Wednesday, April 29, 2015


It's probably no coincidence that MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU Day  (which, on May 4th) falls right around the same time as Comic Book Day here in Canada, which is Saturday, May 2nd.

 In celebration of the great artists that illustrate and ink the well-known and more indie comic books all around this great world, we're doing up our windows with a great display filled with all sorts of locally sourced art in that theme along side DARTH VADER ...and new cards by Jodie Hansen too! Make sure to drop by and say HI!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS: Marionettes Come to Life

Welcome to Saturday....the most wonderful time of the week, when we take you into the studios of our artists during our weekly STUDIO SATURDAYS series.  Today we invite you to enter the world of local artists Darren and Julie Moreash, who just so happen to carve and paint marionettes.

Darren does the carving and Julie does the painting and together they have created hundreds and hundreds of marionettes- often of very famous people such as movie stars.

 This JULY we'll be showcasing a series of marionettes of WEIRD AL YANKOVIK in honour of his arrival to our glorious province on July 23rd and July 24th. We hope that YOU and WEIRD AL are able to drop by our windows at the very least and see these unique and one-of-a-kind marionettes that depict AL celebrating the popular personas which he has played throughout the decades of making us laugh!

There is so much work that goes into each piece. Darren and Julie are also having fun choosing which WEIRD AL characters to tackle next. One of the most famous Weird Al personas is Michael Jackson's "BEAT IT"  which of course becomes  EAT IT.

Enjoy these sneak peeks into their studio and what's happening....

Friday, April 24, 2015

TODAY we're in the Newspaper!

We're always so happy when our local ARTS REPORTER, Elissa Barnard was able to visit the gallery earlier this week.  Elissa is a hard working art reporter and one of the very few remaining in our little artful city, so we really do appreciate her dropping by and are equally delighted to read that  she enjoyed the shows!

Just click HERE  to read her review and feedback on the latest works by Andy MacDonald and Natasha Krzyzewski!  We hope you can come by in person or visit the shows online and enjoy them yourselves!

Soaking by Natasha Krzyzewski

Dockside- by Natasha Krzyzewski

New Work by Andy MacDonald

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day Sale on Mark Brennan's paintings!! (All week long!!)

In honor of Earth Day, we're celebrating our natural surroundings through Mark Brennan's rich landscape paintings! Until Wednesday, April 29th, all of Mark's paintings will be 15% off, and in addition to that, 15% of proceeds will be donated to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, who's mission is "to protect Nova Scotia's outstanding natural legacy through land conservation." These folks deserve all the help they can get, so stop in, have a poke around, and see what Mark's been up to! For more information CLICK HERE ! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring has SPRUNG! New work by Brigid McWhirter

Finally!  It is beginning to feel a lot like Spring time in Nova Scotia. Sure..there's a few little snow humps here and there, but for the most part, the birds and all are chirping and rejoicing! was a looooooooooong Winter!

What better way to celebrate the season, than with art. These new works just arrived by Brigid McWhirter- an emerging artist we only just met in January at our Pre-Shrunk show. Her work was so popular, we needed to request more!  Come see them in person if you able...they are made using wool and in some cases silk as well.

Eagle , 5" x 5" $150
Magpie with Poppy, $250
Yellow Bird with Blossoms, $250
Swan, $250

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Studio Saturdays: How to Become a ‘I don’t get art’ person to a Collector

A phrase we often hear at Argyle Fine Art is " I don't know a lot about art" or "I don't get art, but I know what I like".  Turns out, you don't need to worry too much about  knowing too much ....the important thing is to just start  LOOKING and be open to new styles of work and ideas.Our friend Benjamin Boudreau shared a few words with us about how he became a collector!

STEP ONE: Don't be Afraid of ART
Oh man. I crossed this threshold and can’t turn back. Like, “Oh – I’m allowed to do this? If I want to buy art no one will stop me? OH OKAY.” That’s not to say I’m buying art every day because, you know, budgets...but I’m thinking about it all. the. time. Luckily, there are so many free ways to get my fix without emptying my bank account. I’m constantly reading art blogs, watching documentaries, visiting galleries, and inviting myself over to see other people’s collections. It’s a really fun and inspiring addiction.

