Sunday, May 31, 2020


With provincial restrictions lifting and the warmer weather approaching, we hope everyone's finding their bearings, as we emerge from quarantine and begin exploring the "New Normal".  

We also hope you've been enjoying our "Sunday Studio Days Series" as much as we've been enjoying sharing our Artists' Studios (and their work) with you. This week we'll be looking at the creative space of gallery artist Miyoshi Kondo.

You will no doubt be familiar with Miyoshi's signature painting style.  Working exclusively in gouache, Miyoshi's work is colourful, playful, and often explores the relationships between our constructed and natural environments...

Inside Miyoshi's Studio...

"Ideas for paintings usually seep in when I am moving through an outdoor space, urban or rural. I collect these imaginings in words in my sketchbook. I accompany them with a rough thumbnail sketch but it's oddly enough the words I use when I sit down to create a visual image."

Tools of the trade...Miyoshi paints exclusively in Gouache.  

"To begin, I draw out all the line work using a mechanical pencil on watercolour paper. Then the painting begins. It is all done using gouache with a brush. The spaces are comparable to a paint by number and I start with colour usually the largest area to the smallest. The last and slowest step is painting in the black lines." 

An assortment of art supplies and paper, all within reach!

"My inspiration comes from thinking about how we live and interact with our environment and create living spaces. I like to approach these issues in a playful way. I often consider the impacts of development and technology and how this informs the way we approach the world and each other." - Miyoshi Kondo

Miyoshi Kondo, "Canned", 13" x 21", gouache on paper

Miyoshi Kondo, "Life Is A Highway", 16" x 14", gouache on paper

Miyoshi Kondo, "Flight", 10" x 10", gouache on paper

 To see more of Miyoshi's work, follow the link to our FLICKR page HERE

Featured works are available for purchase.
For details, contact the gallery at
(902) 425-9456, or via email at 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Be a Hero! Wear a MASK!

Artist Yoko White is best known for her highly detailed and meticulous hand embroidery art at our gallery. But in the last few days she has turned her attention to making beautiful and functional masks that can be used by anyone.  She has used a lot of fabric she had on hand from Japan and instead of elastic that can hurt your ears with longer usage or ties that loosen, she has ingeniously used cording and tied it using a slide know,  so you can loosen or tighten easily by sliding cord through the knots.

BONUS: We are requesting that you make a DONATION of $10 per mask and 100% of the donation will be given to the Navigator Street Outreach Program.

There are many different fabrics designs available and sizes too. The sizes  indicated in the photos below, refer to the size of the fabric. 

Smaller sizes  1-3 are great for children or people with extra small faces, you adorable ones!

Medium-Large Sizes 4-6 are for everyone with a small to average sized face...but no worries you are still adorable. Here's a picture of me, Adriana, the owner of the gallery wearing size 6....first time in a long time I could say that, but I digress....

Larger Size 7 is  just extra large to make sure coverage is great for anyone that has a larger face. Yoko's husband modeled this one for me this morning when he dropped them off and said he is called Big Face in his office- but don't tell him I shared this on the internet, okay? :-) Shhhhhh...

So we hope you will consider purchasing a mask and help keep yourself and others safer while we navigate the next few months of the "new normal". We will be asking visitors to wear them when we re-open to the public at the end of June. And NOW you can be stylish, support Yoko's kind gesture and support a local charity. 

**TO PURCHASE A MASK, email us at: with your SIZE request, QUANTITY, and if possible design or colour based on photos shown below.  

Payments for donation can be made via etransfer to our email address as well. We can send them in the mail for additional postage and can offer CURBSIDE pick up Mondays and Wednesdays.


SIZE ONE   4 3/4" x 6 1/4"

SIZE 2    5" x 6 1/4"

SIZE 3   5 1/4" x  6 3/4/7"

SIZE 4   5 3/4" x 7"

SIZE 5    5.5" x 7"

SIZE 6   6" x 7.5"

SIZE 7   7.5" x 8.5"

Monday, May 25, 2020

This art doesn't SUCK: New Succulents by Marlene Venoitte

This past weekend, we were able to get outside for a drive and had a chance to pick up the latest crocheted succulents by Marlene Venoitte. We love her creations and they make everyone happy! If you have a slightly less green thumb, these plants are perfect for YOU or a friend.

