebooks! Pop in soon to take advantage of this sweet 20% off deal before it's done!

Sticker sheets by Angela Doak

Sticker packs by Jodie Hansen

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

"The Bare Elements" Landscapes: New work by Mark Brennan

Who doesn't love a spontaneous show? How about one that's two years in the making? Well we're happy to oblige with "The Bare Elements", a new body of work by artist Mark Brennan.

Mark Brennan's new 36"x48" works.

Brennan has been busy working away on this new body of work, which features several large works, including this stunning piece below:

Mark Brennan, The Channel, Stove Pipe Run, 36"x48", Oil on Board

Brennan has developed this new body of work as an opportunity to work larger scale and to find new ways to play and experiment in his work. The results are spectacular.

Mark Brennan, Bog Edge, 20"x24", Oil on Canvas

You'll get to see work from Brennan in this show you may not expect, like this figurative piece below:

Mark Brennan, Lake Crossing, Dayspring Lake, 36"x36", Oil on Canvas

Be sure to stop in and see these beauties, "The Bare Elements" runs until Sept 9th, but we have a feeling a lot of these pieces will be taking off before then. You can see the whole show online by clicking HERE.

Okay one more peek...

Two of Mark Brennan's new works. Come see!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Art is Everything: Playful Sculptures

Yesterday we had our final August installment of our Art is Everything series at the gallery, Playful Sculptures. We had gallery favourite Dorothyanne Brown, who creates the most magical felted soft sculpture animals. Marionnette master Darren “Geppetto” Moreash was here with his friends on strings. Lastly puppet maker and entertainer Terry Angus was here with Fraggles and Muppets alike. Talking to Fozzie Bear was pure joy for all in attendance.

Fozzie extolling from his throne to some kids at heart.

Dorothyanne brought many of her fabulous creations with her, in addition the fantastic beasts we have of hers in the gallery. She brought in some of the tools of the felting trade so you could try your hand at getting stabby. Dorothyanne’s creations bring so much joy to everyone who encounters them, so much so that when purchased they become a part of the family.

Dorothyanne Brown showing some fans her pieces.

Some of Dorothyanne's fabulous soft sculptures.
A new felter working on Dorothyanne's demo.
Dorothyanne Brown, Felted Cod

Darren has been making marionettes for the better part of 20 years and is truly the master of puppets. His marionettes have lead him to meet many of his musical idols and his pieces have been gifts to metal icons the world over. Each marionette is carved, clothed and painted by hand.

Darren Moreash showing off his stringed pals.
Darren Moreash, Marionettes
Marionettes in process.

Terry is a local treasure, was hired by Jim Henson as a teen after auditioning as a puppeteer, to work on on Fraggle Rock as well as other Muppet specials. Terry also builds puppets after working at Jim Henson Productions in Toronto. He’s made many a Muppet, Fraggle and has even developed his own characters, including Butch G Cat.

Terry Angus and Fozzie Bear
Some younger fans came out to meet Fozzie.

Thank you everyone who was able to make it out to an Art is Everything event this August. We had a blast hosting so many creative people and getting to be part of so many great conversations. We hope you’ll join us again in the future to meet the creative people in our community! Keep checking in on our Events/Exhibitions tab above to keep up with the fun things we’re doing around the gallery!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Art is Everything: Repurposing with Purpose

Yesterday we had our third Thursday "Art is Everything" event. This week we had our wonderful Re-Purposers in to show how they turn something old or discarded into something new and incredible. The creativity in the gallery (and out front) was electric!

Angela Doak

First we had Angela Doak, who creates collages out of recylced paper - everything from scraps to candy wrappers, each little piece contains a bit of magic.  

Angela Doak, Stages of Collage

Angela's work focuses on animals, and started as a way for her to make art for her children. Now you can find Angela's work at the gallery, craft fairs and in her new book with Nimbus Publishing, Atlantic Animal ABC!

She was kind enough to sign some copies for us, so pick them up while they're still available!

Kim Danio

Next is the fiercely creative Kim Danio, who takes shoes and turns them into masterpieces. Kim has created animals, buildings, boats, circus scenes, fairy tale scenes - you name it, she's done it.

Kim Danio, Fairy Treehouse and Process

Her eye and ability to look at a shoe and pull out something new and creative is astounding and so joyful.

Kim Danio, Fairy Tree House

Kim brought two new fairy houses with her, and they're so amazing they must be seen in person to appreciate all the detail. However if you can't make it in you can see them online by clicking HERE.

Ed Beals

Then there's Ed Beals. Need a ray gun? Ed's your guy!

