It was days after that first lockdown announcement in 2020 that we started to pivot and move more things online than ever before as well as bring in some affordable ways for people to stay connected. That's when the PANDEMIC POSTCARDS began....and they have been bringing lots of people joy ever since!

THIS RECENT PANDEMIC POSTCARD, from an original painting by Jack Ross is of the Barrington Street Pedway and part of the Cogswell interchange changes that will soon begin! This very familiar scene will soon be a scene of the past. Get your postcard today and send to friends or frame it up. ONLY $3 each!


 Each of these latest postcards by Jack Ross as well as Raquel Roth (shown below) sell for $3.00.

 **To purchase, simply email us your selections to . We are happy to mail out for a small postage fee OR can facilitate curbside pick-up. For orders of $20 or more we can also do LOCAL DELIVERY.

Springtime Divas by Raquel Roth, Postcard measures 4"x 5", $3 each!

Have a Sunshiney Day by Raquel Roth, Postcard measures 4" x 5", $3 each!




ARE NOW ON SALE FOR just $1.50 each while supplies last!  

Cozy Fire by Leah Mark, Postcard measures 4" x 6"

"Still Life Landscape" by Gordon MacDonald.  Postcard measures 4" x 6"

"Tail Lights" by Anne Marie MacEachen, Postcard measures 4" x 6".

"Swanson Turkey TV Dinner, Heat and Serve!", 1965 by Anna Whalen.  Postcard measures 4" x 6"

Anna Whalen, "Quarter Pounder With Cheese". Postcard measures 5" x 5"

Jack Ross, "Pool Table At The Local", postcard measures 4" x 6"


Here is the first postcard released from this monthly pandemic postcard art for the month of September.  It's by Megan LeForte!

We are also thrilled to have this postcard available by Amy Ordoveza too!

"Selkie On The Cliff" by Briana Corr-Scott, postcard measures 4" x 6"

"Canoe View, Grassy Lake; Halifax County" by Mark Brennan.
Postcard measures 4" x 5", $3 each

Our new pandemic postcard features this gorgeous painting by Mark Brennan, available now!

"Thou Shalt Stay Connected" by Kerry Hodgson.
Postcard measures, 4" x 6", $3 each

From the hugely popular "Thou Shalt..." Series, Kerry Hodgson's most recent addition...collect them all!


"Barfly" by Miyoshi Kondo. Postcard measures 5" x 5", $3 each

"Barfly" by Miyoshi Kondo. Originally gouache on paper, this fun postcard reminds us outdoor BBQ and patio season!

"Batman with Batmobile" by Kim Danio.  Postcard measures 5" x 5", $3 each

From Kim Danio, This mixed media Caped Crusader is now available in postcard form, get yours today!


"Kovid" by Chris Lockerbie.  Postcard measures 6" x 4", $3 each

You wanted the best, you got the best!! Rock out with This Kiss inspired "Kovid" postcard by Chris Lockerbie! 
"Look Ho Ho Restaurant" by Craig Baltzer. Postcard measures 4" x 6", $3 each

This Halifax icon has been serving the community forever...share a memory with this printed postcard of a painting
 by Craig Baltzer


"Blue Couch With Pictures" by Megan LeForte
Postcard measures 5" x 4", $3

Another great addition to our postcard series.  Collect them all!


"Bird's Eye View" by Deb Bromley
Postcard measures 5" x 5" (each), $3

Honoring the great Doctor helping us through the COVID-19 crisis in Nova Scotia-not to be confused with Marvels Dr. Strange :-)
Amazing new postcard from Deb Bromley reminding us to stay connected!
Postcards are a great way to keep in touch.

"DR. STRANG" by artist James Janssen. Postcard measures 4" x 6", $3 each
Prints available upon request ($20)


Another fun way to stay active is to create an account with a postcard delivery site like, where you can send and receive postcards from people like you, from around the world! It's so much fun and the gallery owner is addicted!  You can meet new people or just collect an amazing "art card" collection this way!