Wednesday, March 22, 2023


 Hey folks! Looking for a good time? We've got art for that!  Looking for a long term relationship? We've got art for that too!  All of our artworks from the BLIND DATE WITH ART selections are original works of art by a variety of artists. Some are paintings, some are sculptural, some are typography....all are amazing and would be fun gifts for yourself or anyone you know that needs a little pick me up! Each piece is $50 each (they were originally $175)

As each piece sells we will update it, so it's still on here and not marked SOLD, it's available! They are easy to ship too! We hope you enjoy the riddles on each of these...all by staff member Jasmine Andrich who is awesome:-)






Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Van Gogh's Cat!

May we introduce you to a marvellous and mischievous cat...Van Gogh's Cat, to be exact!

Lillian Crump, Van Gogh's Cat with Irises, Art Print, 8.5"x8.5"

You may be familiar with Lil Crump: artist, illustrator, and designer behind many amazing creations including the Van Gogh's Cat Series! Now we would like to introduce you to a special character of Lillian's creation: the cat themselves! So, who is this cat, really? Although Lillian did grow up with cats, this one is not based off her real-life cat, as she does not have one at the moment. However, she does have a yellow dog that thinks she is a lioness, so there is some feline inspiration in her household! 

Vincent Van Gogh, Daubigny's Garden with Black Cat

Van Gogh created pieces that included a black cat: "Daubigny's Garden with Black Cat" and "Hand with a Bowl and a Cat". It is unknown if this was Vincent's cat, a neighbour's cat, or otherwise! It is also unknown how much Vincent interacted with the cat, or if he had any nicknames for them. If the cat remains nameless, Lillian thinks this would contribute to the mysticism of the cat's existence. However, if you take one of Lil's prints home with you, the naming game is yours!

Vincent Van Gogh, Hand with a Bowl and a Cat

There is a long and winding history following the cat, and how it has arrived at its current destination! The Van Gogh's Cat Series is part of a larger series of Lillian's: Cat in Classic Art. The very first cat that started it all was incorporated into "The Scream" by Edvard Munch. Lillian created this for a show called "The Cat Days of Summer" here at Argyle Fine Art! The original piece was in black and white, and Lil decided to revisit the concept while creating content for her instagram page! This started the ball rolling, and Lillian's idea of inserting a feline into other Classic Art pieces (such as the work of Van Gogh, Matisse, Cezanne, Grant Wood, etc.) developed from there!

Lillian Crump, The Cat Scream, Art Print, 8.5"x8.5"

Lillian thought the bold colours and brush strokes of Van Gogh's work perfectly matched the personality of the black cat. The "Vase with 12 Sunflowers" was the first piece she created in the Van Gogh's Cat series! The "Chair" was an easy next step, followed by "Bedroom in Arles". The next design to be made into a print was "Cafe Terrace at Night". And of course, the most recent addition with the anticipation of Spring is "Van Gogh's Cat with Irises". Followers of the little cat are sure to wonder, where will they go next? Will we be seeing more of them? Lillian says the black cat loves attention and is full of mischief, so the chances are high!

Lillian Crump, Van Gogh's Cat with Sunflowers, Art Print, 8.5"x8.5"

Although the cat theme was sparked by our "Cat Days of Summer" show, Lillian did not have to continue featuring a feline friend, yet she did! You may be wondering, why have a cat specifically make an appearance in such Classic Art pieces? Why not any other animal? Well, Lil says, "I think deep down many of us would like to pull off the panache of a cat". Cats do tend to have quite a unique approach to life. Lillian describes how in one moment a cat can look you right in the eye while destroying something, and the next moment they look at you as if they did you a favour and you should admire them. They show no remorse! The combination of bold and fluffy seemed like the perfect humorous addition to the Classic Art pieces. To top it all off, cats are simply Lil's favourite thing to draw.

Lillian Crump, Van Gogh's Cat with Chair, Art Print, 8.5"x8.5"

Even Lillian's creation process has a fascinating story! She uses an app called "procreate pocket" on her iPhone along with an "Adonit, Mini 4 Stylus" pen! Lillian likes this technique because she enjoys the ability to work in layers and experiment with the plethora of available brushes. Before completion, the next stage is to transfer her work to a Photoshop file on her desktop computer for final touch-ups and print set-up!

Lillian Crump, Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles, Art Print, 8.5"x8.5"

Many of you are most likely wondering, where can we find the cat next? Will the cat branch out to visit the work of other Classic Artists? Well, we can't reveal too much, but Lil has said she loves Degas and can envision a cat in the dance for now, we thank you for following the cat along the journey thus far!

Who knows what the feisty little feline will get into next? Stay tuned!

Lillian Crump, Van Gogh's Cat at the Cafe Terrace at Night, Art Print, 8.5"x8.5"

Friday, March 10, 2023

Finding the Light and Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget to adjust your clocks forward an hour this Sunday, March 12th for Daylight Saving Time!
Jackie Toner, Tidal Crossing, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, 16"x7"x8", $550
Based off Head Harbour Lighthouse, New Brunswick

With the upcoming time change and movement into the light, we thought it was a great chance to highlight an emerging artist, Jackie Toner, and her spectacular lighthouse creations! Jackie, also known as Woodswoman Woodworking, is a woodworker who enjoys the restoration and making of quality wood pieces!