Ed Beals, Ray Gun in Process

How about a robot? Ed's your guy! Really anything made of metal odds and ends, Ed's your guy! With a keen building sense and an eye for detail, Ed makes all kinds of extraordinary pieces.

Ed Beals, Watch out little buddy!

There's a sense of imagination, nostalgia and fun in every piece he makes!

William Rudolph

Last, but most certainly not least, is William Rudolph aka Rudy, who makes all kinds of functional pieces out of reclaimed bike parts.

William Rudolph, Bike Parts Lamp and Works in Process

Rudy helps build and retrofit bikes by trade, his art making is just a habit he can't quit. His lamps are some of the most satisfying to switch on and off, which may be a weird thing to say, but if you come in and try one out we promise you'll understand.

William Rudolph, Glasses

Be sure to join us next Thursday, August 24th, from 12-2:30pm for our last installment, "Art is Everything: Playful Sculptures". We'll have Darren Moreash, who makes amazing hand carved marionettes; Dorothyanne Brown, who makes your favourite felted animals; and Terry Angus, who worked for Jim Henson and makes fantastic puppets. See you then!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Art is Everything: Designing Women

Yesterday we hosted our second Art is Everything event, that featured Designing Women; Jodie Hansen, Chris Bennett, and Melissa Lloyd! During the month of August on Thursdays from noon-2:30pm we're having fun events with local creatives who are sharing their ideas and processes about art with you. For more info on the Art is Everything series you can check out our Exhibits & Events tab above, or by clicking HERE.

We had a great time with Jodie, Chris and Melissa, and each of them brought a unique and insightful perspective to having your own creative outlets while balancing a career in design, where you have to tailor your creativity to meet the needs of a client.

The energy in the gallery was great, the conversations were engaging and the laughter was infectious. Each of our guests had thoughtful ideas and experiences to share.

Melissa talked about making the time for your creative outlet to reduce stress. Through her company Doodle Lovely she's developed resources to help you do just that, and maybe even unearth some hidden talents as well. You can see more from Melissa on her website, Doodle Lovely.

Melissa Lloyd - Doodle Lovely

Jodie reminded us to stay on the silly side and not take everything we make so seriously. If you've been in the gallery you may have noticed a good chunk of our cards and other stationary items are made by Jodie. We can always tell when someone's found them by the laughter in our card section. You can follow Jodie's brain as she comes up with fun new pieces on her Instagram page.

Jodie Hansen - Design Corner

Chris talked about the joy in making art for yourself and figuring out what makes you happy, and then sharing it with the world in magical ways, like she does through her My Happy Place Project, which you can find on her Instagram page or by using the #myhappyplaceproject hashtag.

Chris Bennett - My Happy Place Project

Make sure to join us next Thursday, August 17th, from noon-2:30pm for our next Art is Everything event, Re-Purposing with Purpose. This event will feature creative folk who take odds and ends and turn them into art. It will feature Kim Danio, who makes amazing sculptural pieces out of shoes; Ed Beals, who can take a few metal bits and bobs and turn them into a ray gun, a robot, or whatever his imagination is set on; William Rudolph, who turns old bike parts into functional pieces of art, from candle holders, to belts and lamps; and Angela Doak, who creates collages out of paper scraps, like candy wrappers, and has just released a kids alphabet book about Atlantic animals with Nimbus publishing! We are so looking forward to you meeting these creative and economic artists and builders!

Melissa Lloyd, Chris Bennett and Jodie Hansen

Thank you again to Jodie, Chris and Melissa for sharing their time and insights with us. See you next Thursday!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

LAST HIGH NOON at NOON and RECAP of others still available!

Well, we're happy to say that our HIGH NOON AT NOON event this last 13 days went over quite well. Many amazing works from various artists found new homes. Today we are featuring our very last HIGH NOON AT NOON, a bit later than usual, as we also have added a few works still available featured below the current one of the day. **You can find out more info on each of these pieces in our various HIGH NOON posts on this blog. **

Today's HIGH NOON AT NOON work is a winter scene by Gordon MacDonald called "Watching Winter" and measures 11" x 14", Oil on Board. It's quite a magical painting and the more you look at it the more you see. Soft light and long shadows....Somehow Gordon always manages to make Winter look warm.

SOLD UNTIL TOMORROW at 4pm, THIS PAINTING IS PRICED at $595 and then will be priced at the regular price of $895.

 BELOW ARE IMAGES OF OTHER WORKS STILL AVAILABLE AT HIGH NOON PRICES UNTIL END OF THIS WEEK. For individual information, refer to our blog post for each one or call us/email us for details!