STEP TWO: Find a Work of ART you love! Take it Home!
Definitely my piece by Angela Carlsen.I love the visuals, of course: the colours, the shine of the metal canvas, the contrast between real and augmented. But more than that, I love that I still have different reactions to it two years later. Whether it’s joy or nostalgia, it’s a piece that can mirror all kinds of emotions. It feels alive in that way.

STEP THREE: Where there's a will there's a way....

Real talk: I’m not the kind of person who happens to have hundreds of dollars set aside for art. Or anything, for that matter. Argyle Fine Art helped me buy my first piece with a monthly payment program so now I just put the same amount aside whenever I can so I can add to my collection when I find the right piece.

To be clear, art collecting isn’t just for the super rich though. Look around and you can find great pieces at any price point especially when you consider prints – which I’m more than happy to mix in with originals. 

SEE LOTS MORE WORKS BY ANGELA CARLSEN HERE or in person at Argyle Fine Art. Prices range from $95- $895

Thursday, April 16, 2015

DOWNTOWN ARTWALK: TONIGHT! Featuring Andy MacDonald and Natasha Krzyzewski

There isn't a cloud in the sky, and the air is warm enough for a spring coat (rather than those triple down filled goose parkas we've been sporting.) It's the perfect backdrop for taking stroll through the city!! Get out and see what your local galleries have to offer - that includes art venues in both Halifax, and Dartmouth!! We'll be opening two new shows this evening (6-8pm) with Natasha Krzyzewski, and Andy MacDonald. Click on the images below for a preview of their work!

"Negative" Acrylic on Board  16" x 11" Natasha Krzyzewski
"Poverty Pattern" Acrylic on Board 36" x 36"Andy MacDonald


Monday, April 13, 2015

CREATIVE EDITIONS is ready to launch into APRIL with artwork by Briana Corr-Scott

Hey there reader!  Do you love art and wish you could own more original art,  but don't feel you can because you think it's just too expensive? Then look no further, because at the risk of sounding a bit like a late night television advertisement, we want to remind you about our fabulous, unique and affordable art subscription service called CREATIVE EDITIONS!  We release the new prints on APRIL JOIN TODAY(or anytime this month) and own  a limited edition print of THIS  work by emerging artist Briana Corr-Scott. Check out the original while visiting the gallery....

CREATIVE EDITIONS allows subscribers to receive high quality works, worth much more than the subscription cost. This gives local artists exposure, and helps support the arts and artists in Nova Scotia! Join today Operating on the model of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or wine subscription service, CREATIVE EDITIONS offers amazing original works of art instead of vegetables or wine. Imagine how much fun it will be to receive a new work by a new artist each month!

 Subscribers can choose to order a 12 month or 6 month subscription and can start anytime and renew anytime too! Subscribers will receive a new work  by a different local artist each month. Subscriptions are $120/ per 12month subscription for pick-up or $195/ year including postage within Canada and the United States(+plus applicable taxes). Subscriptions are $75/ per six month subscription or $115/ 6 six month subscription including shipping.

JOIN our CREATIVE EDITION Facebook Page HERE for up-to-date images of the latest works and for  more information  on how to start your subscription or GIFT Subscription for that special someone or couple!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Studio Saturdays: A peek Inside the Studio of Brianne Williams

Hello and Welcome to Saturday!  We hope that all of you had a good week and are enjoying the day.  The sun is finally starting to peek it's head out from behind the clouds and the days are getting warmer.

That makes one think of summer days when we can walk along the boardwalks, the shorelines or  dangle a fishing line off a wharf.  That also makes us think of new works being painted by emerging artist Brianne Williams, for a solo show with us in September! 

Brianne sent us a few images from within her studio yesterday, just in time for Studio Saturdays. We thought you'd enjoy taking a look inside and see what she's working on. We are so excited to see the latest works!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Studio Saturdays with an Artist AND a Collector: Christine Waugh

Hello and Welcome to Studio Saturdays again! Today we decided to chat with a talented young artist, Christine Waugh, whose artworks we show from time to time in group shows. Christine is also a dedicated collector of local art and locally made items in general. Thank you Christine, for sharing your words with us.

