Thursday, June 30, 2016

Paint with all the colours of the wind...

Oh gosh, Nova Scotia is just bursting with talent. Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to another new (to us) artist, Danny Abriel. Some of you may remember his paintings from this year's Pre-Shrunk show. Some of you may not because they all sold out.

Danny was born in Halifax and grew up in the Musquodoboit Valley. He atteneded NSCAD University and NSCC where he studied photography.

Artist Danny Abriel with his paintings in the gallery.
Three Mile Lake Lucent, 24"x36", Acrylic on Canvas
Danny's paintings are informed by the native scenery he was raised in - reflective waters, wind-swept trees, contoured landscapes and seasonal colour. 
Light and Limb, 16"x20", Acrylic on Canvas

He is inspired by the connection of the gentle beauty and drama of trees and their surroundings.

Tree at Dusk, 24"x36", Acrylic on Canvas
Here are a few words from the artist himself on his painting "Miller Lake State of Mind":
"I love wind-swept trees. For me, they are a metaphor - an illustration, of ourselves. The tree sprouts. The seed informs how it will grow. Then outside forces act upon it. It is buffeted by the wind and elements. They conspire, in a way, to thwart the tree. Yet, it adapts - it bends, it pushes, it twists and refuses to relent."
Three Mile Lake State of Mind, 18"x36", Acrylic on Canvas

"The tree is strengthened by the struggle and forms something quite dignified and beautiful. Several trees may grow together in similar conditions and locale to mature entirely unique to one another. It's about character. I resonate with that. I feel connected to it. I look at a beautifully twisted tree in all it's individual shape and colour with a sense of appreciation. I celebrate it's story. I'm happy it's made it this far..."
Peggy's Light, 15"x30", Acrylic on Canvas
Come in to see these colourful paintings in person to really feel the spirit of the Canadian coastline.

Our Canada Day Weekend Hours are: 

Friday, July 1st - 10am-2pm

Saturday, July 2nd - 10am-5:3pm

Sunday, July 3rd - Closed

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Facet-nating World of Julian Covey Ceramics

Today we'd like to introduce you to ceramic artist Julian Covey. Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and having grown up in Montreal, Julian returned to the East Coast to study at NSCAD University, where he fell in love with clay. His ceramic vessels encompass both traditional and contemporary elements of functional pottery.

You may remember Julian's work from when we had Miyako Ballesteros from the Ikebana Shop create her floral displays using his vessels.

Ceramics by Julian Covey, Wallpaper by Briana Corr-Scott, Ikebana by Miyako Ballesteros

Currently we have a range of Julian's faceted porcelain functional wear including mugs and crystalline canisters with lids.

His colours are spectacular, the view from above one of his crystalline canisters shows off Julian's care and consideration when glazing the facets of his work. For Julian the process of making the works is intuitive, and he uses "the creative process as a tool to delve into the subconscious. Ideas around perception and balance drive the artworks, as does the materiality of the clay itself."

They also pair very nicely with the paintings by Katharine Burns and Gordon MacDonald we currently have on display.

We would have liked to introduce you to Julian's works sooner, but the last time he made a delivery the works left the gallery almost as soon as they arrived!

Pop in soon to enjoy them in person! Cheers from the gallery!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Welcome our NEW STAFF!

We have some NEW STAFF members here at Argyle Fine Art, and they won't mind us saying, they're a bunch of real wild animals! We'd like to introduce you to some of them...

First, our super lax security Ward the Wolf and Ferdinand the Fox will greet you at the door.

Next up you'll meet Neville the Owl, he may appear to be grumpy but really he enjoys greeting everyone and ensuring they sign the guestbook on the way out!

As you know we shuffle around the work in the gallery on a weekly basis. Thanks to Samuel the Lemur and Chubby the Chipmunk we have two sets of extra hands (extra paws?) to assist us with hanging work! Both of these little fellas are great climbers and did a wonderful job hanging this painting by artist Gordon MacDonald!

We also have a new addition to the customer service team, with Priscilla the Skunk answering the phones! They don't get any friendlier than Priscilla, who would be happy to assist you with all of your art inquiries!

We've got Florence the Cow managing our books, you couldn't ask for a better accountant than ol' Flo. Just don't interrupt her in the middle of doing "paperwork"...

And thank heavens for Karl the Kiwi! We're both terrible with plants so he's been giving us a hand ensuring they not only stay alive but thrive in the gallery!