They are easy to take care of and enjoy in your home or office.  They are affordable too...most of these are just $25!  There is only one of each available so get in touch soon to claim your favourite!

Sunday, May 24, 2020


Welcome to the latest installment of our ongoing Sunday Studio Days Series!  This week we'll be exploring the Artist Studio of Echo Nara.  Originally from Ontario, Echo is now living and painting in Nova Scotia.  We were first introduced to Echo's work as a contributor to our 2020 Pre-Shrunk exhibition...and we've been enjoying her work ever since!  

Inside the Artists' Studio...

" for me is a language, akin to dreaming. i have come to believe that communication, first with the self, is essential for a meaningful life, and therefore life itself."  - Echo Nara

A closer look at Echo's newest work in progress...

The pages of Echo's sketchbooks reveal studies for paintings, which explore composition, and form as well as experimentations with varying colour combinations.

An examination of the creative process...each stage is carefully documented!

The Studio walls display recent works that both inspire and influence later creations...

A selection of previous works adorn the walls of Echo's Studio.

"...during isolation, i have been focusing on a series of figure paintings. they are the largest i've done so far, and represent a sudden understanding of how i would like to work with the figure..."

Echo Nara, "Protection", oil on canvas

"...i really enjoy distortion and the blending of images with the help of technology. they help me understand the foundation of north-american culture, and how i wish it could evolve. i work primarily in oil paint, charcoal, and conté." - Echo Nara

Echo Nara, "Rise", oil on canvas, 30" x 24"

To see more of Echo's work, follow the link to our Flickr Page HERE

For purchase inquiries contact gallery at (902) 425-9456 or via email at

Sunday, May 17, 2020


Welcome once again to our weekly installment of Sunday Studio Days!  We've had a lot of fun bringing these segments to you, and this one is no exception.  This week we'll be looking at the studio of gallery artist Kimberley Eddy!

Kimberley is a multi disciplinary artist working in various mediums including acrylic, watercolour, and epoxy resin.

Undeniably inspired by her lifelong proximity to ocean waters and coastal living (Bermuda and Nova Scotia), and her passion for travel, Kimberley's artworks are at once a quiet influence and a powerful force at work. 

Detailed view of one of Kimberley's acrylic resin that a blowtorch in the background?!?

“I am drawn to the ocean; the movement, the colours, the translucency, the depth, the mystery, the power, the quiet. I ache for it all. I incorporate a multitude of media into my art practice to represent the multitude of temperaments of the ocean". 

Featured here are Kimberley's mini hand bound art books.

Kimberley likes to fill sketch books with drawings and studies for future paintings.  Certain themes colour palettes and compositions are often revisited for later use.

"When I am immersed in creating a piece of oceany goodness, I feel grounded and centered. I am completely at peace and focused on the present moment. It is the same feeling as being oceanside. Calm and at ease." - Kimberly Eddy

These fun colouring pages are still available for download from our blog page for free!  Simply follow the link HERE 

Kimberley has been a huge supporter and contributor to our ARTMAIL for SHUT-INS Series.  During the pandemic lockdown, these affordably priced small works go a long way in helping out our small business, and keeping artists and the community engaged in the Arts.

Kimberley's  "Waves" series have been very popular, but there's still a few remaining!  Follow the link to our ARTMAIL for SHUT-INS page HERE

Kimberley Eddy, "Dance With Me Forever" 24" x 24", acrylic, epoxy resin on board

To see more of Kimberley's work follow the link to our FLICKR page HERE

For purchase inquiries, contact the gallery at (902) 425-9456 or via email at

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Artists in Studios Getting Coffee- Our First Instagram Show Friday, May 15th!

Although our "new world" brings many challenges it also brings many opportunities, such as hosting a LIVE interview format show on INSTAGRAM.  So this Friday, May 15th from 3pm-3:30pm AST we will be hosting our very first  LIVE on INSTAGRAM show with our very good friend and partner in art, Gordon MacDonald. We miss his weekly coffee drop-ins at the gallery so it only seemed fitting to begin this way. 

