Thursday, January 30, 2020

Pre-Shrunk 2020, a week in review!

Friday, January 24 marked the opening of Argyle Fine Art's 16th Annual Pre-Shrunk Exhibition!  This year's offering brought together 95 artists, with over 300 artworks represented.

We received works from a variety of mediums from Paintings and Drawings, to Textiles and Sculptural works.  Our opening reception was very well received, and we saw a full house for most of the evening.  Anyone wanting to actually see the show that night, will no doubt have to make arrangements to drop back again!

The exhibition continues to grow in popularity, and we saw a lot of new work from first time contributors, and gallery regulars.  We would like to extend a special thank you to all our Voucher Holders and all those who continue to show their support for our gallery through the purchase of these small works and by promoting the exhibition by word of mouth and online via social media.  

For friends, artists and patrons who are unable to visit the gallery in person;

The Pre-Shrunk Exhibition can be viewed on our Flickr page HERE

Included below are some snapshots of the events leading up to the show, as well as some installation views;

Pre-Shrunk 2020, Installation View

Pre-Shrunk 2020 Selected Works featuring Textile and Sculptural Art

After-Hours Pre-Shrunk Gallery Installation, 95 Artists represented,
with over 300 works of art!!!

Opening Night Reception for Pre-Shrunk 2020

Pre-Shrunk 2020 installation shot

Adriana and Pre-Shrunk artist Andrea Crouse on set for CTV Morning Live

Pre-Shrunk Artist Gerhardt Meintjes promoting the show on set with Global News

Pre-Shrunk Artist Anna Whalen, with "CTV Live at 5" film crew
in the gallery promoting the exhibition

Pre-Shrunk 2020, Installation View

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Buying ART has warming Effects

It's that time of year...the trees and lights are packed away for another year from the holidays. The coldness is setting in and you don't want to leave your home. We get it...we do!  But we miss you too, so we hope you'll try to get out more often this year and support local businesses this winter season.  

Put our up-coming PRE-SHRUNK2020 show on your list of things to do. It officially opens Friday, January 24th, 7pm-9pm but next Saturday would be the perfect time to visit the show too!  MAKE IT A DATE!

Argyle Fine Art turns 20 years old in 2020, so we'll be hosting special events and sales having to do with 20- such as our ongoing SALE of 20% or more on selected works until January 20th!

Here are some other works to browse through from the warmth of your home- get in touch via email (, phone (902-425-9456) or in person if any of these work are of interest to you and we'd gladly tell you  more about the artists as well as the pricing!


Gordon MacDonald

Alice MacLean
Alice MacLean

Barry Colpitts

Gordon MacDonald

Vaughn Gray
Kathy Richards

Kathy Richards

Kathy Richards

Cynthia Gass

Catherine Otto

Donald MacIntosh

Sharon Cave

Shelia Campbell

Gregg Tracey

Dave Johnson

Isobel Pineau

Gregg Tracey

Michael DeAdder

Dave LeRue

Craig Baltzer

Bryanna Chapeskie

Trevor Van den Eiynden

James Farrell

Angela Carlsen

Justin Lee

Michelle St-Onge

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Snow Day Art Day

It's hard to believe it's already the first full week of 2020, and here we all are, limping back to work trying to get back to our routines. Why not add a new activity to your 2020...looking at art!  Since we have a storm brewing according to most media outlets today, we thought you may enjoy looking at some art while home tomorrow (fingers crossed!)

We have a 20% off sale on right now in honour of 2020 on ALL WORKS in the gallery (as well as some additional savings on older works) in the gallery right now, so we thought we'd share some with you online now. Visit in person soon once the snowflakes stop falling- our sale continues until January 11th. You don't want to miss this! In no particular order, rhyme or reason, here are a few selections...

We'll start with this BIG painting by David LeRue that measures 48" x 60", oil on canvas from his stadium series. It is marked at $900 but with  20% off that makes it only $720. Now we understand that's no small amount of money, but for a work this large and filled with blasts of colour and texture, it may be just what you are looking for and  it's a steal!

We also unearthed a series of graphite on paper works by Natasha Krzyzewski that haven't been hanging up for quite sometime. We love these works so much, as they are so narrative and filled with humour. Here's one example below, however if you CLICK HERE you can see others that are available. All of these are 30% off which makes them affordable and a fun addition to any home or office as they are very engaging. The one below is called "Winding"...can you see the cat hanging out near the computer  monitor?

Was $525 but with 30% off is $367.50
 This one below is called "Quality Time" and filled with lots of bright colours and plenty of texture! 

Was $375 but with the 30% off is $262.50
 Mark Brennan just brought us some new paintings you should see soon here, but this one is from a few years ago now and just waiting for it's new home...perhaps with you! It's more beautiful than this photo can show. It's called "After the Thunderstorm, Melosesketch Lake, Liscomb, NS, Oil on Canvas, 20"x24"" and was $1200 but it's 50% off right read that correctly!

Was $1200 but now 50% off....$600!
Another painting that has been living with us for quite some time and needs a home with  you perhaps, is George Spencer's "Harvest". It  measures 16"x20", Oil on Board, and was $875 but is now 40% off...that makes it $525. It's also framed in a simple black frame, ready to go on the wall. This painting is making us hungry!

Briana Corr Scott is a regular artist at our gallery and has become quite an established one at that also delving into the world of book illustration and author this past year. We can't wait to see what she comes up with this year. Here's a painting from a few years ago that we can hardly believe is still available. Somehow it's even more beautiful in person that it shows here!

Briana Corr-Scott, Conch and Summer Light, 12"x 16", Oil on Board, Was $595 but is 25% off now!
We have a great selection of prints at the gallery, both framed and unframed, but here are three we adore by Michelle St-Onge that would make any place brighter and better. Each are screenprints on paper, 19" x 25" , $165 framed but with the 20% off that makes each just $132. We have some of these unframed too for even less.
Couldn't you just SEE this print hanging at your local optometrist office  or eyewear seller?

Attention Cat Lovers...this retro pop-art styled feline is purrrrrfect!

This one is called "Baby Momma"...can you see the little one waiting patiently....awwww. Great for the nursery!

This Shawn Lowe photograph  is called "Taken Over", and was $995 and is now $225!  

This is probably the best priced painting in the gallery and one filled with nostalgia for the oil refinery that used to dominate the harbour on the Dartmouth side. It's got a "Gotham City" vibe and it's only $85. It measures (48" x 48")

This painting by Gordon MacDonald is so lovely in person. It measures 21" x 26", Oil on Board,  It was $2200 and is now $1500....

IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THIS, if you find a painting you love by our artists by looking at the artist links on this blog, all at least 20% off, so take a peek....Sale ends January 11th don't delay! Including beauties like this last remaining work by Katharine Burns in the gallery at the moment.

Happy ART looking! Get in touch with any questions you may have...we are happy to hear from you! We'll be checking our email all day and social media posts will be happening throughout the day....weathering the storm with art. :-)