Pandemic Postcard Series

During the beginning of the pandemic we launched a series of Pandemic Postcards, with a new release each Monday. We've reached week 15 of the pandemic postcard series and have decided to take a break, but we encourage you to look through past releases and purchase any that are still available. 

It's still very important to stay connected, so why not send a few artful postcards in the mail and make someone's day? Collect and share with friends and family both near and far away or frame it!

To purchase simply email us at with the amount of postcards you'd like and which designs. Once we connect with the total etc, you may pay via etransfer or credit card over the phone. Postage may be applied if ordering more than 2 cards - standard postage stamp rate or more if a larger package or going a further distance. Of course,we also offer curbside pick-up or visit our gallery in person during our new gallery hours which are Wednesday- Saturday 11am-5:30pm.


Each postcard is just $3 each however beginning July 4th until end July 23rd, you can purchase any 10 cards for $20 instead of $30! Mix and match your favourites!  

FINAL PANDEMIC POSTCARD release for a bit...

"Canoe View, Grassy Lake; Halifax County" by Mark Brennan.
Postcard measures 4" x 5", $3 each

Our new pandemic postcard features this gorgeous painting by Mark Brennan, available now!


"Thou Shalt Stay Connected" by Kerry Hodgson.
Postcard measures, 4" x 6", $3 each

From the hugely popular "Thou Shalt..." Series, Kerry Hodgson's most recent addition...collect them all!

WEEK THIRTEEN (Launched June 15)

"Barfly" by Miyoshi Kondo. Postcard measures 5" x 5", $3 each

"Barfly" by Miyoshi Kondo. Originally gouache on paper, this fun postcard reminds us outdoor BBQ and patio season!

WEEK TWELVE (Launched June 8)

"Batman with Batmobile" by Kim Danio.  Postcard measures 5" x 5", $3 each

From Kim Danio, This mixed media Caped Crusader is now available in postcard form, get yours today!

WEEK ELEVEN (Launched June 1)

"Wonder Woman" by Mindy Harris. Postcard measures 6" x 4", $3 each

From Mindy's recent "Heroes" exhibition, originally an embroidered work on canvas, available now in postcard form!

WEEK TEN (Launched May 25)

"Bennett's Barbershop" by Andrea Crouse. Postcard measures 4" x 6", $3 each

A Pre-Shrunk 2020 favorite by Andrea in Postcard form, order yours today!

WEEK NINE (Launched May 18)

"Kovid" by Chris Lockerbie.  Postcard measures 6" x 4", $3 each

You wanted the best, you got the best!! Rock out with This Kiss inspired "Kovid" postcard by Chris Lockerbie! 

WEEK EIGHT (Launched May 11)

"Look Ho Ho Restaurant" by Craig Baltzer. Postcard measures 4" x 6", $3 each

This Halifax icon has been serving the community forever...share a memory with this printed postcard of a painting
 by Craig Baltzer

WEEK SEVEN (Launched May 4th)

"Thou Shalt Not Speak Moistly" & "Thou Shalt Cleanse Thy Hands...A Lot"
by Kerry Hodgson, Postcard measures 4" x 6", $3 each

Another great addition to Kerry's "Thou Shalt Not Series..."  fun to collect and send!

WEEK SIX (Launched April 27th)

"Blue Couch With Pictures" by Megan LeForte
Postcard measures 5" x 4", $3

Another great addition to our postcard series.  Collect them all!

WEEK FIVE (Launched April 20th)

"Bird's Eye View" by Deb Bromley
Postcard measures 5" x 5" (each), $3

Amazing new postcard from Deb Bromley reminding us to stay connected!
Postcards are a great way to keep in touch.

WEEK FOUR (Launched April 13th)

"Thou Shalt Not Hoard" (AVAILABLE) & "Thou Shall Drink Wine" (SOLD OUT) by Kerry Hodgson
Postcard measures 4" x 6" (each), $3

We've got TWO postcards this week based on original drawings by Kerry Hodgson, limited edition collect them all!  

WEEK THREE (Launched April 6th)

"Carnation in Blue Pot" by Artist Briana Corr Scott.
Postcard measures 5" x 5", $3 each


Painter, Illustrator and Author Briana Corr Scott brings us this beautiful limited edition postcard based on her painting "Carnation in Blue Pot" get yours today!

WEEK TWO  (launched March 30th)

"DR. STRANG" by artist James Janssen. Postcard measures 4" x 6", $3 each
Prints available upon request ($20)

Honoring the great Doctor helping us through the COVID-19 crisis in Nova Scotia-not to be confused with Marvels Dr. Strange :-)  GET IT NOW BEFORE IT'S GONE! LIMITED SUPPLY!

WEEK ONE (launched March 23rd)

"CASEY AND FINNEGAN" by artist Anna Whalen. Postcard measures 5" x 5", $3 each
Everyone loves Casey and Finnegan- Relive childhood and memories of Mr. Dress Up with this special postcard!


Another fun way to stay active is to create an account with a postcard delivery site like, where you can send and receive postcards from people like you, from around the world! It's so much fun and the gallery owner is addicted!  You can meet new people or just collect an amazing "art card" collection this way!