Jackie Toner, An Oldie But a Goodie, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, 6"x6"x9", $400
Based off Sambro Island Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Jackie introduced wood-turning into her woodworking practice over two years ago, and she is always dreaming up new ways to turn. The first lighthouse she made was her first attempt at combining five different wood species into a single solid piece! Each lighthouse is made from a combination of exotic and domestic hardwoods, and these turned sculptures resonate with her love for the East Coast. Jackie makes a mix of realistic reiterations of current lighthouses and ones that are fictionalized in her own head. 

Jackie Toner, A Hero's Cape, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, Resin, Acrylic, 7"x7"x8", $400
Based off Cape Race Lighthouse, Newfoundland and Labrador

Two of the pieces currently in the gallery are part of Jackie's Shoreline Collection! Known as the transition between land and water, a shoreline is the collision of both elements showcasing each of their natural beauty. This collection embodies a similar pairing with both elements of woodworking and woodturning while creating a picturesque landscape and lighthouse! These feature a two-layered resin base and accompanying shore made from Mappa Burl either carved or remained as a live edge profile. The hand painted crashing waves along the shoreline provide each piece with a sense of movement and realism!

Jackie Toner, The Climber, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, Resin, Acrylic, 5"x6"x7", $275
Based off Cape Forchu Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Six of Jackie's lighthouses are currently available through us here at Argyle Fine Art. Each of these are reiterations of current lighthouses around the Maritimes! You can find the original lighthouse in the description under each photo. Nova Scotia has the largest number of lighthouses of any province in Canada, and some of the oldest as well. The Sambro Island Lighthouse is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in North America!

Jackie Toner, Stay Off the Black Rocks, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, 8"x6"x5.5", $300
Based off Peggy's Point Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Not only are Jackie's lighthouses beautiful works of handmade art, they are also geographical and historical presentations. While a lighthouse can give a beacon of light to guide ships at sea, these works of art give their own beacon of light. On that note, happy Daylight Saving Time! Thanks for sharing a love of local art with us through both the light and dark times.
-Argyle Fine Art

See "Spark", an emerging artist showcase featuring 11 artists including Jackie: Spark!

Jackie Toner, Coastal Sleepover, Applewood, Yellow Heart, Padauk, Wenge, 12"x8"x5.5", $225
Based off West Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

Below you can find four new lighthouse additions to the show: The Shoreliner Series! These lighthouses are smaller than the others, but just as spectacular! Each of these is made with Mappa Burl, Resin, Acrylic, Padauk, Maple, and Yellow Heart, 2-4"x4"x4", and $125!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

International Women's Day and "Spark"

 International Women's Day is Wednesday, March 8th. This is a day that is celebrated worldwide to highlight social, political, economic, cultural, and artistic achievements of women. This is also a day for raising awareness and a call to action to not stop fighting for equality. There are so many reasons this is a day of great importance, and there are so many ways one can participate.

Kaitlin Bauer, Haven, Mixed Media Collage on Board, 6"x8", $325

This past Saturday, March 4th, we opened up a show called "Spark" at the gallery. This show features 11 different emerging artists based in the Halifax area, and all of them happen to be women. The timing of this serendipitously lined up with International Women's Day, so please join us in sharing, appreciating, and celebrating the work of these wonderful women, and continuing to fight.

Elizabeth Ranger, Kindest Coral, Watercolour and Coloured Pencil on Cotton, 5"x6", $225

Patrizia Berdkan, Nostalgia, Acrylic on Board, 6"x24", $300

Mary-Margaret Bennett, Tiptoeing Among the Townhouses, Felt on Board, 4"x5", $175

Emmy Lao, Carp in Denim, Wool, Embroidery, and Fabric, 8"x6"x1.5", $285

Kristina Galic, Story Book Collection, Acrylic on Board, each 5"x7", each $185

Jennifer Sinclair, Fresh Snow, Acrylic on Canvas, 12"x12", $300

Jackie Toner, The Climber, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, Resin, Acrylic, 5"x6"x7", $275

Findley Zeisig, Bird House, Acrylic on Canvas, 8"x8", $500

Caileigh Lambie, The Lover, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x36" (SOLD)

Chantel Elysia, Guardian, Acrylic on Canvas, 16"x20", $650

Below you can see some of the shining faces of the Spark show! We are truly grateful for each of these women for doing the work they do.

Jackie Toner and her lighthouses!

Patrizia Berdkan and her paintings!

Jennifer Sinclair and her paintings!

Emmy Lao and her creations!

Chantel Elysia and her painting!

Caileigh Lambie with her mom and her painting!

Kristina Galic and her books!

Some of the folks at the Spark Show opening!

See the full show here: Spark!

Thank you for reading and for joining us in celebrating International Women's Day!
-Argyle Fine Art