Friday, March 10, 2023

Finding the Light and Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget to adjust your clocks forward an hour this Sunday, March 12th for Daylight Saving Time!
Jackie Toner, Tidal Crossing, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, 16"x7"x8", $550
Based off Head Harbour Lighthouse, New Brunswick

With the upcoming time change and movement into the light, we thought it was a great chance to highlight an emerging artist, Jackie Toner, and her spectacular lighthouse creations! Jackie, also known as Woodswoman Woodworking, is a woodworker who enjoys the restoration and making of quality wood pieces!

Jackie Toner, An Oldie But a Goodie, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, 6"x6"x9", $400
Based off Sambro Island Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Jackie introduced wood-turning into her woodworking practice over two years ago, and she is always dreaming up new ways to turn. The first lighthouse she made was her first attempt at combining five different wood species into a single solid piece! Each lighthouse is made from a combination of exotic and domestic hardwoods, and these turned sculptures resonate with her love for the East Coast. Jackie makes a mix of realistic reiterations of current lighthouses and ones that are fictionalized in her own head. 

Jackie Toner, A Hero's Cape, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, Resin, Acrylic, 7"x7"x8", $400
Based off Cape Race Lighthouse, Newfoundland and Labrador

Two of the pieces currently in the gallery are part of Jackie's Shoreline Collection! Known as the transition between land and water, a shoreline is the collision of both elements showcasing each of their natural beauty. This collection embodies a similar pairing with both elements of woodworking and woodturning while creating a picturesque landscape and lighthouse! These feature a two-layered resin base and accompanying shore made from Mappa Burl either carved or remained as a live edge profile. The hand painted crashing waves along the shoreline provide each piece with a sense of movement and realism!

Jackie Toner, The Climber, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, Resin, Acrylic, 5"x6"x7", $275
Based off Cape Forchu Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Six of Jackie's lighthouses are currently available through us here at Argyle Fine Art. Each of these are reiterations of current lighthouses around the Maritimes! You can find the original lighthouse in the description under each photo. Nova Scotia has the largest number of lighthouses of any province in Canada, and some of the oldest as well. The Sambro Island Lighthouse is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in North America!

Jackie Toner, Stay Off the Black Rocks, Mappa Burl, Yellow Heart, Padauk, 8"x6"x5.5", $300
Based off Peggy's Point Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Not only are Jackie's lighthouses beautiful works of handmade art, they are also geographical and historical presentations. While a lighthouse can give a beacon of light to guide ships at sea, these works of art give their own beacon of light. On that note, happy Daylight Saving Time! Thanks for sharing a love of local art with us through both the light and dark times.
-Argyle Fine Art

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Jackie Toner, Coastal Sleepover, Applewood, Yellow Heart, Padauk, Wenge, 12"x8"x5.5", $225
Based off West Point Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

Below you can find four new lighthouse additions to the show: The Shoreliner Series! These lighthouses are smaller than the others, but just as spectacular! Each of these is made with Mappa Burl, Resin, Acrylic, Padauk, Maple, and Yellow Heart, 2-4"x4"x4", and $125!