FOLLOW US AND TUNE IN TO OUR INSTA PAGE: argyle_fine_art  and our LIVE broadcast will appear in the stories list at the top of your Insta dashboard/screen.  See ya there!

We're calling the series "Artists in Studios Getting Coffee" (the name of course, is inspired by Jerry Seinfeld's show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee") and we are aiming to chat with interesting artists and creatives in our community. We'd love to make this a regular thing each Friday. We'll talk about all sorts of things over coffee and take you inside many of our artists' studios too! We hope you'll join us and spread the word online.

**Actually, we'd love to collaborate with local coffee shops each Friday- maybe we can make that happen soon too! If you are an owner or want to suggest a favourite coffee shop we can connect  with get in touch. ie- Featured beverages made by a barista and tips for how to make the best cup of coffee at home and stuff like that...yay! **


We invite you to take photos and tell us about your preferred hot beverage in your favourite mug each week too! Tag the artists that made your mug if that applies or the coffee shop that provided your beans if that applies too!  Everyone that sends us images via INSTAGRAM each Friday will be entered to WIN a Postcard Pack by Local Artists and some candy treats. Draws will be 5pm each Friday and delivered to your mailbox or doorstep, should you be the winner!

So get ready to get charged up with caffeine and inspiration and hopefully we'll provide some laughs too. 

**PS- This may be a little bit longer than 30minutes. Gordon and I like to chat. Tune in and out when you can or need to...ha! 

By the way, if you've actually read this far down, thanks! Your reward is to see the latest painting by Gordon of the Halifax Armoury that has actually been in the works for years now. The iconic building isn't really visible from this point of view anymore due to new developments and the building is going through some major renovations, so it's nice to see it like this.

"The Armoury" 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas, Gordon MacDonald

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

NSFWAH: Not Suitable for Work at Home: MERDE

Well, we're into two months of closures and challenging times here in Nova Scotia. The last "normal" day in Halifax was Friday, March 13th...think about that for a moment! Honestly most of the time it's ok, sorta. kinda. sometimes.

It's interesting to note how many of us have adapted to new ways of life that only a short time ago would have been deemed as strange and alien. But one thing remains the same! Swearing is still popular! Why just the other day, swearing was done. It helps with expressing emotions when you're just not sure what to say or think and releases feelings of stress or even happiness! Of course, swearing isn't for everyone and that's ok too but it  HAS been proven by Science to help, mom,...if you are reading this!

However if you DO like swearing, may we introduce you to the CURSIVE PINS by artist Amber Solberg. Amber has been hand embroidering these lovelies for years now, but they never seem to grow old or out of style! The "F" word is timeless!

Amber sources new fabrics and colour combinations and recently made them bilingual!  Not shown is the elusive "ZUT" which is only made once in a while, but we have plenty of other cursive words to be worn on your jacket, bag or just to be displayed somewhere nearby  to help, "give you strength" or make you laugh during these challenging times and beyond.  

See the entire collection BY CLICKING HERE, but below are a few examples of these beauties!
They are easy to send in the mail to a friend or colleague and are just $21 each.  Plus each purchase helps our little business and supports a local artist too. WIN WIN WIN!

F**K Yeah!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

SUNDAY STUDIO DAYS: Paulette Melanson

Welcome to this week's installment of our ongoing Sunday Studio Days Series.  Today we'll be exploring the creative work space of gallery artist Paulette Melanson; 

Inside Paulette Melanson's studio...

"One year ago my husband and I decided that we would like to live in a small town where we could walk everywhere. One year later and after much work to get there, I am living in downtown Lunenburg and love my little town and new studio space located in my home."

Studio view; surrounded by books, paintings and artist supplies...

"...While I work, it's important that I have access to tables, my easel, my collection of tools (some people would may call it garbage), wall space, the outdoors - my studio opens onto a small deck...I work on several pieces at the same time; I may even work on a landscape painting at the same time as I work on a non-objective painting..."

Multiple "works in progress"...

