Tuesday, August 8, 2017

LAST HIGH NOON at NOON and RECAP of others still available!

Well, we're happy to say that our HIGH NOON AT NOON event this last 13 days went over quite well. Many amazing works from various artists found new homes. Today we are featuring our very last HIGH NOON AT NOON, a bit later than usual, as we also have added a few works still available featured below the current one of the day. **You can find out more info on each of these pieces in our various HIGH NOON posts on this blog. **

Today's HIGH NOON AT NOON work is a winter scene by Gordon MacDonald called "Watching Winter" and measures 11" x 14", Oil on Board. It's quite a magical painting and the more you look at it the more you see. Soft light and long shadows....Somehow Gordon always manages to make Winter look warm.

SOLD UNTIL TOMORROW at 4pm, THIS PAINTING IS PRICED at $595 and then will be priced at the regular price of $895.

 BELOW ARE IMAGES OF OTHER WORKS STILL AVAILABLE AT HIGH NOON PRICES UNTIL END OF THIS WEEK. For individual information, refer to our blog post for each one or call us/email us for details!