Friday, August 25, 2017

Art is Everything: Playful Sculptures

Yesterday we had our final August installment of our Art is Everything series at the gallery, Playful Sculptures. We had gallery favourite Dorothyanne Brown, who creates the most magical felted soft sculpture animals. Marionnette master Darren “Geppetto” Moreash was here with his friends on strings. Lastly puppet maker and entertainer Terry Angus was here with Fraggles and Muppets alike. Talking to Fozzie Bear was pure joy for all in attendance.

Fozzie extolling from his throne to some kids at heart.

Dorothyanne brought many of her fabulous creations with her, in addition the fantastic beasts we have of hers in the gallery. She brought in some of the tools of the felting trade so you could try your hand at getting stabby. Dorothyanne’s creations bring so much joy to everyone who encounters them, so much so that when purchased they become a part of the family.

Dorothyanne Brown showing some fans her pieces.

Some of Dorothyanne's fabulous soft sculptures.
A new felter working on Dorothyanne's demo.
Dorothyanne Brown, Felted Cod

Darren has been making marionettes for the better part of 20 years and is truly the master of puppets. His marionettes have lead him to meet many of his musical idols and his pieces have been gifts to metal icons the world over. Each marionette is carved, clothed and painted by hand.

Darren Moreash showing off his stringed pals.
Darren Moreash, Marionettes
Marionettes in process.

Terry is a local treasure, was hired by Jim Henson as a teen after auditioning as a puppeteer, to work on on Fraggle Rock as well as other Muppet specials. Terry also builds puppets after working at Jim Henson Productions in Toronto. He’s made many a Muppet, Fraggle and has even developed his own characters, including Butch G Cat.

Terry Angus and Fozzie Bear
Some younger fans came out to meet Fozzie.

Thank you everyone who was able to make it out to an Art is Everything event this August. We had a blast hosting so many creative people and getting to be part of so many great conversations. We hope you’ll join us again in the future to meet the creative people in our community! Keep checking in on our Events/Exhibitions tab above to keep up with the fun things we’re doing around the gallery!