Ekaterina the Cat says she's keeping an eye on the delicate ceramics in the window, but we all know she's really just lounging in the sun. Can't say we blame her, come afternoon the sunshine in the window is divine. Especially if you're prone to sleeping eighteen hours a day.

And we are so grateful to our new packing and shipping team - William the Donkey, Mac the Musox, Gary the Gnu and Ben the Brown Bear. We send work out across the country and beyond every week so the more hands on deck the better!

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know our new staff members! Pop in to say "hi" to them and the rest of the amazing felted animals by artist Dorothyanne Brown! Each has so much personality you won't be able to resist them!

Happy weekend!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Let's Hear It For the DADS!!

Father's Day is about a week away - June 19th for those of you who might need a little reminder - so it's time to celebrate Dad! If you haven't had a chance to pick something up for Dad yet, don't panic, we have you covered!

Let's get started with a few cards from our Father's Day selection...

Allison Taylor

The Regional Assembly of Text

Jodie Hansen
Laura Roy

Once you've picked out the perfect card we'd be happy to help you pick out a gift! 

For your techy Dad, maybe a money clip made out of old watch gears?

Money Clip by Elle Paisley Designs

Or for the fancy Father in your life, how about a set of Lego cufflinks?

Or how about a BRAND NEW BOAT? Whoa whoa who, you might be saying, a new boat might be a bit extravagant... How about a new boat made from a SHOE? That's right, a shoe! 

Shoe Boat by Kim Danio

Or maybe a kayak or canoe is more Dad's speed?

Shoe Kayaks, Canoe and Car by Kim Danio

Or maybe Dad's more of a land lover - how about as some bikes so he and mom can go on some off-road adventures?

Shoe Car and Bikes by Kim Danio

No matter what you route you decide to take we hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy (almost) Father's Day to all your Dad's out there!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sea Level: New Works by Katharine Burns

We'd love to invite you to tomorrow night's opening of SEA LEVEL - Friday June 10th, 7-9PM - a show of new works by artist Katharine Burns that explore and celebrate what it means to live by the ocean. Born in Halifax, Katharine studied at NSCAD University, graduating in 2009 with her BFA.

The subject of Katherine's work has varied but she has a style that is distinctly her own. Inspired by her surroundings she approaches her work in a painterly, yet sophisticated manner. Her work can be found in various private collections across Canada.

Katharine talks about her work in her own words:

Having lived in Nova Scotia most of my life, the ocean has always been a source of inspiration and is deeply personal to me. In creating these works I intend to not simply capture an image with paint; rather, through colour, texture and composition to communicate a sense of a moment in time, an experience, a memory. I have not painted an object in a landscape; instead, I seek to create a sense of space in a landscape by playing with the almost spiritual relationship between sea and sky, to calm those powerful natural forces into a feeling.

Katharine truly captures the ebb and flow of the sea.  SEA LEVEL evokes those powerful feelings of being by the ocean that you can appreciate whether you're a local, or just visiting Nova Scotia and our coastlines.

The show is hung and ready for you to feast your eyes upon it! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening to celebrate Katharine and her beautiful work! Here are a couple of sneak peaks to tide you over until then...

Glisten, 18"x23.5", Oil on Canvas

Ridges, 16"x16", Oil on Board

Friday, June 3, 2016

Crustacean Invasion

The crustaceans are coming! The crustaceans are coming! 

Loafer Lobsters by Kim Danio

Actually they're already here...

Lobster Loafers by Kim Danio

We've been over taken by artist Kim Danio's amazing reclaimed shoe crustaceans. Danio is such a clever and considered artist, there isn't anything she can't create out of a previously loved shoe, but these loafer lobsters truly are something else!

Loafer Lobsters by Kim Danio

Lobsters aren't getting all the crustacean love today though, these two adorable hermit crabs have also scuttled into the gallery.

Reclaimed Shoe Hermit Crabs by Kim Danio

These guys are so cute they definitely need some names. Any suggestions?

Reclaimed Shoe Hermit Crabs by Kim Danio

Lastly we can't forget about our most invasive crustacean pal of all, the green crab! While he may not be native to Nova Scotia, he's really enjoying the Maritimes. So much so that in addition to Danio's reclaimed shoe crab, artist Angela Doak has created prints and even an orginial miniature green crab collage.

Reclaimed Shoe Green Crab by Kim Danio, with framed original collage and crab print by Angela Doak

Green Crab Original Collage, Angela Doak Paper, 4"x5"

Thanks for stopping by, softshell and hardshell pals alike!