Saturday, April 4, 2015

Studio Saturdays with an Artist AND a Collector: Christine Waugh

Hello and Welcome to Studio Saturdays again! Today we decided to chat with a talented young artist, Christine Waugh, whose artworks we show from time to time in group shows. Christine is also a dedicated collector of local art and locally made items in general. Thank you Christine, for sharing your words with us.

Even though Christine is a recent graduate and just starting to go-it on her own in the big wide world, she always puts a bit of money and time aside for art:

I set money aside each month for 'culture' sometimes its going to a play or a music festival, sometimes it is an out of town trip to visit galleries, but mostly it is art. Artwork in my domestic environment is very important to me. Saving up and/or making use of the payment plan options most galleries have available allowed me to build a collection, even while working for the minimum wage. You don't need a fat wallet to collect art. There are also opportunities like Timeraiser, where you can trade time directly for artwork without the monetary step in between.

How has owning original paintings/prints changed the way you feel in your home?

I was lucky enough to grow up with original artwork as the norm, my parents have a large and varied collection, wood carvings, delicate watercolour floral portraits and landscape, pastoral oil paintings, pottery and such. I've lived in places without art on the walls, but it never felt comfortable. Art is my favourite way to personalize a space.

In purchasing local artwork, you've had a direct impact on our arts community, by helping it thrive and build momentum. How does that make you feel?

It feels great! I've made acquisitions in all sorts of ways through the local community. Commercial galleries, student run shops, art/craft fairs, trade & barter directly with the artist, all have their merits and offer a different experience. The people I'm supporting are my friends, neighbours and peers, how could you go wrong?

A glimpse into a small corner of Christine Waugh's'll see some of  her amazing works by her (ceramic works on dresser) but as well THE FOX by Nick Brunt and a SHEEP by Melissa Townsend- two local artists featured at Argyle Fine Art on a regular basis.
Tell us about your favourite pieces?
Oh that's a hard one! I'm going to have to give you a top five. (In no particular order) Deities 4, Aitch Jar of Sin, Jono Doiron, The Fox, Nick Brunt, (that 3-d mountain print I can't remember the name of ), YoRodeo, Parade, Caitlin McDonagh. Also super excited about that new Pika Blades I picked up at Pre-Shrunk this year. A commonality between these pieces is though they appear simple at first glance, there is a great deal of information and nuance within each piece. Strong graphic patterns and colour work are my main draws.