Thursday, October 27, 2011

Whoo Do You Love?

Winston 3' x 3' Oil on Board by Melissa Townsend $1500 (CDN)

Olivia 3' x 3' Oil on Board Melissa Townsend $1500 (CDN)

Hector 3' x 3' Oil on Board Melissa Townsend $1500 (CDN)
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Copper Cart 3" x 3" $895 (CDN)
Digital Media Transfered to Wood
Angela Carlsen
Tiki Motel
3' x 3'
Digital Media Transfered to Wood $895 (CDN)
Angela Carlsen

Desert Inn
3' x 3'
Digital Media Transferred to Wood $895 (CDN)
Angela Carlsen

3' x 3'
Digital Media Transferred to Wood $895 (CDN)
Angela Carlsen
Pow Wow
3' x 3'
Digital Media Transferred to Wood $895 (CDN) 






Tomorrow's the big day if you're interested in finding out more
about these pieces from the artist herself.
Join us here at Argyle Fine Art at 7pm for an artist talk with Angela Carlsen.
This even is open to the public and free for anyone to attend!  

Argyle Fine Art
1559 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nick Brunt, To and Fro

Nick Brunt walks past the gallery SEVERAL times a day.
Sometimes he'll wave wildly at us, sometimes he'll make a strange face, 
sometimes he does a little dance, and sometimes he tries to ignores us ..... 
But sometimes, yes sometimes, he stops in with an armful of new artwork! 
Here's this week's art offerings: 

Ahab  1984
11" x 14"
Mixed Media on Board $275 (CDN)
North American Pond Owl 18" x 24"Mixed Media on Board $425 (CDN)

Shell Shock Never Solved Anything 9" x 11"
Mixed Media on Board $250 (CDN)

Whale in the Bay 8" x 10" Mixed Media on Board $225 (CDN)

Friday, October 21, 2011


Once again, Argyle Fine Art has begun the work of organizing the highly anticipated and much loved annual group show, Pre-Shrunk!  Artists of all disciplines are invited to create works that measure 4” x 5” and submit them to this juried exhibition.

 Submission guidelines:

- Works must be created on a surface that measures 4” x 5”. 
- Artists can submit no more than five pieces.
- All work must be unframed
- If works are on canvas, we ask that you do NOT attach a hanging device
  (i.e.: wire or hooks – the gallery will take care of this for continuity)
- Submissions must be new, and have not been previously shown.
- Please include your name, phone number, email address, and list of   
   materials used.

Pieces that are selected for this year’s exhibition will be priced at $175 each. Please bare this price in mind while creating your artwork.

To apply to this year’s exhibition, please photograph your completed piece/ pieces and send your images in jpeg format to Make sure files are a no more than 72 dpi/ppi. SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT, JANUARY 7TH. If your work is selected by Jury, you will be notified by phone or email.


Please telephone the gallery, 425-9456 if you have any questions in regards to the requirements, as well as to confirm your participation in this exciting group show.

From the Girls of Argyle Fine Art,
Adriana Afford and Crystal Ross
Argyle Fine Art
1559 Barrington Street
Halifax, NS
B3J 2Z7

Jennifer Harrison Joins Argyle Fine Art!!

I think you'll agree when I say that Jennifer's work is the perfect addition to our little gallery. Her fearlessness in the application of paint on canvas makes for stunning scenes of repeating houses and charming trailers. If you're walking downtown, make sure to have a look at our front window, where they are now on display!      

 Four Houses in Georgetown 16"x 20" $850 (CDN)

Trailer 8" x 10" Oil on Canvas $400 (CDN)

Old Brick Garage 8" x 24" Oil on Canvas $650 (CDN)

Four Apartments 16" x 20" Oil on Canvas $850 (CDN)
Six White Houses 20" x 30" Oil on Canvas $1400 CDN

Trailer (ii) 8" x 10" Oil on Canvas $400 (CDN)


A very big thank you goes out to the phenomenal team behind this year's Nocturne, especially to their tireless leader, Rose Zack. Although I can't say for certain exactly how many visitors we had, I'm almost certain it was around thirty hundred billion ...give or take a few. Really though, it was madness, and we loved every minute of it. Everyone really seemed so excited about the sights and sounds of the gallery, and we hope those same people will return now that the dust has settled. Boy, was that ever an exceptional evening...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

A toast to Shelley Mitchell!

Pick up a bottle of Annapolis Highland wine to help celebrate your thanksgiving feast, and make sure to have a careful look at the label. The boutique vineyard recently organized a competition amongst local artists, for the chance at having their work appear on a fine bottle of local wine.

Our talented Shelley Mitchell submitted a piece and was among the 12 out of 800 entries who won the competition. Now you'll find Shelley's original oil painting featured on the 2010 Highland Fusion and the 2010 Geisenheim Riesling. Neat eh?

If you're interested in purchasing these wines, they can be found at the Annapolis Highland winery, the Halifax Seaport Market, Annapolis Royal Farmer's Market, Belliveau Cove Farmer's Market, Yarmouth Farmer's Market, Premier Wine & Spirits, Cristall & Luckett and in selected restaurants around the province.   

Friday, October 7, 2011

Matchbook Artwork at Argyle Fine Art

Continuing with our theme of wonderful things created from miniature objects, 
here are some pieces included in our tiny group show. These matchbook sized works are on display in conjunction with EPIC IN A BOX. See our website or our event listings for more details. 

"1997" by Jessica Noonan

"The Atomic Oracle!" by Ed Beals

 "SS Matchstick" by Jennifer DesRoche

"Mighty Galactic Destructo Robot" by Ed Beals

for more information, visit
or visit us at 1559 Barrington Street,
Halifax, NS