Even though Christine is a recent graduate and just starting to go-it on her own in the big wide world, she always puts a bit of money and time aside for art:

I set money aside each month for 'culture' sometimes its going to a play or a music festival, sometimes it is an out of town trip to visit galleries, but mostly it is art. Artwork in my domestic environment is very important to me. Saving up and/or making use of the payment plan options most galleries have available allowed me to build a collection, even while working for the minimum wage. You don't need a fat wallet to collect art. There are also opportunities like Timeraiser, where you can trade time directly for artwork without the monetary step in between.

How has owning original paintings/prints changed the way you feel in your home?

I was lucky enough to grow up with original artwork as the norm, my parents have a large and varied collection, wood carvings, delicate watercolour floral portraits and landscape, pastoral oil paintings, pottery and such. I've lived in places without art on the walls, but it never felt comfortable. Art is my favourite way to personalize a space.

In purchasing local artwork, you've had a direct impact on our arts community, by helping it thrive and build momentum. How does that make you feel?

It feels great! I've made acquisitions in all sorts of ways through the local community. Commercial galleries, student run shops, art/craft fairs, trade & barter directly with the artist, all have their merits and offer a different experience. The people I'm supporting are my friends, neighbours and peers, how could you go wrong?

A glimpse into a small corner of Christine Waugh's'll see some of  her amazing works by her (ceramic works on dresser) but as well THE FOX by Nick Brunt and a SHEEP by Melissa Townsend- two local artists featured at Argyle Fine Art on a regular basis.
Tell us about your favourite pieces?
Oh that's a hard one! I'm going to have to give you a top five. (In no particular order) Deities 4, Aitch Jar of Sin, Jono Doiron, The Fox, Nick Brunt, (that 3-d mountain print I can't remember the name of ), YoRodeo, Parade, Caitlin McDonagh. Also super excited about that new Pika Blades I picked up at Pre-Shrunk this year. A commonality between these pieces is though they appear simple at first glance, there is a great deal of information and nuance within each piece. Strong graphic patterns and colour work are my main draws.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Emerging artist Jan Davison LOVES LOCAL

Emerging artist Jan Davison is a great supporter of small local businesses. As she goes about her daily life, she makes a point of connecting with people at these varied local establishments. Jan reminds us through her paintings, that small businesses play a very important role is creating a community and provides a place to gather, support, share and grow. These exciting works are just the beginning of a series of paintings that pays homage to just a few of her local haunts. Watch for more works by Jan Davison this Fall during NOCTURNE at Argyle Fine Art.

To view the works larger as well as see details pertaining to each (Size and pricing) click the link HERE. Call us to reserve a work you love (902) 425-9456 or email us at

This is a painting of the LaHave Bakery, located in LaHave in the South Shore. Jan really captured the simple beauty of this local mainstay and it's serene yet lively surroundings. I'm hungry for a butter tart. Mmmmmmm...if you ever visit Nova Scotia, make this place a need-to-visit location.

The Seahorse no longer lives on Argyle Street, but it had done some for hundreds of years, being one of the oldest original pubs begun in Halifax. This scene is about as iconic Halifax as you can get! This famous summertime strip is very busy especially once patio season is upon us.

Halifax is changing so rapidly! So much construction and new buildings bringing with them, new exciting & delicious businesses, such as Rousseau Chocolatier.
This is a popular local business located on Argyle Street- filled with lots of temptations of local fashion and quirky items you won't find any where else!

Ah....the Hydrostone District in Halifax is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, but often overlooked by tourists. Nothing beats sitting outside the many different restaurants and bakeries, watching the world go by.

The North End of Halifax is also changing so much!  But it all started with a few young entrepreneurs taking chances, and developing great new businesses like this delicious ice cream shop and more! DEE DEES!

Food Trucks are becoming very popular in Halifax.  And donuts...need I say more! You can find this truck often parked outside of our  favourite magazine shop here in Halifax; Atlantic News.
Another popular scene in the North End...lots of delicious and unique shops along Agricola Street to explore whether you are a tourist or a local alike!