"As an artist, Covid-19 has not changed much in my routine. I paint daily. For me, it's all about the creative process; getting lost, discovering and finding something new or something familiar. I never start with a theme - unless I am forced to. I've tried and found that it killed my creativity. Along the way though, a theme always emerges in my work. Once I see it, I can put words to it." 

Building a "body of work" requires thoughtful consideration...

"I've drawn and painted ever since I can remember and created my first abstract pieces in high school...My art education and technical knowledge have changed a lot over the years but my process has never changed. I guess it's my signature..." - Paulette Melanson

What's on your easel? New works in the making...a daily practice requires storage solutions!

Paulette is currently working on a new body of work to be exhibited at Argyle Fine Art in August.

Paulette Melanson, "On The Way To The Market", 20" x 20", acrylic on canvas

To see more of Paulette's work,
follow the link to her Flickr page HERE

For purchasing inquiries contact us at (902) 425-9456, or via email at 

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Writing the New Covid Commandments with Kerry Hodgson

For more than forty days and forty nights now,we have collectively been in isolation from one another in a midst of cloud of confusion. We've been living by new sets of rules handed to us by health officials,political leaders and social media. It's been a challenging time, but  fortunately artist Kerry Hodgson has illustrated a few New Covid Commandments to help guide us.

Unlike the well known Ten Commandments that were delivered on large tablets of stone,Kerry has created hers on simple pieces of paper with pencil. They are much easier to share in the mail too.Many of these are still available as postcards from our PANDEMIC POSTCARD series (a way for you to laugh, send mail to friends and stay connected and support our local business and artists...hint hint) A few of the original drawings are also still available for just $20.

It all began with Covid Commandment Number One. This was when many of you were racing to the stores to stock up on toilet paper for reasons still not completely understood. Nevertheless, this lesson illustrated below is still very important.

Still available as a Pandemic Postcard from the gallery, $3 each

Covid Commandment Number Two  Many of you flocked to the store of alcoholic beverages- as many humans have done for thousands of years in times of crisis and in times good cheer, but be careful not to over indulge.This lady looks as if she may have over done it just a bit.

Still available as a Pandemic Postcard from the gallery, $3 each

Covid Commandment Number Three  Where there is wine there is often thy bread but not without yeast ...(actually not true- there are lots of delicious recipes for bread without yeast, but I digress) However it's important to share with your neighbour. This commandment is an oldie but a goodie and thankully has caught on over the years and in this time of pandemic.

Covid Commandment Number Four  During the time of crisis it's important to relax and take time for yourself, so Netflix and Chill...with Tiger King? Hmmmm....maybe just snuggle with your pets or loved ones.

Covid Commandment Number Five Many people with sewing abilities leaped into action to make protective masks to be worn for all of us as well as our medical professionals. Bless them! Some even made masks using old socks which was a bit questionable.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became a singing sensation overnight with his rendition of "Do Not Speak Moistly"  Strange times indeed!
Still available as a Pandemic Postcard from the gallery, $3 each

Covid Commandment Number Six ...and it was about 57 days or so, when the need to cut one's own hair became a real concern for some. Fortunately, hair will always grow back so perhaps just let the locks go until we are out of lockdown, so to speak..."And for goodness sakes, don't cut your own bangs!", chants all the hairdressers of the world together in perfect harmony. We hear you and thank you.

Original work still available for just $20

Covid Commandment Number Seven  This commandment is key to our very survival and should be followed now and forever. Never underestimate the power of water and soap again. Stay Safe. Sings songs while you wash. That was popular can be again. What's old is new and all that!

Still available as a Pandemic Postcard from the gallery, $3 each

Covid Commandment Number Eight  We must always remember the people that have died from this virus and the people that lost their lives trying to help others during this virus all over the world. We must remember to treat the Earth kindly and to be kinder to one another too. It's not easy sometimes, but when things go "back to normal" remember what is important to you.

THERE ARE  TWO MORE COMMANDMENTS STILL TO BE WRITTEN! If YOU HAVE IDEAS...and would you like to share them to inspire Kerry Hodgson for her next drawings, please get in touch with the gallery. Anyone that provides ideas will be entered into a draw to win a poster that will be created with all of these commandments and some postcards too once we are out of this mess. Email us at Thank you and STAY SAFE everyone!